The list of cultivars for vg1209678054 with genotype T in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Seln_244A6-20 B021 Indica Intermediate Australia ERS470239
Dumai B029 Indica II India ERS470246
IRAT_10 B039 Indica II Ivory Coast ERS470256
Santiannuo B044 Indica Intermediate Japan ERS470259
Jinbaoyin_ B075 Indica Intermediate China ERS470289
Esiniu_ B079 Indica I China ERS470292
Zhongnong_4_ B087 Indica III China ERS470299
Qitougu B093 Indica I China ERS470305
Wanlixian B130 Indica I China ERS470340
80B B137 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470347
Gu_154 B138 Indica Intermediate China ERS470348
Teqingxuanhui B145 Indica Intermediate China ERS470355
Baikehanhe B147 Indica I China ERS470357
BRC_25-146-2-1 B176 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470383
CHANH_148 B184 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470389
None B186 Indica Intermediate None
Chengnongshuijing_ B201 Indica II China ERS470405
Baoxie_123B B202 Indica Intermediate China ERS470406
Biwusheng_ B203 Indica Intermediate China ERS470407
Menjiagao_1 B227 Indica Intermediate China ERS470427
Gui_630 B242 Indica II China ERS470440
Xiangdao_ B244 Indica I China ERS470442
Jinnante_B B247 Indica Intermediate China ERS470445
Sadu-cho C001 Indica I Philippines SRR1239601
Swarna C008 Indica Intermediate Guinea SRR1239608
MOROBEREKAN C009 Indica Intermediate United States SRR1239609
MILYANG_23 C011 Indica II Taiwan SRR1239611
JinnanteB C022 Indica I Hunan SRR1239622
Qingsiai16B C025 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239625
Shufeng101 C036 Indica Intermediate Sichuan SRR1239636
Taishannuo C041 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239641
Guichao2hao C042 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239642
Jinyou1hao C049 Indica Intermediate Fujian SRR1239649
Chengnongshuijing C050 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239650
Momi C053 Indica Intermediate Guangxi SRR1239653
Benbanggu-1 C076 Indica I Sichuan SRR1239676
Heidu4 C081 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239681
Sanlicun C090 Indica Intermediate Shanxi SRR1239690
Meihuanuo-1 C091 Indica I Sichuan SRR1239691
Xiaohonggu C095 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239695
Hongainuo C098 Indica Intermediate Guangxi SRR1239698
WH100 C100 Indica Intermediate Hubei SRR1239700
WH105 C105 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239705
Xiangzaoxian7hao C113 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239713
WH115 C115 Indica II Hunan SRR1239715
Liuyezhan C128 Indica I Hubei SRR1239728
Zegu C136 Indica I Guizhou SRR1239736
WH139 C139 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239739
Wuzuhonggu C140 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239740
Nangaogu-1 C141 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239741
Qitougu C143 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239743
Minghui63 C147 Indica II Unknown SRR1239747
Baoxie-7B C160 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239760
Taizhongzailai1 C169 Indica Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239769
Zhengxian232 C175 Indica Intermediate Jiangsu SRR1239775
Wanlixian C180 Indica I Hunan SRR1239780
Leihuozhan C183 Indica I Anhui SRR1239783
Xiangdao C190 Indica I Henan SRR1239790
