The list of cultivars for vg1011870467 with genotype G in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Tianhandao B007 Indica III Vietnam ERS470225
C_894-21 B027 Indica III Philippines ERS470244
Rohini B032 Indica II India ERS470249
Heidu_4 B081 Indica I China ERS470293
Baoxuan_21 B105 Indica Intermediate China ERS470315
Yanshuichi B133 Indica Intermediate China ERS470343
Teqingxuanhui B145 Indica Intermediate China ERS470355
JWR_221 B146 Indica II China ERS470356
Qingsiai_16B B153 Indica Intermediate China ERS470363
Jinyou_1 B200 Indica II China ERS470404
Chengnongshuijing_ B201 Indica II China ERS470405
Aihechi B207 Indica Intermediate China ERS470410
Xuanenchangtanqingzhan B214 Indica II China ERS470415
Honggu B217 Indica II China ERS470418
Xiangwanxian_1__ B233 Indica Intermediate China ERS470432
Jiangnongzao_1_B B253 Indica Intermediate China ERS470450
Jinghu3_B B254 Indica Intermediate China ERS470451
MILYANG_23 C011 Indica II Taiwan SRR1239611
Qingsiai16B C025 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239625
88B-1 C030 Indica Intermediate Jiangsu SRR1239630
Teqingxuanhui C044 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1239644
Jinyou1hao C049 Indica Intermediate Fujian SRR1239649
Chengnongshuijing C050 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239650
Benbanggu-1 C076 Indica I Sichuan SRR1239676
Benbanggu-2 C077 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239677
Heidu4 C081 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239681
Sanlicun C090 Indica Intermediate Shanxi SRR1239690
WH100 C100 Indica Intermediate Hubei SRR1239700
Jiangnongzao1hao C117 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1239717
Gu154 C118 Indica II Unknown SRR1239718
Aihechi C129 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1239729
Minghui63 C147 Indica II Unknown SRR1239747
9311 C148 Indica II Hunan SRR1239748
Nanxiongzaoyou C162 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239762
Taizhongzailai1 C169 Indica Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239769
JWR221 C174 Indica II Unknown SRR1239774
Palung_2 CX100 Indica II Nepal ERS470465
Rubio CX103 Indica Intermediate Peru ERS470468
Guang122 CX121 Indica II China ERS470487
Tai-Zhong-Xian_10 CX122 Indica II China ERS470488
IRBB60 CX126 Indica II Philippines ERS470492
IRBB7 CX134 Indica II Philippines ERS470500
Padi_Siam_Kuning CX141 Indica III Malaysia ERS470505
Hta7204 CX144 Indica Intermediate None ERS470508
Minghui_63 CX145 Indica II China ERS470509
None CX168 Indica II None
None CX176 Indica II None
None CX177 Indica II None
None CX178 Indica Intermediate None
None CX183 Indica II None
None CX185 Indica II None
None CX186 Indica III None
None CX189 Indica II None
None CX190 Indica II None
None CX191 Indica II None
None CX193 Indica II None
None CX197 Indica II None
None CX198 Indica II None
None CX199 Indica II None
None CX215 Indica II None
None CX216 Indica II None
Type3 CX218 Indica II India ERS470544
FL478 CX219 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470545
PR106 CX22 Indica II India ERS470546
None CX222 Indica Intermediate None
Rasi CX23 Indica III Indonesia ERS470553
IR52561-UBN-1-1-2 CX231 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470555
IR58821-23-1-3-1 CX233 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470557
PADISENEMOK CX263 Indica Intermediate None ERS470576
MONOLAYA CX265 Indica Intermediate United States ERS470577
Khazar CX27 Indica III Iran ERS470582
NONA_BOKRA CX273 Indica Intermediate India ERS470584
IR26 CX274 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470585
