The list of cultivars for vg0501528934 with genotype T in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
CO_22 B011 Indica Intermediate India ERS470229
Sri_Lanka_1_ B013 Indica Intermediate Sri lanka ERS470231
Buleida_A-75 B019 Indica Intermediate Mexico ERS470237
Padi_Ladang_Ase_Polo_Komek B026 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470243
IR_10179-23-1-3 B028 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470245
Dumai B029 Indica II India ERS470246
IRAT_10 B039 Indica II Ivory Coast ERS470256
K_24 B040 Indica Intermediate Uganda ERS470257
CISOKAN B048 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470263
Aijiaonante B060 Indica I China ERS470274
Nantehao_ B062 Indica I China ERS470276
Xiangzaoxian_7 B064 Indica Intermediate China ERS470278
Huangsiguizhan B065 Indica Intermediate China ERS470279
Qiuqianbai_ B072 Indica I China ERS470286
Esiniu_ B079 Indica I China ERS470292
Xiaohonggu B091 Indica Intermediate China ERS470303
Gongju_73 B092 Indica I China ERS470304
Qitougu B093 Indica I China ERS470305
Guangluai_15-1 B119 Indica I China ERS470329
Zaoshuxiangheimi B123 Indica Intermediate China ERS470333
Xiangwanxian_3__ B125 Indica Intermediate China ERS470335
Sibeitizhao_6 B128 Indica Intermediate China ERS470338
80B B137 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470347
Qingsiai_16B B153 Indica Intermediate China ERS470363
Taizhongzailai_1/taizhong65 B159 Indica Intermediate China ERS470369
BRC_25-146-2-1 B176 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470383
P1790-5-1M-4-5M-1B-3M-B B180 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS470385
None B186 Indica Intermediate None
RP_1570-44-1 B187 Indica Intermediate India ERS470391
Jinyou_1 B200 Indica II China ERS470404
Baoxie_123B B202 Indica Intermediate China ERS470406
Nanxiongzaoyouzhan B210 Indica I China ERS470412
Xuanenchangtanqingzhan B214 Indica II China ERS470415
Beizinuo_ B222 Indica I China ERS470422
Xiangaizao_10hao B232 Indica II China ERS470431
Xiangdao_ B244 Indica I China ERS470442
Jinnante_B B247 Indica Intermediate China ERS470445
MOROBEREKAN C009 Indica Intermediate United States SRR1239609
MILYANG_23 C011 Indica II Taiwan SRR1239611
Qingsiai16B C025 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239625
Xiangwanxian3hao C046 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239646
Taizhongxianxuan2 C068 Indica II Taiwan SRR1239668
Nangaogu-2 C088 Indica I Jiangsu SRR1239688
Xiaohonggu C095 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239695
Xiangzaoxian7hao C113 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239713
80B C114 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239714
WH115 C115 Indica II Hunan SRR1239715
Nangaogu-1 C141 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239741
Qitougu C143 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239743
Zhengxian232 C175 Indica Intermediate Jiangsu SRR1239775
Xiangdao C190 Indica I Henan SRR1239790
Beizinuo C199 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239799
Rubio CX103 Indica Intermediate Peru ERS470468
Ziri CX108 Indica Intermediate India ERS470472
Guang122 CX121 Indica II China ERS470487
CAOZHAO-2 CX125 Indica II China ERS470491
CHIPDA CX130 Indica III India ERS470496
Co43 CX146 Indica Intermediate India ERS470510
Jalmagna CX153 Indica III India ERS470518
W1263 CX160 Indica Intermediate India ERS470525
Yuexiangzhan_ CX17 Indica Intermediate China ERS470529
None CX176 Indica II None
Zaoxian_14 CX18 Indica Intermediate China ERS470530
None CX183 Indica II None
None CX184 Indica Intermediate None
Zhong_413 CX19 Indica Intermediate China ERS470532