Biwusheng C200 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239800
Palung_2 CX100 Indica II Nepal ERS470465
Ziri CX108 Indica Intermediate India ERS470472
Yun_hui_72 CX115 Indica Intermediate China ERS470480
Minghui_63 CX145 Indica II China ERS470509
Co43 CX146 Indica Intermediate India ERS470510
Y134 CX15 Indica II China ERS470514
Jalmagna CX153 Indica III India ERS470518
Khao_Dawk_Mali_105 CX154 Indica III Thailand ERS470519
None CX168 Indica II None
None CX177 Indica II None
None CX183 Indica II None
None CX184 Indica Intermediate None
None CX185 Indica II None
None CX189 Indica II None
None CX190 Indica II None
None CX191 Indica II None
None CX199 Indica II None
IRAT144 CX247 Indica II Indonesia ERS470568
2004 CX249 Indica II China ERS470570
Gayabyeo CX28 Indica II Korea ERS470590
None CX289 Indica II None
Duo_57 CX290 Indica II China ERS470600
D15 CX291 Indica II China ERS470601
None CX293 Indica II None
None CX294 Indica II None
None CX301 Indica II None
R106 CX313 Indica II China ERS470611
Wanxian_763 CX342 Indica II China ERS470626
93072 CX4 Indica Intermediate China ERS470685
None CX430 Indica II None
None CX432 Indica II None
None CX433 Indica II None
None CX434 Indica II None
None CX435 Indica Intermediate None
None CX444 Indica II None
None CX448 Indica II None
None CX461 Indica Intermediate None
None CX472 Indica Intermediate None
None CX475 Indica II None
None CX479 Indica Intermediate None
PT60 CX48 Indica II China ERS470697
None CX487 Indica Intermediate None
None CX489 Indica Intermediate None
None CX537 Indica II None
None CX538 Indica II None
Basmati CX60 Indica II India ERS470714
Chenghui_448 CX8 Indica II China ERS470733
C70 CX86 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470739
M202 CX89 Indica II United States ERS470742
Chhomromg CX90 Indica II Nepal ERS470744
TGMS29 CX93 Indica Intermediate India ERS470747
IR29 GP10 Indica II Philippine ERR036614
IR_11297-139-2-2 GP100 Indica II IRRI ERR036704
IR_11297-158-1-1 GP101 Indica II IRRI ERR036705
IR_13240-10-1 GP102 Indica II IRRI ERR036706
IR_13543-66 GP105 Indica II IRRI ERR036709
IR_44 GP106 Indica II IRRI ERR036710
IR30 GP11 Indica II Philippine ERR036615
IR_2006-P12-12-2-R GP111 Indica II IRRI ERR036715
Lebonot GP115 Indica Intermediate US ERR036717
IR_54 GP116 Indica II IRRI ERR036718
B1896-29-4-3-1 GP118 Indica II Indonesia ERR036720
IR_1416-131-5 GP119 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036721
IR_39 GP12 Indica II IRRI ERR036616
77-061 GP120 Indica II Philippine ERR036722
IR_9129-136-2 GP121 Indica II IRRI ERR036723
RG_401-1 GP122 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERR036724
IR_11248-23-3-2 GP129 Indica II IRRI ERR036731
BG_367-4 GP131 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERR036733
IR_9752-71-3-2 GP132 Indica II IRRI ERR036734
Miyang-23 GP134 Indica II North Korea ERR036735
IR_15529-256-1 GP136 Indica II IRRI ERR036737
IR_15685-2-2-2-3 GP138 Indica II IRRI ERR036739
IR25924-51-2-3 GP140 Indica II IRRI ERR036741
UPR_231-28-1-2 GP142 Indica II India ERR036743
C_1252-9 GP143 Indica II Philippine ERR036744
Suweon_294 GP144 Indica II North Korea ERR036745
IR_1702-74-3-2 GP16 Indica II IRRI ERR036620
IR_2061-464-2-4-5 GP17 Indica II IRRI ERR036621
IR_2061-628-1-6-4-3 GP18 Indica II IRRI ERR036622
IR_2070-796-1-4-3 GP19 Indica II IRRI ERR036623