IR34 CX275 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470586
IR8192-200-3-3-1-1 CX276 Indica II Philippines ERS470587
IR68 CX278 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470589
Gayabyeo CX28 Indica II Korea ERS470590
None CX289 Indica II None
Duo_57 CX290 Indica II China ERS470600
None CX293 Indica II None
None CX294 Indica II None
LX2007 CX303 Indica II China ERS470605
ZH5 CX305 Indica II China ERS470607
None CX312 Indica II None
R106 CX313 Indica II China ERS470611
Bg__300 CX34 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS470623
Hua_565 CX341 Indica Intermediate China ERS470625
Wanxian_763 CX342 Indica II China ERS470626
Wanxian_77 CX343 Indica II China ERS470627
SAGC??7 CX347 Indica II China ERS470631
Zhonghua_1__ CX348 Indica II China ERS470632
KCD1 CX349 Indica Intermediate None ERS470633
Y075 CX360 Indica II None ERS470645
IRBB62 CX369 Indica II Philippines ERS470654
Chenghui_727 CX370 Indica II China ERS470656
Huhan_15 CX378 Indica II China ERS470664
Kogomg_1-1 CX382 Indica II None ERS470668
1088 CX387 Indica II None ERS470673
KR200 CX388 Indica II Thailand ERS470674
Molizhanxuan CX394 Indica II China ERS470680
None CX408 Indica II None ERS804445
None CX409 Indica II None ERS804446
None CX410 Indica II None ERS804447
None CX411 Indica II None ERS804448
None CX413 Indica II None ERS804449
None CX414 Indica II None ERS804450
None CX416 Indica II None ERS804451
None CX417 Indica II None ERS804452
None CX418 Indica II None ERS804453
None CX421 Indica II None ERS804456
None CX422 Indica II None ERS804457
None CX423 Indica II None ERS804458
None CX424 Indica II None ERS804459
None CX425 Indica II None ERS804460
None CX430 Indica II None
Duoxi_1_ CX431 Indica II China ERS470692
None CX432 Indica II None
None CX433 Indica II None
None CX434 Indica II None
None CX435 Indica Intermediate None
None CX438 Indica II None
None CX440 Indica II None
None CX443 Indica II None
None CX444 Indica II None
None CX461 Indica Intermediate None
None CX462 Indica II None
None CX465 Indica II None
None CX466 Indica II None
None CX469 Indica II None
None CX472 Indica Intermediate None
None CX475 Indica II None
None CX479 Indica Intermediate None
PT60 CX48 Indica II China ERS470697
None CX480 Indica II None
None CX483 Indica II None
None CX487 Indica Intermediate None
None CX488 Indica II None
None CX489 Indica Intermediate None
None CX507 Indica II None
Babaomi CX51 Indica Intermediate China ERS470701
None CX511 Indica II None
None CX513 Indica II None
None CX515 Indica II None
None CX516 Indica II None
None CX537 Indica II None
None CX560 Indica II None
Bhavani CX61 Indica Intermediate India ERS470715
At354 CX75 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS470728
Chenghui_448 CX8 Indica II China ERS470733
X21 CX82 Indica II Vietnam ERS470735
X23 CX84 Indica II Vietnam ERS470737
C71 CX85 Indica II Vietnam ERS470738
M202 CX89 Indica II United States ERS470742
Fengaizhan CX9 Indica II China ERS470743
Chhomromg CX90 Indica II Nepal ERS470744
IR29 GP10 Indica II Philippine ERR036614
IR_13240-10-1 GP102 Indica II IRRI ERR036706
H_5 GP103 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERR036707
IR_13543-66 GP105 Indica II IRRI ERR036709
MRC_603-303 GP108 Indica II Philippine ERR036712
IR30 GP11 Indica II Philippine ERR036615
IR_2006-P12-12-2-R GP111 Indica II IRRI ERR036715
IR661 GP13 Indica II Philippine ERR036617
IR_17494-32-3-1-1-3 GP130 Indica II IRRI ERR036732
Miyang-23 GP134 Indica II North Korea ERR036735
Suweon_290 GP137 Indica II North Korea ERR036738
Suweon_294 GP144 Indica II North Korea ERR036745
