The list of cultivars for vg0604726687 with genotype A in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Yikong B006 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470224
Kahamu B015 Indica I Romania ERS470233
Xianluosichi B024 Indica I Thailand ERS470241
K_24 B040 Indica Intermediate Uganda ERS470257
Nanjing_11 B059 Indica I China ERS470273
Guangluai_4 B061 Indica I China ERS470275
Xiangzaoxian_7 B064 Indica Intermediate China ERS470278
Taishannuo B074 Indica I China ERS470288
Esiniu_ B079 Indica I China ERS470292
Heidu_4 B081 Indica I China ERS470293
Dongtingwanxian B083 Indica I China ERS470295
Gongju_73 B092 Indica I China ERS470304
Jiabala B104 Indica I India ERS470314
Liusha_1 B112 Indica I China ERS470322
Chenwan_3_ B113 Indica Intermediate China ERS470323
Shufeng_101 B116 Indica Intermediate China ERS470326
Ergangai B118 Indica Intermediate China ERS470328
Guangluai_15-1 B119 Indica I China ERS470329
Hongwan_1_ B120 Indica Intermediate China ERS470330
Luke_3_ B121 Indica I China ERS470331
Zaoxian_240 B126 Indica I China ERS470336
Dangyu_5_ B127 Indica I China ERS470337
Aizizhan B131 Indica Intermediate China ERS470341
Xiaobaimi B132 Indica Intermediate China ERS470342
Yanshuichi B133 Indica Intermediate China ERS470343
Haoxiang_ B149 Indica I China ERS470359
Taizhongxianxuan_2 B197 Indica Intermediate China ERS470401
Lucaihao_ B208 Indica I China ERS470411
Liuyenian_ B213 Indica I China ERS470414
Fanhaopi_ B221 Indica I China ERS470421
None B231 Indica Intermediate None ERS804444
Chaoyangyihao_B B249 Indica I China ERS470447
Xiangai_B B252 Indica Intermediate China ERS470449
Leihuozhan_ B259 Indica I China ERS470454
NONE B267 Indica Intermediate China ERS470461
Guangluai-4-1 C020 Indica I Hunan SRR1239620
Lucaihao C033 Indica I Fujian SRR1239633
Shufeng101 C036 Indica Intermediate Sichuan SRR1239636
Gongju73 C039 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239639
Jiabala C040 Indica I Xizang SRR1239640
Huke3hao C043 Indica I Shanghai SRR1239643
Liusha1hao C058 Indica I Guangxi; China SRR1239658
Dongtingwanxian C060 Indica I Hunan SRR1239660
Hongwan1hao C065 Indica Intermediate Fujian SRR1239665
Esiniu C073 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239673
Benbanggu-1 C076 Indica I Sichuan SRR1239676
Benbanggu-2 C077 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239677
Heidu4 C081 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239681
Hongainuo C098 Indica Intermediate Guangxi SRR1239698
WH099 C099 Indica Intermediate Guangxi SRR1239699
Xiangzaoxian7hao C113 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239713
Jiefangxian C125 Indica I Jiangxi SRR1239725
Liuyezhan C128 Indica I Hubei SRR1239728
Zegu C136 Indica I Guizhou SRR1239736
WH139 C139 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239739
Nanjing11 C151 Indica I Jiangsu SRR1239751
Erjiunan1hao C155 Indica I Zhejiang SRR1239755
ChaoyangyihaoB C156 Indica I Hunan SRR1239756
Guangluai15 C158 Indica I Guangxi SRR1239758
Nanjing11-2 C165 Indica I Jiangsu SRR1239765
Zhengxian232 C175 Indica Intermediate Jiangsu SRR1239775
Chenwan3hao C176 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239776
Wanlixian C180 Indica I Hunan SRR1239780
Leihuozhan C183 Indica I Anhui SRR1239783
Zaoxian240 C203 Indica I Anhui SRR1239803
Guang_Lu_Ai_4 CX114 Indica I China ERS470479
Yun_hui_72 CX115 Indica Intermediate China ERS470480
Yetuozai_ CX118 Indica Intermediate China ERS470483
Padi_Siam_Kuning CX141 Indica III Malaysia ERS470505
Seberang CX147 Indica Intermediate None ERS470511
Zhongyouzao_81 CX221 Indica Intermediate China ERS470548
Khazar CX27 Indica III Iran ERS470582
Heiheaihui_ CX318 Indica Intermediate China ERS470616
