The list of cultivars for vg1016551649 with genotype C in the Indica II population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Dumai B029 Indica II India ERS470246
IRAT_10 B039 Indica II Ivory Coast ERS470256
Jinyou_1 B200 Indica II China ERS470404
Y134 CX15 Indica II China ERS470514
Chorofa CX150 Indica II Philippines ERS470515
IR42 CX161 Indica II Philippines ERS470526
None CX183 Indica II None
None CX191 Indica II None
IR62266-42-6-2 CX234 Indica II Philippines ERS470558
IRAT144 CX247 Indica II Indonesia ERS470568
Amol3(Sana) CX26 Indica II Iran ERS470574
None CX295 Indica II None
None CX298 Indica II None
Hua_564 CX340 Indica II China ERS470624
Wanxian_77 CX343 Indica II China ERS470627
PSBRC80 CX357 Indica II Philippines ERS470642
Y075 CX360 Indica II None ERS470645
42686 CX364 Indica II None ERS470649
Adny_11 CX381 Indica II None ERS470667
Molizhanxuan CX394 Indica II China ERS470680
None CX426 Indica II None ERS804461
IR66897B CX43 Indica II Philippines ERS470691
IR58025B CX44 Indica II Philippines ERS470693
None CX444 Indica II None
None CX462 Indica II None
None CX477 Indica II None
None CX482 Indica II None
None CX483 Indica II None
None CX484 Indica II None
None CX488 Indica II None
None CX512 Indica II None
None CX513 Indica II None
Basmati CX60 Indica II India ERS470714
BG304 CX76 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS470729
Cs94 CX79 Indica II Vietnam ERS470732
M202 CX89 Indica II United States ERS470742
77-061 GP120 Indica II Philippine ERR036722
IR_9828-94-3 GP123 Indica II IRRI ERR036725
IR_11248-23-3-2 GP129 Indica II IRRI ERR036731
IR_17494-32-3-1-1-3 GP130 Indica II IRRI ERR036732
IR_1702-74-3-2 GP16 Indica II IRRI ERR036620
IR_2070-796-1-4-3 GP19 Indica II IRRI ERR036623
IR_2071-124-6-4 GP20 Indica II IRRI ERR036624
X69-56-12-10-6-3 GP64 Indica II Burma ERR036668
IR_9115-40-1-3 GP95 Indica II IRRI ERR036699
BW295-5 IRIS_313-10002 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS467881
IR_21015-72-3-3-3-1 IRIS_313-10294 Indica II Philippines ERS468190
IR_77390-1-6-4-19-1-B IRIS_313-10392 Indica II Philippines ERS468305
UPR_1201-1-20-1 IRIS_313-10417 Indica II India ERS467929
ZACATEPEC IRIS_313-10753 Indica II United States ERS469562
IR_4535-PP_23-6-8-1 IRIS_313-11249 Indica II Philippines ERS470043
IR_4432-28-5 IRIS_313-11517 Indica II Philippines ERS468757
J_6_IR520(WC693) IRIS_313-11538 Indica II Philippines ERS468736
ITA_117 IRIS_313-11930 Indica II Nigeria ERS469075
PORONG IRIS_313-11960 Indica II Indonesia ERS469105
NONE IRIS_313-12024 Indica II None ERS469159
PERUBAK_LUEY IRIS_313-12135 Indica II Malaysia ERS469229
FEDEARROZ_50 IRIS_313-15896 Indica II Colombia ERS467753
IR_73571-3B-11-3-K2 IRIS_313-15906 Indica II Philippines ERS467763
IR_1561-228-3-3 IRIS_313-7684 Indica II Philippines ERS468559
IR_19746-28-2-2 IRIS_313-7685 Indica II Philippines ERS468582
IR_2307-247-2-2-3 IRIS_313-7689 Indica II Philippines ERS468576
SAHEL_108 IRIS_313-7766 Indica II Senegal ERS468591
WAS_173-B-B-6-2-2 IRIS_313-7808 Indica II Senegal ERS468552
WAS_206-B-B-2-2-1 IRIS_313-7820 Indica II Senegal ERS468588
KHAO_GRADOOK_CHAHNG IRIS_313-9032 Indica II Thailand ERS468015
IR_42 IRIS_313-9044 Indica II Philippines ERS467876
AUS_177 IRIS_313-9066 Indica II Bangladesh ERS468017
E_2024 IRIS_313-9482 Indica II China ERS468074