The list of cultivars for vg0905150436 with genotype C in the Intermediate population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Bawangbian_1 B084 Intermediate China ERS470296
Muguanuo_ B086 Intermediate China ERS470298
Geng_7623 B141 Intermediate China ERS470351
Ninghui_21 B142 Intermediate China ERS470352
Tjantajan B173 Intermediate Indonesia ERS470382
Ginga CX112 Intermediate Japan ERS470477
R644 CX13 Intermediate China ERS470495
None CX309 Intermediate None
Compact_Plant_Type_Material CX365 Intermediate China ERS470650
YSBR1 CX395 Intermediate China ERS470681
Pusa(Basmati_1) CX46 Intermediate India ERS470695
Rata_31-2_(Acc.29388) GP1 Intermediate Bengal ERR036606
Mollika_(sel) GP141 Intermediate Nepal ERR036742
Baogala GP56 Intermediate Uganda ERR036660
milyamg_67 GP635 Intermediate North Korea ERR036878
Sanlicun-5 HP293 Intermediate China ERR009751
Zhuoxianxiaobaidao HP381 Intermediate China ERR009499
Heizaogu HP519 Intermediate China ERR009607
Zhongjiaohuangmang HP63 Intermediate China ERR009438
SUKAMANDI_1005 IRIS_313-10522 Intermediate Indonesia ERS469407
UKON-NISHIKI IRIS_313-10585 Intermediate Japan ERS469442
PADI_PULOT_MELAYANG IRIS_313-10705 Intermediate Malaysia ERS469520
ARC_12413 IRIS_313-10881 Intermediate India ERS469686
PALAM_PURI_BAS_137 IRIS_313-11032 Intermediate Pakistan ERS469830
GASMAL_339 IRIS_313-11066 Intermediate Bangladesh ERS469868
NGAKWE_THETYIN IRIS_313-11136 Intermediate Myanmar ERS469935
PAIZ-AMBARBU IRIS_313-11189 Intermediate Russia ERS469979
ARC_6579 IRIS_313-11290 Intermediate India ERS470079
PULUT_MERAH_2 IRIS_313-11591 Intermediate Malaysia ERS468780
KOCHUM IRIS_313-11690 Intermediate Bhutan ERS468865
MEDUSA IRIS_313-8067 Intermediate Italy ERS468467
FRAGRANCE IRIS_313-8184 Intermediate Italy ERS468528
POENOET_HITAM IRIS_313-8324 Intermediate Indonesia ERS467801
PAOTSUPAGAIAHON IRIS_313-8873 Intermediate China ERS468311
ARC_18061 IRIS_313-8935 Intermediate India ERS467995
SONAPATNAI IRIS_313-9120 Intermediate India ERS468026
SML_ACORNI IRIS_313-9464 Intermediate Suriname ERS467904
E-LONG_MAH IRIS_313-9600 Intermediate Thailand ERS468093
BERENJ_1277_S IRIS_313-9783 Intermediate Afghanistan ERS467817
GEANT_W_7 IRIS_313-9817 Intermediate Netherlands ERS467812
Ragasu W055 Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239858
A_152 W079 Intermediate Bangladesh SRR1239882
Santhi_990 W097 Intermediate Pakistan SRR1239900
Pusa_(Basmatil) W191 Intermediate China SRR1239994
ASD16 W192 Intermediate India SRR1239995
NAN-29-2 W196 Intermediate Unknown SRR1239999
Ginga W261 Intermediate Japan SRR1240064
Sibeitichao6 W328 Intermediate Beijing SRR1240131