IR_1561-228-3-3 GP15 Indica II IRRI ERR036619
IR_2061-464-2-4-5 GP17 Indica II IRRI ERR036621
IR_2061-628-1-6-4-3 GP18 Indica II IRRI ERR036622
IR_4427-253-5-1 GP29 Indica II IRRI ERR036633
IR_4432-84-3-1 GP30 Indica II IRRI ERR036634
IR_5311-46-3 GP31 Indica II IRRI ERR036635
C_3 GP33 Indica II Philippine ERR036637
IRAT_10 GP572 Indica II Ivory Coast ERR036820
Abang_Busur GP628 Indica III Indonesia ERR036871
Suweon_320 GP639 Indica II North Korea ERR036882
IR_7149-5-2-1-1 GP69 Indica II IRRI ERR036673
IR_7149-23-2-3-1 GP70 Indica II IRRI ERR036674
IR_9095-258-2 GP71 Indica II IRRI ERR036675
IR_24 GP9 Indica II Philippine ERR036613
IR_9758-150-3 GP91 Indica II IRRI ERR036695
IR_9742-17-1 GP96 Indica II IRRI ERR036700
None GP99 Indica II IRRI ERR036703
Langxihongken HP143 Indica I China ERR037171
Yanjing HP179 Indica Intermediate China ERR009626
Huazaobai HP189 Indica I China ERR009676
Dayeliu HP195 Indica I China ERR009810
Shipishu HP199 Indica Intermediate China ERR009759
Dingzhounuo HP205 Indica Intermediate China ERR009598
Wukejian HP210 Indica Intermediate China ERR009747
Yizhixiangshu HP212 Indica Intermediate China ERR009899
Xianshuichi HP216 Indica Intermediate China ERR009544
Dabaizao HP221 Indica Intermediate China ERR009874
Qimei-1 HP222 Indica Intermediate China ERR009741
Zaodaxian HP226 Indica I China ERR009939
Jianongxianyu-40 HP228 Indica Intermediate China ERR009926
Jiangzhan HP231 Indica Intermediate China ERR009910
Dayezao HP236 Indica I China ERR009430
Yahezhong HP237 Indica Intermediate China ERR009851
Simaobai HP238 Indica Intermediate China ERR009604
Yanshuichi HP240 Indica Intermediate China ERR009673
Handao HP243 Indica Intermediate China ERR009873
Xiangzhan-1 HP288 Indica Intermediate China ERR009611
Makehong HP296 Indica Intermediate China ERR009602
Xibengu HP303 Indica Intermediate China ERR009911
Ribengu HP340 Indica I China ERR009498
Wenchangzhan HP342 Indica Intermediate China ERR009734
Qizhan HP344 Indica III China ERR009465
Baihuazhan HP346 Indica Intermediate China ERR009671
Suixihongxu HP348 Indica Intermediate China ERR009522
Youzhannuo HP352 Indica Intermediate China ERR009894
Aijiaozhong HP353 Indica Intermediate China ERR009674
Hongguzi HP379 Indica I China ERR009488
Jianan-9 HP411 Indica Intermediate China ERR009775
Wushizao HP448 Indica I China ERR009772
Zhuxizao HP450 Indica Intermediate China ERR009900
Heiqunzhan HP451 Indica I China ERR009825
Sanshizi HP465 Indica I China ERR009483
Jiangxiwan HP476 Indica Intermediate China ERR009843
Maweizhan HP494 Indica Intermediate China ERR009556
Niutouwu HP520 Indica Intermediate China ERR009622
Lengshuizi(Yehe) HP555 Indica Intermediate China ERR009599
Wuke-4 HP609 Indica Intermediate China ERR009893
Chongfubao HP612 Indica Intermediate China ERR009619
SUWEON_311 IRIS_313-10000 Indica II Korea ERS468139
MOVE(MOKOLE) IRIS_313-10048 Indica III Benin ERS468151
DALSUNG_41 IRIS_313-10103 Indica I Korea ERS468154
EX_EBOKOZURU IRIS_313-10109 Indica III Nigeria ERS468229
SAN_SHIH_TSI IRIS_313-10129 Indica I China ERS468157
PIN_GAEW_56 IRIS_313-10134 Indica III Thailand ERS468158
TONG_GU_HONG IRIS_313-10226 Indica Intermediate China ERS468177
PSBRC68 IRIS_313-10235 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468179
AMISTAD_82 IRIS_313-10247 Indica II Cuba ERS468183
ECIA_24-107-1 IRIS_313-10293 Indica II Cuba ERS468189
CSR-89_IR-15 IRIS_313-10348 Indica Intermediate India ERS467921
CSR-90_IR-2 IRIS_313-10349 Indica Intermediate India ERS467922
HP_3319-2WX-6-4-1-B IRIS_313-10353 Indica Intermediate Korea ERS468197
IR_31142-14-1-1-3-1-1-2 IRIS_313-10355 Indica II Philippines ERS468232