None CX191 Indica II None
None CX196 Indica Intermediate None
None CX215 Indica II None
None CX216 Indica II None
FL478 CX219 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470545
None CX222 Indica Intermediate None
IR77298-14-1-2 CX225 Indica II Philippines ERS470549
IR06G113 CX226 Indica II Philippines ERS470550
IR64-IL CX230 Indica II China ERS470554
TKM_9 CX24 Indica Intermediate India ERS470563
None CX256 Indica Intermediate None
Amol3(Sana) CX26 Indica II Iran ERS470574
IET1444 CX267 Indica Intermediate India ERS470579
ARROZVERMELHO CX268 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470580
Khazar CX27 Indica III Iran ERS470582
IR8192-200-3-3-1-1 CX276 Indica II Philippines ERS470587
Gayabyeo CX28 Indica II Korea ERS470590
None CX294 Indica II None
MR185 CX30 Indica II Malaysia ERS470604
ZH5 CX305 Indica II China ERS470607
Hnankar CX31 Indica II Myanmar ERS470610
None CX312 Indica II None
Heiheaihui_ CX318 Indica Intermediate China ERS470616
Baoxuan_21 CX328 Indica I China ERS470619
None CX339 Indica I None
Hua_564 CX340 Indica II China ERS470624
SAGC??4 CX346 Indica Intermediate China ERS470630
SAGC??7 CX347 Indica II China ERS470631
Zhonghua_1__ CX348 Indica II China ERS470632
Bg_94-1 CX35 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS470634
PSBRC82 CX358 Indica II Philippines ERS470643
G341 CX361 Indica II None ERS470646
Ganwanxian_37_(926) CX366 Indica II China ERS470651
OM997 CX37 Indica II Vietnam ERS470655
NERICA-L-1 CX375 Indica II Africa ERS470661
NERICA-L-27 CX377 Indica II Africa ERS470663
Huhan_15 CX378 Indica II China ERS470664
Nionoka CX379 Indica II Mali ERS470665
Adny_11 CX381 Indica II None ERS470667
NPT-100 CX385 Indica II China ERS470671
KR200 CX388 Indica II Thailand ERS470674
Yuelianggu CX390 Indica I China ERS470676
Molizhanxuan CX394 Indica II China ERS470680
93072 CX4 Indica Intermediate China ERS470685
IR64a CX403 Indica II Philippines ERS470689
IR68552-55-3-2 CX42 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470690
IR66897B CX43 Indica II Philippines ERS470691
None CX436 Indica Intermediate None
IR58025B CX44 Indica II Philippines ERS470693
None CX442 Indica II None
None CX444 Indica II None
None CX452 Indica Intermediate None
None CX455 Indica Intermediate None
None CX461 Indica Intermediate None
None CX469 Indica II None
None CX475 Indica II None
None CX478 Indica Intermediate None
None CX487 Indica Intermediate None
None CX488 Indica II None
None CX490 Indica Intermediate None
108S CX5 Indica II China ERS470699
None CX505 Indica II None
None CX507 Indica II None
None CX509 Indica Intermediate None
Babaomi CX51 Indica Intermediate China ERS470701
None CX510 Indica II None
None CX511 Indica II None
None CX514 Indica Intermediate None
None CX538 Indica II None
RR2-6 CX542 Indica II China ERS470706
None CX561 Indica II None ERS804465
Basmati CX60 Indica II India ERS470714
At354 CX75 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS470728
BG304 CX76 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS470729
C70 CX86 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470739
Q5 CX87 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470740
M202 CX89 Indica II United States ERS470742
Fengaizhan CX9 Indica II China ERS470743
Govind CX91 Indica II India ERS470745
UPR_191-66 CX92 Indica II India ERS470746
IR_11297-158-1-1 GP101 Indica II IRRI ERR036705
IR_13240-10-1 GP102 Indica II IRRI ERR036706
IR30 GP11 Indica II Philippine ERR036615
IR_2006-P12-12-2-R GP111 Indica II IRRI ERR036715
Lebonot GP115 Indica Intermediate US ERR036717
IR_39 GP12 Indica II IRRI ERR036616
IR_9129-136-2 GP121 Indica II IRRI ERR036723