IR_2071-124-6-4 GP20 Indica II IRRI ERR036624
IR_2307-84-2-1-2 GP21 Indica II IRRI ERR036625
IR_2797-115-3 GP22 Indica II IRRI ERR036626
IR_3456-21-1-1 GP23 Indica II IRRI ERR036627
IR_3941-25-1 GP24 Indica II IRRI ERR036628
IR_4215-409-2-3 GP25 Indica II IRRI ERR036629
IR_4409-65-3 GP27 Indica II IRRI ERR036631
IR_4427-253-5-1 GP29 Indica II IRRI ERR036633
IR_4432-84-3-1 GP30 Indica II IRRI ERR036634
IR_5311-46-3 GP31 Indica II IRRI ERR036635
C GP32 Indica II Philippine ERR036636
C_3 GP33 Indica II Philippine ERR036637
DoDo GP35 Indica I Philippine ERR036639
Hr_33 GP37 Indica Intermediate Philippine ERR036641
BG90-2 GP40 Indica II Sri Lanka ERR036644
Te-tep GP41 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERR036645
Bo_Assam GP43 Indica I India ERR036647
Eei-eciet GP44 Indica Intermediate India ERR036648
T_480-9 GP49 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERR036653
T_480-4 GP50 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERR036654
T_480-34 GP51 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERR036655
T_480-67 GP52 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERR036656
Unnamed GP526 Indica Intermediate Thailand ERR036774
2/53 GP53 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERR036657
9/53 GP54 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERR036658
Nonglinnuo-184 GP553 Indica Intermediate Japan ERR036801
IRAT_10 GP572 Indica II Ivory Coast ERR036820
IAC_435 GP573 Indica III Brazil ERR036821
Salumoikit GP574 Indica III Philippine ERR036822
ASD7 GP58 Indica Intermediate India ERR036662
Tatsumi GP622 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036865
Abang_Busur GP628 Indica III Indonesia ERR036871
Balsamo GP633 Indica Intermediate Philippine ERR036876
Suweon_320 GP639 Indica II North Korea ERR036882
X69-56-12-10-6-3 GP64 Indica II Burma ERR036668
Rathu_Heenati GP645 Indica III Sri Lanka ERR036888
IR_4227-109-1-3 GP65 Indica II IRRI ERR036669
Suweon_295 GP652 Indica II North Korea ERR036895
IR_5533-PP856-1 GP68 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036672
IR_7149-23-2-3-1 GP70 Indica II IRRI ERR036674
IR_9095-258-2 GP71 Indica II IRRI ERR036675
IR_9209-26-2 GP72 Indica II IRRI ERR036676
IR_4707-123-3 GP73 Indica II IRRI ERR036677
Rojfotsy_1285 GP76 Indica II Madagascar ERR036680
IR_2451-9-4-3 GP78 Indica II IRRI ERR036682
IR_2003-P7-4-2 GP79 Indica II IRRI ERR036683
IR_4563-52-1-3-6 GP84 Indica II IRRI ERR036688
IR_9758-150-3 GP91 Indica II IRRI ERR036695
IR_10154-20-3-3 GP92 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036696
IR_10181-58-3-1 GP93 Indica II IRRI ERR036697
IR_8608-189-2-2-1-3 GP94 Indica II IRRI ERR036698
IR_9115-40-1-3 GP95 Indica II IRRI ERR036699
IR_9742-17-1 GP96 Indica II IRRI ERR036700
IR_8608-253-5-3-2 GP97 Indica II IRRI ERR036701
IR_9093-195-1 GP98 Indica II IRRI ERR036702
None GP99 Indica II IRRI ERR036703
Zhuxuenuo HP121 Indica Intermediate China ERR037150
Guanglong-1 HP149 Indica I China ERR037177
Huihuinuo HP164 Indica Intermediate China ERR037192
Hangxiandahezi HP174 Indica Intermediate China ERR037202
Shanlinwan HP176 Indica Intermediate China ERR009644
Ningdexian HP177 Indica Intermediate China ERR009739
Yanjing HP179 Indica Intermediate China ERR009626
Yizhuai HP180 Indica Intermediate China ERR009689
Baiyinqiu HP181 Indica Intermediate China ERR009589