IR_52718-B-B-6-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-10357 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468304
IR_53650-2B-10-1-2-1 IRIS_313-10359 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467844
IR_57514-PMI_5-B-1-2 IRIS_313-10360 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468233
IR_63295-AC_209-7 IRIS_313-10361 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468198
IR_69502-6-SRN-3-UBN-1-B IRIS_313-10374 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468200
IR_70027-8-2-2-3-2 IRIS_313-10375 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468235
IR_80340-23-B-12-6-B IRIS_313-10396 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468203
WAR_87-7-A10-2-B-B-B-1 IRIS_313-10422 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468307
TP_MIL_53 IRIS_313-10433 Indica III Philippines ERS469377
RUSTY_LATE IRIS_313-10477 Indica Intermediate China ERS469372
AMBARIKORI IRIS_313-10509 Indica III Africa ERS469384
CAMPENA IRIS_313-10514 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469388
NONE IRIS_313-10516 Indica III United States ERS469390
SIPOT IRIS_313-10517 Indica III Philippines ERS469391
BANDANG_PUTIH_680 IRIS_313-10525 Indica III Indonesia ERS469437
DONGREM IRIS_313-10544 Indica III India ERS469404
221_BC4-1-45-10 IRIS_313-10550 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469409
221_B-36-1-1-1-1 IRIS_313-10565 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469423
221_C-391-1-3-3 IRIS_313-10566 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469424
Ea_houm IRIS_313-10655 Indica III Laos ERS469476
BONGOLON IRIS_313-10684 Indica III Malaysia ERS469503
PADI_TIMBUN IRIS_313-10688 Indica III Malaysia ERS469505
LARONDJAWI IRIS_313-10690 Indica III Indonesia ERS469507
RADIN_GOI IRIS_313-10698 Indica III Malaysia ERS469513
CHANTEK_145 IRIS_313-10700 Indica III Malaysia ERS469515
JAROM_EMAS IRIS_313-10702 Indica III Malaysia ERS469517
HEENDIKWEE IRIS_313-10720 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469526
KOUPENEDOU_KOUBOURY IRIS_313-10727 Indica III Senegal ERS469534
ATJEH IRIS_313-10760 Indica III Indonesia ERS469570
GADABUNG(GUNDIL) IRIS_313-10768 Indica III Indonesia ERS469576
GOJOT IRIS_313-10772 Indica III Indonesia ERS469580
INDEL IRIS_313-10775 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469583
KAMAS IRIS_313-10777 Indica III Indonesia ERS469585
KENTJANA_MAHANG IRIS_313-10778 Indica III Indonesia ERS469586
KERAN_DUKUH IRIS_313-10779 Indica III Indonesia ERS469587
MANGSUR IRIS_313-10791 Indica III Indonesia ERS469600
PUAK IRIS_313-10804 Indica III Indonesia ERS469643
RADEN_DJAWA(GUNDIL) IRIS_313-10806 Indica III Indonesia ERS469663
RANDA_KUNING IRIS_313-10807 Indica III Indonesia ERS469673
SEGON_BENGGALA IRIS_313-10810 Indica III Indonesia ERS469612
SERUNEN IRIS_313-10812 Indica III Indonesia ERS469614
SIAM_BARABAI IRIS_313-10813 Indica III Indonesia ERS469615
TJERE_ENER IRIS_313-10819 Indica III Indonesia ERS469621
TJERE_MANGGA IRIS_313-10820 Indica III Indonesia ERS469623
TJ._PERAK IRIS_313-10821 Indica III Indonesia ERS469624
UTRI_DELI IRIS_313-10823 Indica III Indonesia ERS469626
HOING_CANTEL IRIS_313-10824 Indica III Indonesia ERS469627
EDAKKADAN_0-69-27 IRIS_313-10833 Indica Intermediate India ERS469636
LUBUK_LINGGAU IRIS_313-10842 Indica III Indonesia ERS469646
NONE IRIS_313-10844 Indica III Indonesia ERS469647
ARC_10939 IRIS_313-10859 Indica Intermediate India ERS469662
ARC_13373 IRIS_313-10897 Indica III India ERS469732
DAMNOEUB_KHSE_SAUT IRIS_313-10899 Indica III Cambodia ERS469753
