The list of cultivars for vg0126344348 with genotype T in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
BRC_25-146-2-1 B176 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470383
None CX185 Indica II None
Chenghui_727 CX370 Indica II China ERS470656
None CX430 Indica II None
None CX444 Indica II None
Chenghui_448 CX8 Indica II China ERS470733
TOC-5430 IRIS_313-10054 Indica Intermediate Panama ERS468153
CT_9506-18-7-1T-2 IRIS_313-10300 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS467916
RUSTIC IRIS_313-10318 Indica Intermediate Guyana ERS468231
CAMPONI IRIS_313-10325 Indica Intermediate Suriname ERS468195
SML-CAMPONI IRIS_313-11253 Indica Intermediate Suriname ERS470048
MACAPAGAL IRIS_313-11467 Indica III Philippines ERS468681
R_762 IRIS_313-11808 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS468957
MADINIKA_1329 IRIS_313-7725 Indica III Madagascar ERS468555
KHAO_GRADOOK_CHAHNG IRIS_313-9032 Indica II Thailand ERS468015
AUS_177 IRIS_313-9066 Indica II Bangladesh ERS468017
SML_AWINI IRIS_313-9841 Indica Intermediate Suriname ERS468121
Chenghui448 W153 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239956