The list of cultivars for vg0501528934 with genotype C in the Intermediate population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Ginga CX112 Intermediate Japan ERS470477
IR47686-4-4-B-1 CX242 Intermediate Philippines ERS470566
SUKAMANDI_1005 IRIS_313-10522 Intermediate Indonesia ERS469407
ANDEL_WELUT IRIS_313-10738 Intermediate Indonesia ERS469546
GASMAL_339 IRIS_313-11066 Intermediate Bangladesh ERS469868
PULUT_MERAH_2 IRIS_313-11591 Intermediate Malaysia ERS468780
FRAGRANCE IRIS_313-8184 Intermediate Italy ERS468528
POENOET_HITAM IRIS_313-8324 Intermediate Indonesia ERS467801
WANGKOD IRIS_313-9187 Intermediate Malaysia ERS467852
SML_ACORNI IRIS_313-9464 Intermediate Suriname ERS467904
E-LONG_MAH IRIS_313-9600 Intermediate Thailand ERS468093
CIWINI_SML IRIS_313-9939 Intermediate Suriname ERS467768
A_152 W079 Intermediate Bangladesh SRR1239882
Ginga W261 Intermediate Japan SRR1240064
CPSLO_17 W304 Intermediate United States SRR1240107