IR_9828-94-3 GP123 Indica II IRRI ERR036725
Cs_2 GP125 Indica Intermediate Ivory Coast ERR036727
IR_21929-12-3-3 GP127 Indica II IRRI ERR036729
RNR_74802 GP128 Indica Intermediate India ERR036730
IR_11248-23-3-2 GP129 Indica II IRRI ERR036731
BG_367-4 GP131 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERR036733
IR_9752-71-3-2 GP132 Indica II IRRI ERR036734
Miyang-23 GP134 Indica II North Korea ERR036735
Suweon_290 GP137 Indica II North Korea ERR036738
IR_15685-2-2-2-3 GP138 Indica II IRRI ERR036739
IR25588-7-3-1 GP139 Indica II IRRI ERR036740
C_1252-9 GP143 Indica II Philippine ERR036744
IR_1561-228-3-3 GP15 Indica II IRRI ERR036619
IR_2070-796-1-4-3 GP19 Indica II IRRI ERR036623
IR_2071-124-6-4 GP20 Indica II IRRI ERR036624
IR_2307-84-2-1-2 GP21 Indica II IRRI ERR036625
IR_3456-21-1-1 GP23 Indica II IRRI ERR036627
IR_3941-25-1 GP24 Indica II IRRI ERR036628
IR_4215-409-2-3 GP25 Indica II IRRI ERR036629
IR_4409-65-3 GP27 Indica II IRRI ERR036631
IR_5311-46-3 GP31 Indica II IRRI ERR036635
Hr_33 GP37 Indica Intermediate Philippine ERR036641
Jeh_San_Ned GP45 Indica I India ERR036649
Mudo GP539 Indica Intermediate India ERR036787
Kbarai_Ganja GP540 Indica Intermediate Pakistan ERR036788
IRAT_10 GP572 Indica II Ivory Coast ERR036820
ASD7 GP58 Indica Intermediate India ERR036662
CR_584-11-1-6 GP589 Indica Intermediate Egypt ERR036835
Tatsumi GP622 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036865
Nonglin-263 GP631 Indica II Japan ERR036874
Suweon_295 GP652 Indica II North Korea ERR036895
C_41(xuan) GP66 Indica I Vietnam ERR036670
IR_9095-258-2 GP71 Indica II IRRI ERR036675
IR_4707-123-3 GP73 Indica II IRRI ERR036677
Rojfotsy_1285 GP76 Indica II Madagascar ERR036680
IR_2003-P7-4-2 GP79 Indica II IRRI ERR036683
IR_4422-98-3-6-1 GP80 Indica II IRRI ERR036684
IEF_2911 GP83 Indica Intermediate India ERR036687
IR_9397-221-1-1 GP90 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036694
IR_10154-20-3-3 GP92 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036696
IR_10181-58-3-1 GP93 Indica II IRRI ERR036697
IR_8608-189-2-2-1-3 GP94 Indica II IRRI ERR036698
IR_9115-40-1-3 GP95 Indica II IRRI ERR036699
IR_9742-17-1 GP96 Indica II IRRI ERR036700
IR_8608-253-5-3-2 GP97 Indica II IRRI ERR036701
IR_9093-195-1 GP98 Indica II IRRI ERR036702
None GP99 Indica II IRRI ERR036703
Guanglong-1 HP149 Indica I China ERR037177
Shanlinwan HP176 Indica Intermediate China ERR009644
Yizhuai HP180 Indica Intermediate China ERR009689
Bayuenuo HP187 Indica I China ERR009463
Maweixian HP190 Indica I China ERR009865
Hongdounuo HP197 Indica Intermediate China ERR009653
Jiankenuo HP198 Indica Intermediate China ERR009672
Dabaizao HP221 Indica Intermediate China ERR009874
Jianongxianyu-36 HP227 Indica II China ERR009615
Tongzinuo HP245 Indica I China ERR009837
Dahangu-2 HP266 Indica I China ERR009737
Luanjiaohuangzhan HP268 Indica I China ERR009743
Guangkehongmixianzhan HP292 Indica I China ERR009481
Wangjiaxiangxiaohuangzhan HP313 Indica I China ERR009850
Xiangdao HP329 Indica I China ERR009432
Qitouhuang HP337 Indica I China ERR009629
Bodao HP339 Indica I China ERR009906
Huangdaozhan HP341 Indica III China ERR009613
Baimaguzi HP377 Indica I China ERR009454
Fengxiangzao HP435 Indica I China ERR009762
Zaowangzainuo HP495 Indica Intermediate China ERR009726
Hunuo HP497 Indica Intermediate China ERR009536
Jiangxizhan HP501 Indica I China ERR009663
Baikezao HP518 Indica I China ERR009431
Changjingchi HP524 Indica I China ERR009479
Wubaili HP531 Indica I China ERR009441
Xuzhan HP540 Indica I China ERR009697
Lengshuima HP561 Indica I China ERR009869
Hongmimagu-2 HP571 Indica I China ERR009581
Yanzhan HP577 Indica I China ERR009460