Xiangxian HP183 Indica Intermediate China ERR009925
Xiyeqing HP185 Indica I China ERR009829
Dayeqing HP186 Indica I China ERR009827
Bayuenuo HP187 Indica I China ERR009463
Wusuobi HP188 Indica I China ERR009794
Huazaobai HP189 Indica I China ERR009676
Maweixian HP190 Indica I China ERR009865
Taiwannuo HP191 Indica I China ERR009690
Sanlicun-6 HP194 Indica I China ERR009475
Dayeliu HP195 Indica I China ERR009810
Hongdounuo HP197 Indica Intermediate China ERR009653
Jiankenuo HP198 Indica Intermediate China ERR009672
Shipishu HP199 Indica Intermediate China ERR009759
Huazhan HP201 Indica Intermediate China ERR009721
Haiwu HP202 Indica I China ERR009816
Mazinuo HP203 Indica I China ERR009710
Dingzhounuo HP205 Indica Intermediate China ERR009598
Erdonghe-1 HP206 Indica I China ERR009445
Jinbaoyin-3 HP208 Indica Intermediate China ERR009517
baimizai HP209 Indica Intermediate China ERR009803
Wukejian HP210 Indica Intermediate China ERR009747
Pingnanbai HP211 Indica I China ERR009683
Yizhixiangshu HP212 Indica Intermediate China ERR009899
Leigongman HP213 Indica Intermediate China ERR009879
Huaihe HP214 Indica I China ERR009521
Hongmiguyoumang HP215 Indica Intermediate China ERR009809
Xianshuichi HP216 Indica Intermediate China ERR009544
Erzhi HP217 Indica I China ERR009640
Liuzhuzhan HP218 Indica Intermediate China ERR009863
Zaomabao HP220 Indica Intermediate China ERR009524
Dabaizao HP221 Indica Intermediate China ERR009874
Qimei-1 HP222 Indica Intermediate China ERR009741
Dayaozhan HP224 Indica Intermediate China ERR009866
Jianongxianyu-40 HP228 Indica Intermediate China ERR009926
Zaohechi HP229 Indica I China ERR009853
Qihe HP230 Indica Intermediate China ERR009549
Jiangzhan HP231 Indica Intermediate China ERR009910
Dayezao HP236 Indica I China ERR009430
Yahezhong HP237 Indica Intermediate China ERR009851
Datiezao HP239 Indica Intermediate China ERR009947
Yanshuichi HP240 Indica Intermediate China ERR009673
Handao HP243 Indica Intermediate China ERR009873
Tongzinuo HP245 Indica I China ERR009837
Nantianzhan HP246 Indica Intermediate China ERR009657
Xiaohonggu_ HP248 Indica I China ERR009601
Changainuo HP250 Indica I China ERR009844
Likehandao HP255 Indica I China ERR009610
Ruanzhanjiugu HP263 Indica I China ERR009592
Changruangu HP264 Indica Intermediate China ERR009909
Xiaoshaogu HP265 Indica I China ERR009934
Dabaihangu HP267 Indica I China ERR009679
Shiyanggu HP269 Indica I China ERR009817
Wangu HP270 Indica I China ERR009660
Bairizao-4 HP274 Indica I China ERR009567
Maonuo-2 HP277 Indica I China ERR009583
Yangkenuo HP281 Indica I China ERR009760
Hongjiaozhan HP287 Indica Intermediate China ERR009831
Jiuyuenuogu HP289 Indica Intermediate China ERR009887
Hongshannuo HP290 Indica Intermediate China ERR009559
Aizinuo HP291 Indica I China ERR009771
Guangkehongmixianzhan HP292 Indica I China ERR009481
Makehong HP296 Indica Intermediate China ERR009602
Baiguxiang HP297 Indica Intermediate China ERR009685
Hanhe HP298 Indica I China ERR009785
Benguzhong HP302 Indica Intermediate China ERR009795
Hanzhangu HP304 Indica Intermediate China ERR009811
Honghandao-2 HP305 Indica Intermediate China ERR009595
Zhenfanzi HP306 Indica Intermediate China ERR009789
Dahonggu HP311 Indica I China ERR009606
Yanzhanzhong HP312 Indica I China ERR009506