DAMNOEUB_POR_HING IRIS_313-10900 Indica III Cambodia ERS469764
DAMNOEUB_THPOIL_HING IRIS_313-10901 Indica III Cambodia ERS469775
KREM_KRAHAM IRIS_313-10904 Indica III Cambodia ERS469702
MOROM IRIS_313-10908 Indica III Cambodia ERS469706
NEANG_CHAN IRIS_313-10909 Indica III Cambodia ERS469707
SIGUPAI IRIS_313-10938 Indica III Indonesia ERS469738
SITANDANG IRIS_313-10940 Indica III Indonesia ERS469739
SINTHA IRIS_313-10941 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469740
BANDANG_BUNGKUAKLAN IRIS_313-10942 Indica III Indonesia ERS469741
JENDA_ABANG IRIS_313-10951 Indica III Indonesia ERS469751
TARING_PELUNDUK IRIS_313-10961 Indica III Indonesia ERS469762
NANG_SAU_DO IRIS_313-10970 Indica III Vietnam ERS469772
KETAN_RASO IRIS_313-10998 Indica III Indonesia ERS469794
Non_hai IRIS_313-11078 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469881
SRAU_THMOR IRIS_313-11089 Indica III Cambodia ERS469884
Khao_non IRIS_313-11091 Indica III Laos ERS469886
NONE IRIS_313-11108 Indica III Liberia ERS469904
DHALA_AMAN_973 IRIS_313-11125 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS469923
KALAI IRIS_313-11131 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469930
MANSAT-3 IRIS_313-11134 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469933
SHWENI IRIS_313-11141 Indica III Myanmar ERS469941
SHWEPULAY IRIS_313-11142 Indica III Myanmar ERS469942
NONE IRIS_313-11160 Indica III Liberia ERS469962
DELI_POCONG IRIS_313-11177 Indica III Indonesia ERS470013
SI_OMPAN_LAMA IRIS_313-11179 Indica III Indonesia ERS470035
SIPULUIK_ARANG IRIS_313-11180 Indica III Indonesia ERS470046
TAMBA_PERAK IRIS_313-11181 Indica III Indonesia ERS470057
CEMPO_CINA IRIS_313-11182 Indica III Indonesia ERS469977
KUMRI IRIS_313-11206 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469997
LIONG_ORN IRIS_313-11236 Indica III None ERS470029
TAICHUNG_SEN-YU_214 IRIS_313-11237 Indica II China ERS470030
RP20-12 IRIS_313-11245 Indica Intermediate India ERS470039
ADR52 IRIS_313-11252 Indica III India ERS470047
ARC_15486 IRIS_313-11280 Indica Intermediate India ERS470068
ARC_18434 IRIS_313-11288 Indica III India ERS470077
PENDEK_LAYUNG IRIS_313-11315 Indica III Indonesia ERS470107
TUBU IRIS_313-11318 Indica III Indonesia ERS470110
KENCANA_RANDAH IRIS_313-11319 Indica III Indonesia ERS470111
MAYAS_PUTIH IRIS_313-11320 Indica III Indonesia ERS470112
AMPIPIT IRIS_313-11331 Indica III Philippines ERS470124
HONDERAWALA IRIS_313-11382 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS470174
CHIEM_TONG_NHAT_1 IRIS_313-11384 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470176
SAHM_RUANG_NAK IRIS_313-11387 Indica III Thailand ERS470179
NONE IRIS_313-11394 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470186
NONE IRIS_313-11395 Indica III Indonesia ERS470187
TODULI IRIS_313-11398 Indica III Indonesia ERS470190
RAYDHAN_1 IRIS_313-11399 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470191
C_1016-1 IRIS_313-11423 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470214
VAIKATHARYAN IRIS_313-11461 Indica Intermediate India ERS468676
MACAPAGAL IRIS_313-11467 Indica III Philippines ERS468681
CULALANSI IRIS_313-11471 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468683
PR106 IRIS_313-11480 Indica II India ERS468691
IR_4432-28-5 IRIS_313-11517 Indica II Philippines ERS468757
ADIALLO IRIS_313-11523 Indica III Senegal ERS468724
JAO_KHAO IRIS_313-11530 Indica III Thailand ERS468730
NAHNG_KHAO_BOW IRIS_313-11534 Indica III Thailand ERS468732
TUBMAN IRIS_313-11556 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468753
MR69 IRIS_313-11588 Indica III Malaysia ERS468779
