The list of cultivars for vg0905150436 with genotype T in the Indica II population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
WH115 C115 Indica II Hunan SRR1239715
None CX437 Indica II None
None CX488 Indica II None
IR_11297-139-2-2 GP100 Indica II IRRI ERR036704
B1896-29-4-3-1 GP118 Indica II Indonesia ERR036720
Suweon_290 GP137 Indica II North Korea ERR036738
Nonglin-263 GP631 Indica II Japan ERR036874
IR_533-1-89 GP74 Indica II IRRI ERR036678
BKN_6987-68-14 W044 Indica II Thailand SRR1239847
452 W195 Indica II Unknown SRR1239998
At354 W223 Indica II Sri Lanka SRR1240026
OM1723 W228 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240031
Phalguna W241 Indica II India SRR1240044
Palung_2 W244 Indica II Philippines SRR1240047