Wangjiaxiangxiaohuangzhan HP313 Indica I China ERR009850
Tuanzhuzao HP316 Indica I China ERR009642
Yihongzui HP317 Indica I China ERR009580
Huanghuaxian HP318 Indica I China ERR009880
Hongkexian HP320 Indica I China ERR009855
Jinjizao HP323 Indica I China ERR009871
Makezhan-2 HP324 Indica I China ERR009877
Yintiaoxian HP326 Indica I China ERR009525
Maguhongmi HP327 Indica Intermediate China ERR009621
Xiangdao HP329 Indica I China ERR009432
Hongmimozhan HP332 Indica I China ERR009731
Yangmianzao HP333 Indica I China ERR009482
Erfuzao HP335 Indica I China ERR009890
Qitouhuang HP337 Indica I China ERR009629
Huangdaozhan HP341 Indica III China ERR009613
Wenchangzhan HP342 Indica Intermediate China ERR009734
Jiuyuezai HP343 Indica Intermediate China ERR009738
Qizhan HP344 Indica III China ERR009465
Baihuazhan HP346 Indica Intermediate China ERR009671
Qiwei HP347 Indica Intermediate China ERR009677
Suixihongxu HP348 Indica Intermediate China ERR009522
Gouzaizhan HP350 Indica Intermediate China ERR009944
Dahuayao HP351 Indica I China ERR009847
Youzhannuo HP352 Indica Intermediate China ERR009894
Aijiaozhong HP353 Indica Intermediate China ERR009674
Haoganduo HP355 Indica Intermediate China ERR009634
Jijiaonuo HP356 Indica Intermediate China ERR009942
Dajinggu HP357 Indica Intermediate China ERR009812
Xiaobaidao HP367 Indica I China ERR009552
Xuelihongfandao HP368 Indica I China ERR009856
Yunyanghuang HP369 Indica I China ERR009434
Baijiugu HP373 Indica I China ERR009826
Baimaguzi HP377 Indica I China ERR009454
Hongguzi HP379 Indica I China ERR009488
Gaicaohuang-2 HP380 Indica I China ERR009590
Guihuanuo HP383 Indica I China ERR009534
Jizhuaxian HP386 Indica I China ERR009526
Yanong-1 HP392 Indica I China ERR009892
Shuibaizhan HP399 Indica I China ERR009698
Aigansazhima HP407 Indica I China ERR009516
Xuxumagu HP409 Indica I China ERR009766
Jianan-9 HP411 Indica Intermediate China ERR009775
Hongzuigu HP412 Indica Intermediate China ERR009854
Qiyulenghe HP416 Indica Intermediate China ERR009819
Dashuihe HP417 Indica Intermediate China ERR009914
Huanggu HP419 Indica I China ERR009833
Haonuoliang HP422 Indica Intermediate China ERR009821
Haogailan HP423 Indica III China ERR009635
Feigenuo HP424 Indica I China ERR009800
Nandazhan HP428 Indica I China ERR009767
Shapinghongjiaoqi HP429 Indica I China ERR009768
Liutiaozi HP440 Indica Intermediate China ERR009573
Banbiannuo-2 HP447 Indica I China ERR009784
Wushizao HP448 Indica I China ERR009772
Heiqunzhan HP451 Indica I China ERR009825
Ershiyihao HP455 Indica Intermediate China ERR009462
Youzhan HP457 Indica Intermediate China ERR009656
Zaogu-E HP458 Indica I China ERR009696
Gaicaozhan HP460 Indica I China ERR009940
Makedao HP461 Indica I China ERR009472
Wanyedao HP463 Indica I China ERR009518
Laohonggu-3 HP467 Indica I China ERR009485
Mandahongzao HP469 Indica I China ERR009706
Damake HP470 Indica I China ERR009687
Baiguomaweizhan HP471 Indica I China ERR009796
Xintangerpozao-2 HP472 Indica I China ERR009433
Hongmiqinghezhan HP474 Indica I China ERR009824
Makezhan-1 HP475 Indica I China ERR009618
Jiangxiwan HP476 Indica Intermediate China ERR009843
Paoliuzhan HP479 Indica I China ERR009574
Baimidongzhan HP481 Indica Intermediate China ERR009652
Xuanzhan HP482 Indica I China ERR009624
Anhuihe HP485 Indica I China ERR009577
Jinzhan HP486 Indica I China ERR009600
