The list of cultivars for vg1209678054 with genotype T in the VI/Aromatic population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Rata_710_(Acc.29397) GP2 VI/Aromatic Bengal ERR036607
HANSRAJ IRIS_313-11026 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469824
BEGUNBICHI_33 IRIS_313-11062 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469863
BADSHABHOG_4-60 IRIS_313-11218 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470009
BUCHI IRIS_313-11352 VI/Aromatic India ERS470145
NONE IRIS_313-11375 VI/Aromatic India ERS470168
HALIDA IRIS_313-11564 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468759
JC1 IRIS_313-8326 VI/Aromatic India ERS467814
JC149 IRIS_313-8385 VI/Aromatic India ERS467901
ARC_7091 IRIS_313-8498 VI/Aromatic India ERS467860
CHAWAL IRIS_313-9601 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS467816