KHAO_BAWNG IRIS_313-11608 Indica III Thailand ERS468811
WUA_PAN_LAK IRIS_313-11610 Indica III Thailand ERS468831
ANADI_WHITE IRIS_313-11624 Indica I Nepal ERS468802
NCS603_B IRIS_313-11643 Indica II India ERS468819
NCS745 IRIS_313-11644 Indica Intermediate India ERS468820
NCS766 IRIS_313-11645 Indica III India ERS468822
NCS809_A IRIS_313-11647 Indica III India ERS468824
OB_CHUEY IRIS_313-11684 Indica III Thailand ERS468859
SA_GAE IRIS_313-11687 Indica III Thailand ERS468862
CHING-LIU IRIS_313-11694 Indica Intermediate China ERS468869
BAHN_DAENG IRIS_313-11704 Indica III Thailand ERS468921
LEUANG_MAI IRIS_313-11710 Indica III Thailand ERS468874
ITA_245 IRIS_313-11713 Indica III Nigeria ERS468877
QING_ER_XIAO_2 IRIS_313-11730 Indica Intermediate China ERS468893
PAUNDRI IRIS_313-11738 Indica III India ERS468902
GAO_JIAO_YING_GAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-11748 Indica Intermediate China ERS468912
L_10833 IRIS_313-11751 Indica Intermediate China ERS468914
KATUMANI IRIS_313-11779 Indica III Tanzania ERS468936
E_ZI_100 IRIS_313-11798 Indica Intermediate China ERS469014
JIE_CAO_ZHAN IRIS_313-11802 Indica I China ERS468951
ZERO IRIS_313-11813 Indica III Kenya ERS468963
KARILETYONE IRIS_313-11816 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468966
LETYONE IRIS_313-11818 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468968
KANDEKE_YAIGAITI IRIS_313-11830 Indica III Gambia ERS468981
LEUM_DERN IRIS_313-11838 Indica III Thailand ERS468990
NIAW_NARAI IRIS_313-11841 Indica III Thailand ERS468994
NIAW_YUANG_KHANUN IRIS_313-11842 Indica III Thailand ERS468995
SESAT_JADI IRIS_313-11850 Indica III Malaysia ERS469002
DA_GUAN_YIN_ZHAN IRIS_313-11855 Indica I China ERS469008
AI_DA IRIS_313-11876 Indica I China ERS469028
IR_4683-54-2 IRIS_313-11886 Indica II Philippines ERS469046
IR_19058-107-1 IRIS_313-11887 Indica II Philippines ERS469057
LOC_TRANG_MUON IRIS_313-11894 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS469036
MAHA_CHAI IRIS_313-11899 Indica III Thailand ERS469041
TI_NGI IRIS_313-11901 Indica III Thailand ERS469043
PADI_SIRANDAH_KUNING IRIS_313-11904 Indica III Indonesia ERS469047
ESCONDE_CACHO IRIS_313-11912 Indica III Brazil ERS469055
KAMPTI IRIS_313-11939 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469084
MALOBA(DISSI_ROUGE) IRIS_313-11940 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469085
MOUI_SAMBA IRIS_313-11941 Indica II Burkina Faso ERS469086
I_814 IRIS_313-11944 Indica I Nepal ERS469089
PUANG_MAHLAI_KHAO IRIS_313-11958 Indica III Thailand ERS469103
TANG_DU_GU IRIS_313-11967 Indica Intermediate China ERS469113
TAMBAS_JANGKOK IRIS_313-11989 Indica III Brunei ERS469127
TAISEN_GLUTINOUS_YU_1157 IRIS_313-11990 Indica II China ERS469128
KAUN_TREI IRIS_313-11999 Indica III Cambodia ERS469138
LAANG IRIS_313-12000 Indica III Cambodia ERS469139
CHE_MAH IRIS_313-12005 Indica III Malaysia ERS469143
EX_AUBERGE IRIS_313-12016 Indica I Egypt ERS469154
CHAN_LEUY IRIS_313-12036 Indica III Cambodia ERS469167
SAMBOK_ANGKRANG IRIS_313-12043 Indica III Cambodia ERS469175
KUJAM_KURIT IRIS_313-12046 Indica III Indonesia ERS469178
LEMAK_RUSA IRIS_313-12047 Indica III Indonesia ERS469179
LIMA IRIS_313-12048 Indica III Indonesia ERS469180
FACAGRO_406 IRIS_313-12053 Indica III Burundi ERS469186
AI_JIAO_ZI IRIS_313-12057 Indica Intermediate China ERS469189
NONE IRIS_313-12067 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469198
DAU_NGHA_THAI_BINH IRIS_313-12078 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS469226
Tap_khouay IRIS_313-12133 Indica III Laos ERS469227