Mazhan HP487 Indica I China ERR009467
Shuihegu HP492 Indica I China ERR009884
Guangxuhe HP493 Indica I China ERR009864
Maweizhan HP494 Indica Intermediate China ERR009556
Zaowangzainuo HP495 Indica Intermediate China ERR009726
Jiangxinuo HP496 Indica I China ERR009932
Hunuo HP497 Indica Intermediate China ERR009536
Chongyangnuo HP498 Indica I China ERR009532
Zaonuo-1 HP500 Indica I China ERR009439
Jiangxizhan HP501 Indica I China ERR009663
Xiangzhan HP502 Indica I China ERR009756
Hongmidongzhan HP503 Indica Intermediate China ERR009834
Jiandaoqi HP507 Indica I China ERR009820
Babaili HP509 Indica I China ERR009807
Mamahuang HP510 Indica I China ERR009456
Tuogu HP514 Indica I China ERR009797
Heijielan HP516 Indica I China ERR009551
Dishuigu HP517 Indica I China ERR009703
Baikezao HP518 Indica I China ERR009431
Niutouwu HP520 Indica Intermediate China ERR009622
Zaokengji HP521 Indica Intermediate China ERR009777
Yizhixiang HP523 Indica Intermediate China ERR009708
Hualuozhan HP526 Indica I China ERR009927
Haoanxiu HP529 Indica Intermediate China ERR009848
Hongxinnuo HP530 Indica Intermediate China ERR009752
Magu-1 HP534 Indica I China ERR009791
Xuzhan HP540 Indica I China ERR009697
Changmaozhan HP545 Indica I China ERR009922
Xiaomanggu HP546 Indica I China ERR009729
Jiaozhan HP547 Indica Intermediate China ERR009895
Chima HP548 Indica I China ERR009576
Chuangnuo-2 HP549 Indica I China ERR009888
Dahongjiao-2 HP553 Indica I China ERR009859
Baiganzhan HP556 Indica I China ERR009497
Bayuehzhong HP557 Indica I China ERR009572
Hongminuo HP560 Indica I China ERR009452
Changsuihe HP563 Indica I China ERR009510
Jinuo HP566 Indica I China ERR009919
Yangguzi-2 HP572 Indica I China ERR009912
Jinbaoyin-2 HP573 Indica Intermediate China ERR009495
Yanzhan HP577 Indica I China ERR009460
Qingganzhan HP578 Indica I China ERR009701
Zaobaigu HP579 Indica I China ERR009550
Mazhan-3 HP580 Indica I China ERR009648
Fengleng HP582 Indica I China ERR009719
Damagu HP583 Indica I China ERR009486
Dahongjiao-1 HP590 Indica I China ERR009928
Hongmazhan HP591 Indica I China ERR009523
Guiyangzhan HP593 Indica Intermediate China ERR009876
Dahongjiao-3 HP597 Indica Intermediate China ERR009477
Jinbaoyin HP600 Indica I China ERR009541
Salamagu-1 HP603 Indica I China ERR009763
Ganhangunuo HP606 Indica I China ERR009840
Haonuobixian HP608 Indica Intermediate China ERR009709
Erzaogu HP61 Indica Intermediate China ERR009839
Guanghongba HP611 Indica Intermediate China ERR009568
Nantexuan HP613 Indica Intermediate China ERR009585
Hongnuo HP69 Indica I China ERR009561
Chengduhonggu HP75 Indica I China ERR009744
Huangkejin HP76 Indica I China ERR009459
Nanjing-6 HP991 Indica I China ERR037205
RIZ_TYPE_SORGHO IRIS_313-10035 Indica III Madagascar ERS468147
CHAMA(DWARF) IRIS_313-10046 Indica II Zambia ERS468149
IR_75870-5-8-5-B-1 IRIS_313-10385 Indica II Philippines ERS468201
TP_MIL_53 IRIS_313-10433 Indica III Philippines ERS469377
CASIBON IRIS_313-10441 Indica III Philippines ERS469358
NONE IRIS_313-10449 Indica I China ERS469362
PILIT_(7480)_SELN_(CI_12007) IRIS_313-10484 Indica I Philippines ERS469374
LARONDJAWI IRIS_313-10690 Indica III Indonesia ERS469507
TRANG_LUA IRIS_313-10750 Indica III Vietnam ERS469559
KETAN_URANG IRIS_313-10786 Indica III Indonesia ERS469594
KWATIK_PUTIH IRIS_313-10787 Indica III Indonesia ERS469596