None CX325 Indica Intermediate None
Baoxuan_21 CX328 Indica I China ERS470619
None CX486 Indica Intermediate None
Jiangxisimiao CX53 Indica Intermediate China ERS470703
None CX539 Indica I None
MR77(Seberang_) CX70 Indica Intermediate Malaysia ERS470723
Malaixizidao GP42 Indica I Malaysia ERR036646
Paddy_Musk_Healnaoi GP46 Indica I India ERR036650
Abang_Busur GP628 Indica III Indonesia ERR036871
Suweon_295 GP652 Indica II North Korea ERR036895
Aoyu-314 GP676 Indica I Japan ERR036919
Shanglanxiannuo-19 HP120 Indica I China ERR037149
Nuozhagu HP167 Indica I China ERR037195
Yanjing HP179 Indica Intermediate China ERR009626
Bayuenuo HP187 Indica I China ERR009463
Panyeqing HP193 Indica I China ERR009649
Sanlicun-6 HP194 Indica I China ERR009475
Shipishu HP199 Indica Intermediate China ERR009759
Shaozhimanzhong HP200 Indica I China ERR009903
Huazhan HP201 Indica Intermediate China ERR009721
Haiwu HP202 Indica I China ERR009816
baimizai HP209 Indica Intermediate China ERR009803
Xianshuichi HP216 Indica Intermediate China ERR009544
Anqinggu HP219 Indica I China ERR009537
Dabaizao HP221 Indica Intermediate China ERR009874
Qimei-1 HP222 Indica Intermediate China ERR009741
Dayaozhan HP224 Indica Intermediate China ERR009866
Zaodaxian HP226 Indica I China ERR009939
Dayezao HP236 Indica I China ERR009430
Yanshuichi HP240 Indica Intermediate China ERR009673
Wufenglengshuizhan HP247 Indica I China ERR009920
Yelicang HP253 Indica I China ERR009727
Gedadao HP257 Indica I China ERR009723
Caomaodan HP259 Indica I China ERR009681
Dabaihangu HP267 Indica I China ERR009679
Zaonuo-2 HP279 Indica I China ERR009773
Gouyingdu HP299 Indica I China ERR009774
Tieshannuo HP301 Indica I China ERR009945
Yanzhanzhong HP312 Indica I China ERR009506
Huanghuaxian HP318 Indica I China ERR009880
Dayezao HP322 Indica I China ERR009429
Hongbaizhanhangu HP328 Indica Intermediate China ERR009603
Tuanguzao HP334 Indica I China ERR009562
Erfuzao HP335 Indica I China ERR009890
Qitouhuang HP337 Indica I China ERR009629
Ribengu HP340 Indica I China ERR009498
Baihuazhan HP346 Indica Intermediate China ERR009671
Gouzaizhan HP350 Indica Intermediate China ERR009944
Aijiaozhong HP353 Indica Intermediate China ERR009674
Dajinggu HP357 Indica Intermediate China ERR009812
Xilanzhan HP361 Indica I China ERR009748
Bangbanggu HP362 Indica I China ERR009520
Yunnanbai HP374 Indica I China ERR009745
Shaowubai HP387 Indica I China ERR009838
Qingshandao HP393 Indica I China ERR009678
Jinkounuo HP395 Indica Intermediate China ERR009591
Gaicao HP410 Indica I China ERR009750
Hongzuigu HP412 Indica Intermediate China ERR009854
Baipigu HP415 Indica I China ERR009457
Dabaiwangu HP420 Indica I China ERR009466
Datouhuang HP438 Indica I China ERR009651
Liutiaozi HP440 Indica Intermediate China ERR009573
Dongzhouliu HP441 Indica I China ERR009822
Suanguzao HP442 Indica I China ERR009442
Wushizao HP448 Indica I China ERR009772
Gaicaozhan HP460 Indica I China ERR009940
Jiangxiwan HP476 Indica Intermediate China ERR009843
Qianjinzao HP478 Indica I China ERR009832
Paoliuzhan HP479 Indica I China ERR009574
Baimidongzhan HP481 Indica Intermediate China ERR009652
Xiangzhou-4 HP483 Indica I China ERR009842
Anhuihe HP485 Indica I China ERR009577
Jinzhan HP486 Indica I China ERR009600
Changjingchi HP524 Indica I China ERR009479
Hualuozhan HP526 Indica I China ERR009927
Chuangnuo-2 HP549 Indica I China ERR009888
Bayuehzhong HP557 Indica I China ERR009572
Lengshuima HP561 Indica I China ERR009869
Yangguzi-2 HP572 Indica I China ERR009912
Zaodao HP598 Indica I China ERR009770
Salamagu-1 HP603 Indica I China ERR009763
Guanghongba HP611 Indica Intermediate China ERR009568
Nanjing-6 HP991 Indica I China ERR037205