Mazhan-3 HP580 Indica I China ERR009648
Dahongjiao-3 HP597 Indica Intermediate China ERR009477
Nuodao HP601 Indica I China ERR009435
Haonuobi HP607 Indica Intermediate China ERR009594
Haonuobixian HP608 Indica Intermediate China ERR009709
CHAMA(DWARF) IRIS_313-10046 Indica II Zambia ERS468149
CAUVERY IRIS_313-10148 Indica Intermediate India ERS468160
IR_56 IRIS_313-10167 Indica II Philippines ERS468164
PSBRC68 IRIS_313-10235 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468179
PSBRC86 IRIS_313-10237 Indica II Philippines ERS468180
PSBRC88 IRIS_313-10238 Indica II Philippines ERS468181
ARAURE_1 IRIS_313-10289 Indica II Venezuela ERS467914
ELONI IRIS_313-10290 Indica II Suriname ERS467915
B_4414_F-MR-6-3 IRIS_313-10332 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468302
BR_5230-46-4 IRIS_313-10341 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS467920
CSR-89_IR-15 IRIS_313-10348 Indica Intermediate India ERS467921
IR_52718-B-B-6-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-10357 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468304
IR_53650-2B-10-1-2-1 IRIS_313-10359 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467844
IR_65483-111-5-9-2-11 IRIS_313-10366 Indica II Philippines ERS468199
IR_69502-6-SRN-3-UBN-1-B IRIS_313-10374 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468200
IR_75870-5-8-5-B-1 IRIS_313-10385 Indica II Philippines ERS468201
IR_77390-1-6-4-19-1-B IRIS_313-10392 Indica II Philippines ERS468305
IR_80340-23-B-12-6-B IRIS_313-10396 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468203
IRGA_318-11-6-9-2B IRIS_313-10397 Indica II Colombia ERS467924
IRGA_318-11-9-2A IRIS_313-10398 Indica II Colombia ERS468306
IRGA_370-42-1-1F-C-1 IRIS_313-10401 Indica II Colombia ERS468204
RR_272-17-829 IRIS_313-10412 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS467928
PACHCHAIPERUMAL_2462-11 IRIS_313-10476 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469371
ADT22 IRIS_313-10519 Indica III India ERS469393
ADT12 IRIS_313-10527 Indica Intermediate India ERS469450
BELLO IRIS_313-10542 Indica III India ERS469402
DONGREM IRIS_313-10544 Indica III India ERS469404
KOTHMALLI_KARUPPAN IRIS_313-10572 Indica III Nigeria ERS469430
NONE IRIS_313-10628 Indica III India ERS469462
Phou_sao_leum_nyang IRIS_313-10651 Indica III Laos ERS469471
Ka_saen IRIS_313-10654 Indica III Laos ERS469475
SAMBA IRIS_313-10661 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469481
KAHATAWEE IRIS_313-10662 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469482
ARC_7236 IRIS_313-10667 Indica III India ERS469486
Mak_nam IRIS_313-10680 Indica III Laos ERS469498
SUDU_KARAYAL IRIS_313-10715 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469595
MURUNGA IRIS_313-10716 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469606
PERIYA_VELLAI IRIS_313-10717 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469523
VELLAI_KOLOMBAN IRIS_313-10719 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469525
HEENDIKWEE IRIS_313-10720 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469526
PERUNEL_0-69-18 IRIS_313-10835 Indica Intermediate India ERS469638
VELLA_PERUVAZHA_0-68-12 IRIS_313-10836 Indica Intermediate India ERS469639
CO_36 IRIS_313-10988 Indica Intermediate India ERS469801
POONGAR IRIS_313-11041 Indica Intermediate India ERS469840
VELLAIKOTTAI IRIS_313-11042 Indica III India ERS469841
KHAO_MAK_KHAM IRIS_313-11074 Indica III Laos ERS469876
THAO_LOUANG IRIS_313-11081 Indica III Laos ERS469894
Ea_dam_hang_dok IRIS_313-11082 Indica III Laos ERS469905
Khao_hae IRIS_313-11085 Indica III Laos ERS469938
Mak_ea_nam IRIS_313-11095 Indica III Laos ERS469890
