The list of cultivars for vg0905150436 with genotype T in the VI/Aromatic population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
OVAL_RED_29B-601 IRIS_313-11223 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470015
ARC_13515 IRIS_313-11259 VI/Aromatic India ERS470054
ARC_18578 IRIS_313-11289 VI/Aromatic India ERS470078
ARC_10975 IRIS_313-11293 VI/Aromatic India ERS470082
CR44-1 IRIS_313-11356 VI/Aromatic India ERS470150
MOTANGA IRIS_313-11401 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470193
HALIDA IRIS_313-11564 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468759
ARC_13829 IRIS_313-8712 VI/Aromatic India ERS467769
Red_Khosha_Cerma W014 VI/Aromatic Afghanistan SRR1239817
Ak_Tokhum W050 VI/Aromatic Azerbaijan SRR1239853
BASMATI_385 W306 VI/Aromatic Pakistan SRR1240109