SIBORAS IRIS_313-10814 Indica III Indonesia ERS469616
UTRI_DELI IRIS_313-10823 Indica III Indonesia ERS469626
KEMA_5 IRIS_313-10825 Indica III None ERS469628
MOROM IRIS_313-10908 Indica III Cambodia ERS469706
NANE IRIS_313-10947 Indica III Indonesia ERS469747
CO_36 IRIS_313-10988 Indica Intermediate India ERS469801
KABIN IRIS_313-11084 Indica III Cambodia ERS469927
PONG_SANG_A IRIS_313-11087 Indica III Cambodia ERS469960
Khao_non IRIS_313-11091 Indica III Laos ERS469886
Mak_ea_nam IRIS_313-11095 Indica III Laos ERS469890
NONE IRIS_313-11108 Indica III Liberia ERS469904
HAORU IRIS_313-11129 Indica III Myanmar ERS469928
TYB11 IRIS_313-11147 Indica III Myanmar ERS469947
RUJAK_DANAN IRIS_313-11178 Indica III Indonesia ERS470024
ARC_13785 IRIS_313-11261 Indica III India ERS470056
ARC_11245 IRIS_313-11294 Indica III India ERS470083
ARC_14299 IRIS_313-11299 Indica III India ERS470089
PODAO IRIS_313-11342 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470134
PA_WOON IRIS_313-11555 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468752
CHAMPION IRIS_313-11714 Indica Intermediate Guyana ERS468878
TANDAKAY_FINGO IRIS_313-11787 Indica III Gambia ERS468943
LEUM_DERN IRIS_313-11838 Indica III Thailand ERS468990
HONG_DU_BAI IRIS_313-11863 Indica I China ERS469017
ITA_117 IRIS_313-11930 Indica II Nigeria ERS469075
GNASSOUMADOUGOU IRIS_313-11938 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469083
MALOBA(DISSI_ROUGE) IRIS_313-11940 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469085
POTOQOIN IRIS_313-11988 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469126
BARUM IRIS_313-11997 Indica III Cambodia ERS469135
DAU_NGHA_THAI_BINH IRIS_313-12078 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS469226
PSBRC18 IRIS_313-12319 Indica II Philippines ERS469327
ADNY_11 IRIS_313-7636 Indica II Mali ERS468573
IR_2344-P1_PB-9-3-2B IRIS_313-7690 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468572
GENE IRIS_313-8383 Indica III Philippines ERS467827
MARAGBE IRIS_313-8391 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS468241
SARA IRIS_313-8457 Indica III Indonesia ERS468243
ARC_12884 IRIS_313-8603 Indica Intermediate India ERS467954
RAJHUSAI(ACR12) IRIS_313-8614 Indica III India ERS467955
KATUNG IRIS_313-8811 Indica III Malaysia ERS468267
AUS_177 IRIS_313-9066 Indica II Bangladesh ERS468017
AUS_78-62 IRIS_313-9294 Indica III Gambia ERS468283
PA_FADAYA IRIS_313-9402 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468288
MAE_YEU IRIS_313-9575 Indica III Thailand ERS467886
HD10 IRIS_313-9795 Indica III Australia ERS468117
SOM_DIGUIME IRIS_313-9986 Indica III Guinea ERS468137
Mayang_Khang W001 Indica I Indonesia SRR1239804
BERLIN W009 Indica III Costa Rica SRR1239812
Warrangal_Culture_1252 W023 Indica III India SRR1239826
Won_Son_Zo_No._11 W026 Indica I Korea SRR1239829
Ai_Chueh_Ta_Pai_Ku W029 Indica Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239832
Thang_10 W030 Indica Intermediate Vietnam SRR1239833
TJ W032 Indica I Guyana SRR1239835
K8C-263-3 W035 Indica Intermediate Suriname SRR1239838
Chun_118-33 W036 Indica I China SRR1239839
Nam_Dawk_Mai W039 Indica I Thailand SRR1239842
BKN_6987-68-14 W044 Indica II Thailand SRR1239847
Toga W054 Indica Intermediate India SRR1239857
IR_238 W066 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239869
