The list of cultivars for vg0528462620 with genotype A in the Indica III population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
None CX186 Indica III None
ADT22 IRIS_313-10519 Indica III India ERS469393
VELLAI_KOLOMBAN IRIS_313-10719 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469525
DONRADAO IRIS_313-11411 Indica III Brazil ERS470203
NS199 IRIS_313-11761 Indica III Ivory Coast ERS468925
MENALAVA IRIS_313-12278 Indica III Madagascar ERS469295
POKKALI IRIS_313-8244 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS467834
ROPA IRIS_313-8704 Indica III India ERS467966
T_315 IRIS_313-8727 Indica III India ERS468260
KALU_ILANKALAYAN IRIS_313-8968 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS468002
MUTTU_SAMBA IRIS_313-9039 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS467824
BADAL_1163 IRIS_313-9148 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468030
SOLOMON_RED_RICE IRIS_313-9944 Indica III Solomon Islands ERS468297