The list of cultivars for vg0322395432 with genotype A in the VI/Aromatic population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Khasar CX143 VI/Aromatic Iran ERS470507
SANNABATHA IRIS_313-10521 VI/Aromatic India ERS469399
ARC_11571 IRIS_313-10868 VI/Aromatic India ERS469671
BEGUNBICHI_33 IRIS_313-11062 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469863
BAJAL IRIS_313-11350 VI/Aromatic India ERS470143
KEYA_NUNIA IRIS_313-11362 VI/Aromatic India ERS470156
HALIDA IRIS_313-11564 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468759
JADO IRIS_313-11627 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468806
POHHERLIMASION IRIS_313-11630 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468809
SETO_JHINUWA IRIS_313-11632 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS468810
TAIPEI_167 IRIS_313-11698 VI/Aromatic China ERS468871
P_335 IRIS_313-11765 VI/Aromatic Liberia ERS468929
HIRA_NAKHI IRIS_313-11826 VI/Aromatic India ERS468977
KASHA IRIS_313-12094 VI/Aromatic Bangladesh ERS469210
CHHOTE_DHAN IRIS_313-8268 VI/Aromatic Nepal ERS467859
JC1 IRIS_313-8326 VI/Aromatic India ERS467814
JC149 IRIS_313-8385 VI/Aromatic India ERS467901
ARC_13829 IRIS_313-8712 VI/Aromatic India ERS467769
TIMMURAY IRIS_313-8765 VI/Aromatic Bhutan ERS467906
ARC_10497 IRIS_313-8813 VI/Aromatic India ERS467771
JC157 IRIS_313-9629 VI/Aromatic India ERS467773