PERUBAK_LUEY IRIS_313-12135 Indica II Malaysia ERS469229
AM_BEUS IRIS_313-12146 Indica III Cambodia ERS469237
Arn'-sar_Thngorn' IRIS_313-12148 Indica III Cambodia ERS469239
Pa_Pha-ea IRIS_313-12161 Indica III Cambodia ERS469243
BAO_DAM IRIS_313-12186 Indica I Laos ERS469250
CHAO_DO IRIS_313-12188 Indica III Laos ERS469252
Lam_Boun IRIS_313-12222 Indica III Laos ERS469262
TAM IRIS_313-12229 Indica III Laos ERS469268
SHWEWARHNAN IRIS_313-12269 Indica III Myanmar ERS469288
SABALINE IRIS_313-12296 Indica III Myanmar ERS469311
NONE IRIS_313-12302 Indica III Laos ERS469317
NONE IRIS_313-12303 Indica III Laos ERS469318
Nasaeng IRIS_313-12355 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469355
IR_4630-22-2-5-1-3 IRIS_313-15898 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467755
IR_84196-12-32(SAMBHA_MAHSURI_+_SUB1) IRIS_313-15900 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467757
IR_73571-3B-11-3-K2 IRIS_313-15906 Indica II Philippines ERS467763
GAMBIAKA IRIS_313-7620 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS468642
SEQ93 IRIS_313-7635 Indica II None ERS468554
ANGIFOTSY_685 IRIS_313-7638 Indica III Madagascar ERS468568
IR_28 IRIS_313-7691 Indica II Philippines ERS468564
KOGONI_91-1 IRIS_313-7719 Indica Intermediate Mali ERS468634
WAS_198-B-3-1-3 IRIS_313-7815 Indica II Senegal ERS468585
CNA_4081 IRIS_313-8161 Indica II Brazil ERS468636
GIZA_178 IRIS_313-8212 Indica II Egypt ERS468644
MERLE IRIS_313-8215 Indica Intermediate France ERS468656
SURMATIYA IRIS_313-8303 Indica III India ERS467931
BATU IRIS_313-8312 Indica III Malaysia ERS468239
MENTIK_TJERE_BELUT IRIS_313-8368 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS467934
JIN_JUN_DAO IRIS_313-8405 Indica Intermediate China ERS467836
NACHIN_ER_12 IRIS_313-8407 Indica III Malaysia ERS468242
IRRIBINI IRIS_313-8437 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467941
CHAW_GAM_PRUED IRIS_313-8466 Indica III Thailand ERS468244
NAM_SA-GUI_19 IRIS_313-8485 Indica III Thailand ERS467947
KUNENG IRIS_313-8492 Indica III Malaysia ERS468210
SI_HAO_NDURIA IRIS_313-8608 Indica III Indonesia ERS468251
DUDRE IRIS_313-8631 Indica Intermediate India ERS467958
JOTA_BITCHI_1 IRIS_313-8683 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468254
BALASURIYA_A IRIS_313-8699 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS468216
KHAO_PRAHJIN IRIS_313-8702 Indica III Thailand ERS468255
PULUT_BARAYA IRIS_313-8725 Indica III Indonesia ERS468259
REMOL IRIS_313-8744 Indica III Indonesia ERS467971
LEUANG_AWN IRIS_313-8785 Indica III Thailand ERS468265
KHAO_THI_RATE IRIS_313-8793 Indica III Myanmar ERS468266
RELLY IRIS_313-8812 Indica III Indonesia ERS467976
KETAN_KUNANG_KUNENG IRIS_313-8831 Indica III Indonesia ERS468268
SIMET_2 IRIS_313-8833 Indica III Indonesia ERS468269
CHAKOL IRIS_313-8854 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467981
LU_MAO_ZHAN IRIS_313-8889 Indica Intermediate China ERS467984
LEUANG_DAM IRIS_313-8895 Indica III Thailand ERS467985
MUKKALA_BAZAL IRIS_313-8930 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS467993
PATISAIL IRIS_313-8932 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467994
BUCAYAB IRIS_313-8948 Indica III Philippines ERS467998
IE_MATA_CICEM IRIS_313-8978 Indica III Indonesia ERS468272
BANIKAT IRIS_313-8988 Indica III India ERS468007
TJERE_SUGI IRIS_313-9005 Indica III Indonesia ERS468273
KAM_PAI IRIS_313-9019 Indica III Thailand ERS468012
LEUANG_CHAIYAPHUM IRIS_313-9020 Indica III Thailand ERS468013
BIDAPIK IRIS_313-9054 Indica III Indonesia ERS468275
AUS_177 IRIS_313-9066 Indica II Bangladesh ERS468017
