The list of cultivars for vg0724243419 with genotype G in the VI/Aromatic population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
UP15 CX110 VI/Aromatic Japan ERS470475
Khasar CX143 VI/Aromatic Iran ERS470507
Karnal_Local CX149 VI/Aromatic India ERS470513
Milagrosa;_Zawa_Banday CX59 VI/Aromatic Philippines ERS470712
Basmati_385 CX72 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS470725
NS1576 IRIS_313-10032 VI/Aromatic Madagascar ERS468145
HR22 IRIS_313-10531 VI/Aromatic India ERS469395
ARC_10296 IRIS_313-10670 VI/Aromatic India ERS469488
MADHUWA_KARIA IRIS_313-10732 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS469539
ARC_7296 IRIS_313-10851 VI/Aromatic India ERS469654
ARC_11571 IRIS_313-10868 VI/Aromatic India ERS469671
ARC_7281 IRIS_313-10933 VI/Aromatic India ERS469733
BARA_PASHAWARI_390 IRIS_313-11021 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469818
BASMATI_SURKH_161 IRIS_313-11023 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469820
HANSRAJ IRIS_313-11026 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469824
MUTANT_12-42 IRIS_313-11030 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469828
RATRIO IRIS_313-11033 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS469831
BEGUNBICHI_33 IRIS_313-11062 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469863
LAL_AMAN_207 IRIS_313-11217 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470008
BADSHABHOG_4-60 IRIS_313-11218 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470009
OVAL_RED_29B-601 IRIS_313-11223 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470015
ARC_13502 IRIS_313-11258 VI/Aromatic India ERS470053
ARC_13515 IRIS_313-11259 VI/Aromatic India ERS470054
ARC_14398 IRIS_313-11268 VI/Aromatic India ERS470084
ARC_14663 IRIS_313-11270 VI/Aromatic India ERS470106
ARC_18578 IRIS_313-11289 VI/Aromatic India ERS470078
ARC_10975 IRIS_313-11293 VI/Aromatic India ERS470082
BAJAL IRIS_313-11350 VI/Aromatic India ERS470143
CR44-1 IRIS_313-11356 VI/Aromatic India ERS470150
KEYA_NUNIA IRIS_313-11362 VI/Aromatic India ERS470156
T_3 IRIS_313-11373 VI/Aromatic India ERS470166
NONE IRIS_313-11375 VI/Aromatic India ERS470168
MOTANGA IRIS_313-11401 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS470193
KALISAL IRIS_313-11451 VI/Aromatic India ERS468667
RATO_BASMATI IRIS_313-11567 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468762
CHOBO IRIS_313-11625 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468804
POHHERLIMASION IRIS_313-11630 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468809
SETO_JHINUWA IRIS_313-11632 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468810
HANSRAJ IRIS_313-11825 VI/Aromatic India ERS468976
HIRA_NAKHI IRIS_313-11826 VI/Aromatic India ERS468977
KYAIN_WAR_ME_DONE IRIS_313-12074 VI/Aromatic Myanmar ERS469208
IET_14720 IRIS_313-15909 VI/Aromatic None ERS467766
ARC_7091 IRIS_313-8498 VI/Aromatic India ERS467860
BASMATI_1 IRIS_313-8656 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS467909
ARC_13829 IRIS_313-8712 VI/Aromatic India ERS467769
PANKHARI_203 IRIS_313-9083 VI/Aromatic India ERS467815
ARC_7229 IRIS_313-9172 VI/Aromatic India ERS467910
CHAWAL IRIS_313-9601 VI/Aromatic Pakistan ERS467816
JC157 IRIS_313-9629 VI/Aromatic India ERS467773
TK-RED_35-799 IRIS_313-9682 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS467908
IRAT_118 IRIS_313-9978 VI/Aromatic Madagascar ERS468314
Red_Khosha_Cerma W014 VI/Aromatic Afghanistan SRR1239817
Gasym_Hany W081 VI/Aromatic Azerbaijan SRR1239884
2 W129 VI/Aromatic Afghanistan SRR1239932
LA_PLATA_GENA_F.A. W136 VI/Aromatic Argentina SRR1239939
Dacca6 W256 VI/Aromatic United States SRR1240059
Amareles W258 VI/Aromatic Portugal SRR1240061
BASMATI_385 W306 VI/Aromatic Pakistan SRR1240109