Zhefu-802 HP993 Indica I China ERR037207
Guangluai-4 HP999 Indica I China ERR009558
SAN_SHIH_TSI IRIS_313-10129 Indica I China ERS468157
MIN_ZAO_6 IRIS_313-10170 Indica I China ERS468166
DA_GANG_ZHAN IRIS_313-10177 Indica Intermediate China ERS468168
MIN_KE_ZHAN IRIS_313-10191 Indica Intermediate China ERS468173
BAI_HE IRIS_313-10211 Indica I China ERS468175
LIU_XU IRIS_313-10239 Indica Intermediate China ERS468182
IR_63295-AC_209-7 IRIS_313-10361 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468198
HSIEH-DAU IRIS_313-10504 Indica I China ERS469381
TAICHUNG_WOO-GEN_2 IRIS_313-10515 Indica I China ERS469389
ARC_10905 IRIS_313-10675 Indica Intermediate India ERS469493
PADI_PULUT IRIS_313-10687 Indica III Malaysia ERS469504
BUJANG IRIS_313-10699 Indica III Malaysia ERS469514
KOUPENEDOU_KOUBOURY IRIS_313-10727 Indica III Senegal ERS469534
PUAK IRIS_313-10804 Indica III Indonesia ERS469643
ARC_10939 IRIS_313-10859 Indica Intermediate India ERS469662
KUOL_DAUN_THNONG IRIS_313-10905 Indica III Cambodia ERS469703
T.Q.QI._HAYUQBABA IRIS_313-10917 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469715
KHAO'_SIM IRIS_313-10928 Indica III Thailand ERS469727
BANDANG_BUNGKUAKLAN IRIS_313-10942 Indica III Indonesia ERS469741
IH_PEN_SHIM_MING IRIS_313-10968 Indica I Brazil ERS469770
KWANG-LU-AI_4 IRIS_313-11039 Indica I China ERS469838
Khao_non IRIS_313-11091 Indica III Laos ERS469886
THAKADE_THEEDAT IRIS_313-11145 Indica III Myanmar ERS469945
AC74 IRIS_313-11152 Indica I India ERS469953
T._KAUG_PAO IRIS_313-11157 Indica I China ERS469958
NAN-ERH-AI_5 IRIS_313-11158 Indica I China ERS469959
RUJAK_DANAN IRIS_313-11178 Indica III Indonesia ERS470024
TAMBA_PERAK IRIS_313-11181 Indica III Indonesia ERS470057
ADR52 IRIS_313-11252 Indica III India ERS470047
ARC_7056 IRIS_313-11255 Indica Intermediate India ERS470050
ARC_15505 IRIS_313-11281 Indica I India ERS470069
ARC_11397 IRIS_313-11295 Indica Intermediate India ERS470085
ARC_15097 IRIS_313-11303 Indica Intermediate India ERS470093
ARC_15385 IRIS_313-11306 Indica Intermediate India ERS470097
PADI_HITAM IRIS_313-11312 Indica III Indonesia ERS470103
RANTAT IRIS_313-11316 Indica III Indonesia ERS470108
13946(GUANG-QIU_15) IRIS_313-11422 Indica I China ERS470213
MACAPAGAL IRIS_313-11467 Indica III Philippines ERS468681
ADIALLO IRIS_313-11523 Indica III Senegal ERS468724
TUBMAN IRIS_313-11556 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468753
GENG_77-4 IRIS_313-11570 Indica Intermediate China ERS468764
SHAN_GU IRIS_313-11579 Indica I China ERS468773
NONE IRIS_313-11585 Indica Intermediate China ERS468777
WUA_PAN_LAK IRIS_313-11610 Indica III Thailand ERS468831
JIN_HUA_258 IRIS_313-11665 Indica I China ERS468842
E-NAWN_KHAO IRIS_313-11677 Indica III Thailand ERS468852
CHING-CH'UNG IRIS_313-11693 Indica Intermediate China ERS468868
CHING-LIU IRIS_313-11694 Indica Intermediate China ERS468869
SOSSOKA IRIS_313-11716 Indica III Guinea ERS468879
GUANG_QING_334 IRIS_313-11726 Indica Intermediate China ERS468889
MEI_LIU_ZAO_5 IRIS_313-11729 Indica Intermediate China ERS468892
QING_ZAO_3 IRIS_313-11732 Indica I China ERS468895
GAO_JIAO_YING_GAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-11748 Indica Intermediate China ERS468912
E_ZI_110 IRIS_313-11799 Indica I China ERS469024
FAN_WU IRIS_313-11801 Indica Intermediate China ERS468950
QUN_XUAN_ZAO IRIS_313-11804 Indica I China ERS468953
78_XUAN_WU IRIS_313-11806 Indica I China ERS468955
KHAOSAING IRIS_313-11817 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468967
KANDEKE_YAIGAITI IRIS_313-11830 Indica III Gambia ERS468981
BU_ZHI_MING IRIS_313-11853 Indica I China ERS469006
DONG_DU IRIS_313-11859 Indica I China ERS469012