CANTIK_PAUN IRIS_313-9097 Indica III Indonesia ERS468276
MANUS IRIS_313-9102 Indica III Malaysia ERS468278
THIERNO_BANDE IRIS_313-9160 Indica III Senegal ERS468220
KUSHIARA IRIS_313-9174 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468031
XI_GAN_JING_REN IRIS_313-9184 Indica Intermediate China ERS468033
TUMBA IRIS_313-9188 Indica III Indonesia ERS468281
CHI-SHENG-TAO IRIS_313-9204 Indica I China ERS468037
LEUANG_LAI_MAE_PRAJAN IRIS_313-9209 Indica III Thailand ERS468039
KUATEK IRIS_313-9210 Indica III Malaysia ERS468040
WP65 IRIS_313-9227 Indica II Thailand ERS468042
RADEN_SAWO_1 IRIS_313-9273 Indica III Indonesia ERS468223
TONG_MAH IRIS_313-9288 Indica III Thailand ERS468282
GAM_PAI_30-12-15 IRIS_313-9302 Indica III Thailand ERS468054
KAAKARAN IRIS_313-9314 Indica III Indonesia ERS467877
VEN_THAP IRIS_313-9317 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS468056
KERITING_TINGGI IRIS_313-9329 Indica III Indonesia ERS468285
KALABAIL IRIS_313-9391 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468065
PA_FADAYA IRIS_313-9402 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468288
KARANTABA_1 IRIS_313-9461 Indica III Senegal ERS468071
H_6 IRIS_313-9472 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468073
NX_3533 IRIS_313-9570 Indica Intermediate China ERS468087
MAE_YEU IRIS_313-9575 Indica III Thailand ERS467886
ASHI_BINNI IRIS_313-9594 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468092
UNGGUL IRIS_313-9694 Indica III Malaysia ERS468293
UNNAMED IRIS_313-9882 Indica III China ERS467795
IRI_339 IRIS_313-9922 Indica II Korea ERS468126
MILYANG_30 IRIS_313-9925 Indica II Korea ERS468128
Ai_Chueh_Ta_Pai_Ku W029 Indica Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239832
IR_2061-214-2-3 W073 Indica II Philippines SRR1239876
UZ_ROS_59 W080 Indica I Uzbekistan SRR1239883
IR_58614-B-B-8-2 W084 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239887
KECHENGNUO_NO._4 W085 Indica Intermediate China SRR1239888
C418 W151 Indica II China SRR1239954
CDR22 W152 Indica II China SRR1239955
Chenghui448 W153 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239956
Fengaizhan W154 Indica II Guangdong SRR1239957
Gang46B W155 Indica Intermediate China SRR1239958
R644 W159 Indica II China SRR1239962
Y134 W161 Indica II China SRR1239964
PR106 W170 Indica II Pakistan SRR1239973
Milyang23 W176 Indica II Korea SRR1239979
MR185 W177 Indica II Malaysia SRR1239980
Manawthukha W178 Indica III Philippines SRR1239981
Bg300 W180 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka SRR1239983
PSB_RC_28 W184 Indica II Philippines SRR1239987
IR58025B W189 Indica II Unknown SRR1239992
F6 W194 Indica II Japan SRR1239997
452 W195 Indica II Unknown SRR1239998
Bhavani W212 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240015
Type3 W216 Indica II India SRR1240019
At354 W223 Indica II Sri Lanka SRR1240026
X21 W229 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240032
X23 W231 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240034
Pokhreli W236 Indica II Philippines SRR1240039
Dodda W243 Indica II Unknown SRR1240046
Palung_2 W244 Indica II Philippines SRR1240047
Up15 W259 Indica II Japan SRR1240062
Yunjiang35 W266 Indica III Unknown SRR1240069
Tsao_wan_ching W272 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240075
Ma_ba_you_zhan W282 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240085
IR_661-1-140-3-117 W289 Indica II Philippines SRR1240092
AGNO_(PSBRC28) W307 Indica II Philippines SRR1240110
OM_2517 W313 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240116
BRRI_DHAN_28 W314 Indica II Bangladesh SRR1240117