SAYAM IRIS_313-11110 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469907
KAL_SHULI IRIS_313-11113 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469910
IR_1813-694-2 IRIS_313-11122 Indica II Philippines ERS469920
KALAI IRIS_313-11131 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469930
TANBAUNG IRIS_313-11143 Indica III Myanmar ERS469943
SABRAN IRIS_313-11162 Indica II Indonesia ERS469964
K_17-9-1-1 IRIS_313-11197 Indica Intermediate India ERS469987
BR52-87-1 IRIS_313-11200 Indica Intermediate India ERS469990
VADAI IRIS_313-11209 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470000
BR116-3B-53 IRIS_313-11241 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470034
RP1153-20-14 IRIS_313-11247 Indica Intermediate India ERS470041
IR_4535-PP_23-6-8-1 IRIS_313-11249 Indica II Philippines ERS470043
ARC_15319 IRIS_313-11278 Indica Intermediate India ERS470066
ARC_15455 IRIS_313-11279 Indica III India ERS470067
ARC_18325 IRIS_313-11286 Indica Intermediate India ERS470075
ARC_14299 IRIS_313-11299 Indica III India ERS470089
ARC_14709 IRIS_313-11300 Indica III India ERS470090
BLM70 IRIS_313-11325 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470118
INANUPAN IRIS_313-11335 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470127
CR579-1-3 IRIS_313-11357 Indica II India ERS470151
KALIKALMA IRIS_313-11361 Indica III India ERS470155
SACHI IRIS_313-11370 Indica III India ERS470163
SUFALDHULA IRIS_313-11372 Indica III India ERS470165
SAHM_RUANG_NAK IRIS_313-11387 Indica III Thailand ERS470179
CHITRAKALI IRIS_313-11408 Indica III India ERS470200
KARUNJEERAGA_SAMBA IRIS_313-11414 Indica Intermediate India ERS470205
MUTHA_SAMBA IRIS_313-11419 Indica III India ERS470210
PISINI IRIS_313-11420 Indica III India ERS470211
MR136-1 IRIS_313-11433 Indica Intermediate India ERS468650
LALDIGHA IRIS_313-11487 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468698
K_15591-4 IRIS_313-11506 Indica III India ERS468714
GENG_77-4 IRIS_313-11570 Indica Intermediate China ERS468764
BHATA_PYAGI IRIS_313-11597 Indica III India ERS468784
JUGRAY IRIS_313-11599 Indica III India ERS468786
KOTODESHI IRIS_313-11600 Indica III India ERS468787
UPRH265 IRIS_313-11621 Indica Intermediate India ERS468799
GAM_PERNG IRIS_313-11635 Indica III Thailand ERS468812
NCS349 IRIS_313-11639 Indica Intermediate India ERS468815
NCS458 IRIS_313-11640 Indica III India ERS468816
NCS477 IRIS_313-11641 Indica III India ERS468817
NCS599 IRIS_313-11642 Indica III India ERS468818
NCS745 IRIS_313-11644 Indica Intermediate India ERS468820
NCS830 IRIS_313-11648 Indica III India ERS468825
B_3913_B_16-20_ST_28 IRIS_313-11656 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468833
JIN_HUA_258 IRIS_313-11665 Indica I China ERS468842
NONE IRIS_313-11669 Indica I China ERS468846
KHAO'_PAWM IRIS_313-11681 Indica III Thailand ERS468856
SA_GAE IRIS_313-11687 Indica III Thailand ERS468862
DAW_NOK_KAEN IRIS_313-11700 Indica III Thailand ERS468881
BAHN_DAENG IRIS_313-11704 Indica III Thailand ERS468921
CHAMPION IRIS_313-11714 Indica Intermediate Guyana ERS468878
SOSSOKA IRIS_313-11716 Indica III Guinea ERS468879
PAUNDRI IRIS_313-11738 Indica III India ERS468902
HERATH_BANDA IRIS_313-11741 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468905
VARY_LAVA_DE_BOLOGNE IRIS_313-11767 Indica III Madagascar ERS468931
MBEIMBEIHUN IRIS_313-11784 Indica II Sierra Leone ERS468940
KHAOSAING IRIS_313-11817 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468967
19 IRIS_313-11821 Indica III India ERS468972
BHONDU_PAREWA IRIS_313-11822 Indica III India ERS468973
DHANIYA_PHOOL IRIS_313-11824 Indica III India ERS468975