HUO_QING IRIS_313-11865 Indica I China ERS469018
KE_SHU_BAI IRIS_313-11867 Indica I China ERS469020
NAN_JING_XIAO_DAO IRIS_313-11870 Indica I China ERS469023
AN_NAN_ZAO IRIS_313-11877 Indica I China ERS469029
BAI_RI_XIAN IRIS_313-11878 Indica I China ERS469030
TIAN_DAO_DAO IRIS_313-11884 Indica I China ERS469034
YANG_WAN_XIAN IRIS_313-11885 Indica I China ERS469035
HONG_MI_JIU_GONG_JI IRIS_313-11909 Indica I China ERS469052
YUN_NAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-11911 Indica I China ERS469054
MALOBA(DISSI_ROUGE) IRIS_313-11940 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469085
LIU_HE_XI_HE IRIS_313-11949 Indica I China ERS469094
XIA_HONG_GU IRIS_313-11954 Indica I China ERS469099
GUANG_XUAN_LIU_HAO IRIS_313-11965 Indica I China ERS469111
ZHAO_DAN_AI IRIS_313-11968 Indica I China ERS469114
NKUMBAN_NDINGO IRIS_313-11974 Indica III Liberia ERS469119
HSINCHU_AI_CHIO_CHIENG IRIS_313-11980 Indica I China ERS469136
LI_TOU_ZHAN IRIS_313-11985 Indica Intermediate China ERS469181
LIANG_GUANG IRIS_313-11986 Indica I China ERS469191
DAMNOEUB_KAUN_KHMOM IRIS_313-11998 Indica III Cambodia ERS469137
YAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-12010 Indica I China ERS469148
ACEH(SELECTION) IRIS_313-12027 Indica III Indonesia ERS469160
KUJAM_KURIT IRIS_313-12046 Indica III Indonesia ERS469178
AM_BEUS IRIS_313-12146 Indica III Cambodia ERS469237
DAMNOUEB_PHDAU_PEN IRIS_313-12249 Indica III Cambodia ERS469280
NGWE-TOE-KYE IRIS_313-12288 Indica III Myanmar ERS469306
EMAHTAKYAN IRIS_313-12292 Indica III Myanmar ERS469310
SABALINE IRIS_313-12296 Indica III Myanmar ERS469311
ARC_15091 IRIS_313-8332 Indica Intermediate India ERS468208
CHANG_LE_SAN_SHU_ZAO IRIS_313-8433 Indica I China ERS467939
AC13(T_141) IRIS_313-8606 Indica III None ERS468213
PAI_YI_PING IRIS_313-8645 Indica I China ERS467960
KOLITONDO IRIS_313-8681 Indica III Guinea ERS468253
KHAO_PRAHJIN IRIS_313-8702 Indica III Thailand ERS468255
LU_MAO_ZHAN IRIS_313-8889 Indica Intermediate China ERS467984
RADEN_KARAMUNTING IRIS_313-8956 Indica III Indonesia ERS467999
ARC_18112 IRIS_313-8982 Indica Intermediate India ERS468004
PAI-CHUEH-CHIU-LIU IRIS_313-9065 Indica I China ERS468016
JANDA_LAOR IRIS_313-9251 Indica III Indonesia ERS468043
YONG_JIN_ZAO_3 IRIS_313-9253 Indica I China ERS468044
ARC_10799 IRIS_313-9313 Indica Intermediate India ERS468055
CHIH_SHEN_LI IRIS_313-9324 Indica I China ERS468058
WI-BIR-SHUN IRIS_313-9372 Indica I China ERS468063
ASU IRIS_313-9572 Indica Intermediate Bhutan ERS468088
ARC_10594 IRIS_313-9609 Indica Intermediate India ERS468097
TAITUNG_WOO-LI IRIS_313-9705 Indica I China ERS468105
BA_SHI_ZAO IRIS_313-9730 Indica I China ERS468111
I-KUNG-PAO IRIS_313-9758 Indica I China ERS468113
SSANGDUJO IRIS_313-9976 Indica I Korea ERS468136
Mayang_Khang W001 Indica I Indonesia SRR1239804
TD_70 W133 Indica Intermediate Thailand SRR1239936
Ao_Chiu_2_Hao W144 Indica I China SRR1239947
Manawthukha W178 Indica III Philippines SRR1239981
Heiheaihui W200 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240003
Jiangxisimiao W201 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1240004
Laohudao W202 Indica Intermediate Zhejiang SRR1240005
MR77_(seberang) W221 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1240024
TGMS29 W240 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240043
RUSTYLATE/Zhong_413 W246 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240049
Bintapan W262 Indica I Philippines SRR1240065
IR65600-27-1-2-2 W269 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1240072
Er_chiu_ching W274 Indica I China SRR1240077
Ma_ba_you_zhan W282 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240085