The list of cultivars for vg1121939386 with genotype G in the VI/Aromatic population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Sadri_rice_1 CX104 VI/Aromatic Iran ERS470469
Karnal_Local CX149 VI/Aromatic India ERS470513
Basmati_385 CX72 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS470725
Rata_710_(Acc.29397) GP2 VI/Aromatic Bengal ERR036607
NS1576 IRIS_313-10032 VI/Aromatic Madagascar ERS468145
SANNABATHA IRIS_313-10521 VI/Aromatic India ERS469399
HR22 IRIS_313-10531 VI/Aromatic India ERS469395
ARC_7296 IRIS_313-10851 VI/Aromatic India ERS469654
RAM_SALEE_KATAKA IRIS_313-10926 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS469725
BARA_PASHAWARI_390 IRIS_313-11021 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469818
BASMATI_SUFAID_100 IRIS_313-11022 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469819
HANSRAJ IRIS_313-11026 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469824
MUTANT_12-42 IRIS_313-11030 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469828
RATRIO IRIS_313-11033 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469831
BEGUNBICHI_33 IRIS_313-11062 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469863
PANKAIT_31 IRIS_313-11068 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469870
TUPA_15-3 IRIS_313-11069 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469871
TUPA IRIS_313-11070 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469872
BADSHABHOG_4-60 IRIS_313-11218 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470009
OVAL_RED_29B-601 IRIS_313-11223 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470015
ARC_13515 IRIS_313-11259 VI/Aromatic India ERS470054
ARC_14663 IRIS_313-11270 VI/Aromatic India ERS470106
ARC_10975 IRIS_313-11293 VI/Aromatic India ERS470082
BAJAL IRIS_313-11350 VI/Aromatic India ERS470143
BUCHI IRIS_313-11352 VI/Aromatic India ERS470145
JALADHI_1 IRIS_313-11360 VI/Aromatic India ERS470154
T_3 IRIS_313-11373 VI/Aromatic India ERS470166
MOTANGA IRIS_313-11401 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470193
KALISAL IRIS_313-11451 VI/Aromatic India ERS468667
GUDURA IRIS_313-11626 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468805
TAIPEI_167 IRIS_313-11698 VI/Aromatic China ERS468871
CHHOTI_MASHINO IRIS_313-11743 VI/Aromatic Bhutan ERS468907
HANSRAJ IRIS_313-11825 VI/Aromatic India ERS468976
KYAIN_WAR_ME_DONE IRIS_313-12074 VI/Aromatic Myanmar ERS469208
KASHA IRIS_313-12094 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469210
JC1 IRIS_313-8326 VI/Aromatic India ERS467814
TIMMURAY IRIS_313-8765 VI/Aromatic Bhutan ERS467906
TK-DEEP_STRAW_34-786 IRIS_313-9170 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS467907
ARC_7229 IRIS_313-9172 VI/Aromatic India ERS467910
IRAT_118 IRIS_313-9978 VI/Aromatic Madagascar ERS468314