LEUM_DERN IRIS_313-11838 Indica III Thailand ERS468990
NIAW_NARAI IRIS_313-11841 Indica III Thailand ERS468994
IR_4683-54-2 IRIS_313-11886 Indica II Philippines ERS469046
MUDALIGA_WEE IRIS_313-11916 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469060
DILBAKSH IRIS_313-11918 Indica III India ERS469062
LAKHA_KUAR IRIS_313-11919 Indica III India ERS469063
PORONG IRIS_313-11960 Indica II Indonesia ERS469105
IR_19661-364-1-2-3 IRIS_313-11979 Indica II Philippines ERS469125
RAUSRR_4 IRIS_313-12013 Indica III India ERS469151
SHAN_KAUK_HNYIN IRIS_313-12050 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469183
NONE IRIS_313-12067 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469198
ARITH IRIS_313-12109 Indica III Cambodia ERS469216
PERUBAK_LUEY IRIS_313-12135 Indica II Malaysia ERS469229
EA_LOUY IRIS_313-12221 Indica III Laos ERS469261
TAM IRIS_313-12229 Indica III Laos ERS469268
TE_SAN_AI_2 IRIS_313-12232 Indica Intermediate China ERS469270
BANGKOUY IRIS_313-12246 Indica III Cambodia ERS469278
MAYATAUNG IRIS_313-12268 Indica III Myanmar ERS469287
TOAM_JUM IRIS_313-12270 Indica III Myanmar ERS469289
Nasaeng IRIS_313-12354 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469354
FEDEARROZ_50 IRIS_313-15896 Indica II Colombia ERS467753
IR_45427-2B-2-2B-1-1 IRIS_313-15899 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467756
IR_77298-14-1-2-10 IRIS_313-15901 Indica II Philippines ERS467758
IR_77186-122-2-2-3 IRIS_313-15902 Indica II Philippines ERS467759
IR_1561-228-3-3 IRIS_313-7684 Indica II Philippines ERS468559
IR_19746-28-2-2 IRIS_313-7685 Indica II Philippines ERS468582
IR_22 IRIS_313-7688 Indica II Philippines ERS468560
IR_2307-247-2-2-3 IRIS_313-7689 Indica II Philippines ERS468576
SAHEL_108 IRIS_313-7766 Indica II Senegal ERS468591
TSIPALA_1231 IRIS_313-7792 Indica II Madagascar ERS468587
WAS_170-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-7807 Indica II Senegal ERS468569
WAS_173-B-B-6-2-2 IRIS_313-7808 Indica II Senegal ERS468552
WAS_203-B-B-2-4-1 IRIS_313-7819 Indica II Senegal ERS468558
WAS_206-B-B-2-2-1 IRIS_313-7820 Indica II Senegal ERS468588
WAS_21-B-B-20-4-3-3 IRIS_313-7824 Indica II Senegal ERS468583
WAS_63-22-5-9-10-1 IRIS_313-7832 Indica II Senegal ERS468550
POKKALI IRIS_313-8244 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS467834
CO_39 IRIS_313-8265 Indica Intermediate India ERS467874
SURMATIYA IRIS_313-8303 Indica III India ERS467931
LATA_MONA IRIS_313-8349 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467933
IR_2003-P7-7-4-2 IRIS_313-8392 Indica II Philippines ERS467937
PAH_WEAN IRIS_313-8474 Indica III Thailand ERS467946
ARC_11901 IRIS_313-8585 Indica III India ERS467952
RAJHUSAI(ACR12) IRIS_313-8614 Indica III India ERS467955
IR_5494_(BPH_1) IRIS_313-8616 Indica II Philippines ERS467956
PERUNEL IRIS_313-8647 Indica Intermediate India ERS467961
CO_19 IRIS_313-8657 Indica III India ERS468215
BAZAIL IRIS_313-8717 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467967
NIBARI IRIS_313-8731 Indica III India ERS467968
DUDH_KADAR IRIS_313-8796 Indica III India ERS467975
KUTTA IRIS_313-8924 Indica III India ERS467991
KALU_ILANKALAYAN IRIS_313-8968 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS468002
BANIKAT IRIS_313-8988 Indica III India ERS468007
KAM_PAI IRIS_313-9019 Indica III Thailand ERS468012
LEUANG_CHAIYAPHUM IRIS_313-9020 Indica III Thailand ERS468013
BADAL_1163 IRIS_313-9148 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468030
MAKRO IRIS_313-9258 Indica III India ERS468046
GAM_PAI_30-12-15 IRIS_313-9302 Indica III Thailand ERS468054
SADA_RUPA IRIS_313-9325 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS468059