Shui_Ya_Jien W070 Indica Intermediate Hong Kong SRR1239873
IR_2061-214-2-3 W073 Indica II Philippines SRR1239876
CNTLR80076-44-1-1-1 W083 Indica Intermediate Thailand SRR1239886
4484 W086 Indica II China SRR1239889
YOU-I_B W087 Indica I China SRR1239890
Egyptian_Wild_Type W089 Indica III Turkey SRR1239892
Srav_Prapay W093 Indica III Cambodia SRR1239896
AMANE W101 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka SRR1239904
JP_5 W107 Indica Intermediate Pakistan SRR1239910
Sereno W111 Indica III Jamaica SRR1239914
Heo_Trang W114 Indica III Vietnam SRR1239917
Kin_Shan_Zim W124 Indica I China SRR1239927
Hsin_Hsing_Pai_Ku W132 Indica I Taiwan SRR1239935
TD_70 W133 Indica Intermediate Thailand SRR1239936
4595 W138 Indica I China SRR1239941
CDR22 W152 Indica II China SRR1239955
Chenghui448 W153 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239956
Y134 W161 Indica II China SRR1239964
Zhong413 W165 Indica Intermediate Zhejiang SRR1239968
Zhongyouzao81 W166 Indica Intermediate Zhejiang SRR1239969
Zihui100 W167 Indica Intermediate Anhui SRR1239970
Bg90-2 W168 Indica II Brazil SRR1239971
Milyang23 W176 Indica II Korea SRR1239979
MR185 W177 Indica II Malaysia SRR1239980
Shwe_Thwe_Yin_Hyv W179 Indica II Myanmar SRR1239982
OM997 W183 Indica II VietNam SRR1239986
PSB_RC_28 W184 Indica II Philippines SRR1239987
TEQING W186 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239989
IR68552-55-3-2 W187 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239990
IR58025B W189 Indica II Unknown SRR1239992
F6 W194 Indica II Japan SRR1239997
452 W195 Indica II Unknown SRR1239998
Diantun502 W199 Indica Intermediate yunnan SRR1240002
Basmati370 W211 Indica II Philippines SRR1240014
Bhavani W212 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240015
TB154E-TB-2 W218 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240021
BG304 W224 Indica II Sri Lanka SRR1240027
OM1723 W228 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240031
Pokhreli W236 Indica II Philippines SRR1240039
Govnd W237 Indica II Unknown SRR1240040
UPR191-66 W238 Indica II India SRR1240041
ASD18 W239 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240042
Dodda W243 Indica II Unknown SRR1240046
Palung_2 W244 Indica II Philippines SRR1240047
TKM6 W245 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240048
RUSTYLATE/Zhong_413 W246 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240049
Up15 W259 Indica II Japan SRR1240062
Yunjiang35 W266 Indica III Unknown SRR1240069
IR65600-27-1-2-2 W269 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1240072
Yetuozai W270 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240073
Pathma_wee W276 Indica III Sri Lanka SRR1240079
Ma_ba_you_zhan W282 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240085
IR_2071-625-1-252 W291 Indica II Philippines SRR1240094
LEBONNET W295 Indica II United States SRR1240098
IR_36 W298 Indica II Philippines SRR1240101
AGNO_(PSBRC28) W307 Indica II Philippines SRR1240110
PSBRC82 W308 Indica II Philippines SRR1240111
NSICRC122 W309 Indica II Philippines SRR1240112
PR_116 W311 Indica II Punjab SRR1240114
BRRI_DHAN_28 W314 Indica II Bangladesh SRR1240117
NEDA W316 Indica II Islamic Republic of Iran SRR1240119
Wenxiangnuo W320 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1240123