The list of cultivars for vg1016551649 with genotype T in the All population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Malaihong_ B010 Indica I Malaysia ERS470228
Kahamu B015 Indica I Romania ERS470233
American_Huangkedao_ B018 Tropical Japonica United States ERS470236
Djanda_Mandja B025 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS470242
YR_83-23-11 B043 Tropical Japonica Australia ERS470258
80050YR72136-43 B054 Tropical Japonica Australia ERS470268
Guangluai_4 B061 Indica I China ERS470275
Nantehao_ B062 Indica I China ERS470276
Taishannuo B074 Indica I China ERS470288
Esiniu_ B079 Indica I China ERS470292
Zinuo B094 Indica I China ERS470306
Guangluai_15-1 B119 Indica I China ERS470329
Dangyu_5_ B127 Indica I China ERS470337
Xishi_15 B134 Japonica Intermediate China ERS470344
Teqingxuanhui B145 Indica Intermediate China ERS470355
L_301B B150 Indica I China ERS470360
Tjantajan B173 Intermediate Indonesia ERS470382
None B177 Aus None
IRAT_669 B189 Tropical Japonica Ivory Coast ERS470393
ITA_221 B190 Tropical Japonica Nigeria ERS470394
80A60YR71009-1-5 B191 Japonica Intermediate Australia ERS470395
Taidongludao_ B196 Tropical Japonica China ERS470400
Lucaihao_ B208 Indica I China ERS470411
Lamujia B241 Japonica Intermediate China ERS470439
Tek_Si_Chut CX102 Indica I China ERS470467
SAL_BUI_BAO CX106 Tropical Japonica Vietnam ERS470470
UP15 CX110 VI/Aromatic Japan ERS470475
Khasar CX143 VI/Aromatic Iran ERS470507
TN1 CX162 Indica I China ERS470527
Zaoxian_14 CX18 Indica Intermediate China ERS470530
IRAT109 CX220 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERS470547
IAC47 CX241 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS470565
IAC3 CX262 Tropical Japonica China ERS470575
DINORADO CX266 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS470578
Maravilha CX280 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERS470591
BR24 CX3 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470603
HP121 CX307 Temperate Japonica China ERS470609
None CX322 Indica Intermediate None
BD007 CX352 Tropical Japonica China ERS470637
Yunlu_103 CX359 Tropical Japonica China ERS470644
Haogelao CX367 Tropical Japonica China ERS470652
NERICA_9 CX374 Tropical Japonica Africa ERS470660
None CX445 Indica Intermediate None
None CX539 Indica I None
None CX541 Indica Intermediate None
IACA_ESCURO IRIS_313-10541 Tropical Japonica Guinea ERS469401
NAN-TEO_14 IRIS_313-10561 Indica I China ERS469419
PARAY_QIKUG_KABAYUH IRIS_313-10578 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS469436
P-PEY_SIQAT IRIS_313-10581 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS469439
T_21 IRIS_313-10608 Aus India ERS469457
BUSIYETAN IRIS_313-10644 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS469466
PA_KHENG IRIS_313-10682 Indica III Laos ERS469500
7_AC IRIS_313-10711 Tropical Japonica Liberia ERS469555
KETAN_SAPI IRIS_313-10784 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS469592
LOLAWAJI IRIS_313-10790 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS469599
ARC_12067 IRIS_313-10876 Aus India ERS469680
ARC_12079 IRIS_313-10877 Aus India ERS469681
ARC_12490 IRIS_313-10883 Intermediate India ERS469688
ARC_12655 IRIS_313-10886 Tropical Japonica India ERS469691
ARC_12920 IRIS_313-10892 Aus India ERS469698
ARC_13257 IRIS_313-10895 Tropical Japonica India ERS469711
R_258 IRIS_313-10922 Tropical Japonica Laos ERS469720
KWANG-LU-AI_4 IRIS_313-11039 Indica I China ERS469838
ENGKABANG IRIS_313-11045 Tropical Japonica Malaysia ERS469844
BEGUNBICHI_33 IRIS_313-11062 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469863
Chao_lep_nok IRIS_313-11072 Indica III Laos ERS469874
NONE IRIS_313-11102 Tropical Japonica Liberia ERS469898
NONE IRIS_313-11103 Tropical Japonica Liberia ERS469899
NONE IRIS_313-11104 Tropical Japonica Liberia ERS469900
NONE IRIS_313-11109 Tropical Japonica Liberia ERS469906
RP20-12 IRIS_313-11245 Indica Intermediate India ERS470039
ARC_14398 IRIS_313-11268 VI/Aromatic India ERS470084
W_398 IRIS_313-11374 Aus India ERS470167
NALA IRIS_313-11441 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS468658
PADI_UDANG IRIS_313-11499 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS468711
FOSSA(GBE) IRIS_313-11526 Tropical Japonica Ivory Coast ERS468727
JUAN_YE_LAI IRIS_313-11622 Indica I China ERS468800
TOBOHUN IRIS_313-11659 Tropical Japonica Sierra Leone ERS468836
LONG_GE_33 IRIS_313-11666 Indica I China ERS468843
SHANGYIPA IRIS_313-11691 Japonica Intermediate Bhutan ERS468866
NAKPUI IRIS_313-11739 Tropical Japonica Ghana ERS468903
AN_FU_ZHAN IRIS_313-11745 Indica I China ERS468909
A_2-257 IRIS_313-11755 Tropical Japonica Liberia ERS468918
E_ZI_110 IRIS_313-11799 Indica I China ERS469024
MA_WEI_ZHAN IRIS_313-11869 Indica I China ERS469022
IR_10120-7-2-1-4 IRIS_313-11987 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469200
YAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-12010 Indica I China ERS469148
BUYAN IRIS_313-12045 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS469177
BABELIONG IRIS_313-12070 Tropical Japonica Malaysia ERS469202
KASHA IRIS_313-12094 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469210
GINAYANGGANG IRIS_313-12144 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS469236
Nyao IRIS_313-12340 Japonica Intermediate Laos ERS469340
MAK_KHEUA_DENG IRIS_313-12349 Japonica Intermediate Laos ERS469349
BETSILAIZINA IRIS_313-7646 Intermediate Madagascar ERS468592
CIRAD_403 IRIS_313-7863 Tropical Japonica None ERS468603
DINORADO IRIS_313-7876 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS468606
GANIGI IRIS_313-7883 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS468602
IRAT_234 IRIS_313-7922 Tropical Japonica French Guiana ERS468594
IR_47686-09-01-B-1 IRIS_313-8003 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS468598
LORD IRIS_313-8049 Japonica Intermediate Italy ERS468505
RIKUTO_NORIN_MOCHI_20 IRIS_313-8400 Tropical Japonica Japan ERS468376
KHAU_TRA_BONG IRIS_313-8578 Japonica Intermediate Vietnam ERS467849
AC13(T_141) IRIS_313-8606 Indica III None ERS468213
SITORU IRIS_313-8664 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS467813
PAOTSUPAGAIAHON IRIS_313-8873 Intermediate China ERS468311
YONG_JIN_ZAO_3 IRIS_313-9253 Indica I China ERS468044
MAYBELLE IRIS_313-9363 Tropical Japonica United States ERS467854
B_505_A_1-28-7-1-2 IRIS_313-9452 Tropical Japonica United States ERS468400
LOHAMBITRO IRIS_313-9742 Tropical Japonica Madagascar ERS468458