PARA_NELLU IRIS_313-9351 Indica Intermediate India ERS467840
E_2024 IRIS_313-9482 Indica II China ERS468074
CHNNOR IRIS_313-9484 Indica III India ERS468075
NCS840 IRIS_313-9516 Indica Intermediate India ERS467912
RPW9-4(SS1) IRIS_313-9522 Indica Intermediate India ERS468079
RP9-4 IRIS_313-9566 Indica II India ERS468085
MAE_YEU IRIS_313-9575 Indica III Thailand ERS467886
RPA5929(K_45) IRIS_313-9604 Indica Intermediate India ERS468095
NAZIRA_SAIL IRIS_313-9696 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS467880
PODIWEE IRIS_313-9831 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468295
MODDAI_KARUPPAN IRIS_313-9862 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468122
CHANDINA IRIS_313-9917 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS468125
SOLOMON_RED_RICE IRIS_313-9944 Indica III Solomon Islands ERS468297
RACE_PERUMAL IRIS_313-9970 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS468135
Sapundali_Local W075 Indica Intermediate India SRR1239878
AMANE W101 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka SRR1239904
ARC_10633 W112 Indica III India SRR1239915
Shimla_Early W135 Indica Intermediate Iraq SRR1239938
CM1;_HAIPONG W137 Indica Intermediate Vietnam SRR1239940
GUYANE_1 W145 Indica Intermediate Chad SRR1239948
93072 W149 Indica Intermediate China SRR1239952
108S W150 Indica II Unknown SRR1239953
C418 W151 Indica II China SRR1239954
Fengaizhan W154 Indica II Guangdong SRR1239957
R644 W159 Indica II China SRR1239962
Yuexiangzhan W163 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239966
Zhong413 W165 Indica Intermediate Zhejiang SRR1239968
IR72 W169 Indica II Unknown SRR1239972
TKM9 W171 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239974
Gayabyeo W174 Indica II Korea SRR1239977
Milyang23 W176 Indica II Korea SRR1239979
MR185 W177 Indica II Malaysia SRR1239980
Shwe_Thwe_Yin_Hyv W179 Indica II Myanmar SRR1239982
CR203 W182 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1239985
OM997 W183 Indica II VietNam SRR1239986
PSB_RC_28 W184 Indica II Philippines SRR1239987
PSB_RC_66 W185 Indica II Philippines SRR1239988
TEQING W186 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239989
IR68552-55-3-2 W187 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239990
F6 W194 Indica II Japan SRR1239997
452 W195 Indica II Unknown SRR1239998
Ai-Zi-DAO W197 Indica II China SRR1240000
Babaomi W198 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240001
Basmati370 W211 Indica II Philippines SRR1240014
BG304 W224 Indica II Sri Lanka SRR1240027
C70 W233 Indica Intermediate Viet Nam SRR1240036
Q5 W234 Indica Intermediate Viet Nam SRR1240037
Govnd W237 Indica II Unknown SRR1240040
UPR191-66 W238 Indica II India SRR1240041
ASD18 W239 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240042
Ajaya W242 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240045
Pathma_wee W276 Indica III Sri Lanka SRR1240079
IR_2071-625-1-252 W291 Indica II Philippines SRR1240094
LEBONNET W295 Indica II United States SRR1240098
IR_36 W298 Indica II Philippines SRR1240101
IR_64 W301 Indica II Philippines SRR1240104
AGNO_(PSBRC28) W307 Indica II Philippines SRR1240110
BRRI_DHAN_29 W310 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh SRR1240113
CIGEULIS W312 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240115
OM_2517 W313 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240116
CIBOGO W315 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240118
CIHERANG W317 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240120
Lengshuinuo W322 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1240125