The list of cultivars for vg0126344348 with genotype G in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Malaihong_ B010 Indica I Malaysia ERS470228
CO_22 B011 Indica Intermediate India ERS470229
2037(Rajahamsal) B012 Indica Intermediate India ERS470230
Xianluosichi B024 Indica I Thailand ERS470241
Padi_Ladang_Ase_Polo_Komek B026 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470243
C_894-21 B027 Indica III Philippines ERS470244
Dumai B029 Indica II India ERS470246
IRAT_10 B039 Indica II Ivory Coast ERS470256
Santiannuo B044 Indica Intermediate Japan ERS470259
GZ_1368-5-4 B051 Indica Intermediate Egypt ERS470265
Erjiunan_1 B058 Indica II China ERS470272
Huangsiguizhan B065 Indica Intermediate China ERS470279
Qiuqianbai_ B072 Indica I China ERS470286
Esiniu_ B079 Indica I China ERS470292
Xugunuo B085 Indica Intermediate China ERS470297
Qitoubaigu3 B089 Indica Intermediate China ERS470301
Qitougu B093 Indica I China ERS470305
Zinuo B094 Indica I China ERS470306
Mowangguneiza B095 Indica III China ERS470307
Dawannuo B107 Indica Intermediate China ERS470317
Guangluai_15-1 B119 Indica I China ERS470329
Zaoshuxiangheimi B123 Indica Intermediate China ERS470333
Zaoxian_240 B126 Indica I China ERS470336
Sibeitizhao_6 B128 Indica Intermediate China ERS470338
Wanlixian B130 Indica I China ERS470340
Xiaobaimi B132 Indica Intermediate China ERS470342
L_301B B150 Indica I China ERS470360
G_Zhenshan_97B B156 Indica I China ERS470366
Lucaihao_ B208 Indica I China ERS470411
Fanhaopi_ B221 Indica I China ERS470421
Beizinuo_ B222 Indica I China ERS470422
Younian B224 Indica I China ERS470424
Menjiading_2 B229 Indica Intermediate China ERS470429
Jinghu3_B B254 Indica Intermediate China ERS470451
Mamagu_ B260 Indica I China ERS470455
Meihuanuo B261 Indica I China ERS470456
Qitoubaigu C078 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239678
Jiefangxian C125 Indica I Jiangxi SRR1239725
Qitougu C143 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239743
Younian C191 Indica I Guizhou SRR1239791
Gang_46B CX10 Indica I China ERS470464
Palung_2 CX100 Indica II Nepal ERS470465
Rubio CX103 Indica Intermediate Peru ERS470468
Huagengxian_74 CX12 Indica II China ERS470485
CHIPDA CX130 Indica III India ERS470496
Padi_Siam_Kuning CX141 Indica III Malaysia ERS470505
Cisadane CX152 Indica Intermediate None ERS470517
Shwe_War_Tun CX158 Indica III Vietnam ERS470523
SLG1 CX182 Indica Intermediate Japan ERS470531
BR11 CX2 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470533
None CX200 Indica II None
None CX203 Indica I None
Gaozi CX207 Indica Intermediate China ERS470537
Bg90-2 CX21 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS470538
IR77298-14-1-2 CX225 Indica II Philippines ERS470549
IRAT144 CX247 Indica II Indonesia ERS470568
Cisanggarung CX25 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470571
None CX253 Indica Intermediate None
None CX257 Indica I None
Khazar CX27 Indica III Iran ERS470582
IR34 CX275 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470586
Gayabyeo CX28 Indica II Korea ERS470590
IR68897B CX281 Indica II Philippines ERS470592
None CX289 Indica II None
D15 CX291 Indica II China ERS470601
None CX300 Indica II None
LX2007 CX303 Indica II China ERS470605
Baoxuan_21 CX328 Indica I China ERS470619
Wanxian_77 CX343 Indica II China ERS470627
Y075 CX360 Indica II None ERS470645
IRBB62 CX369 Indica II Philippines ERS470654
Huhan_15 CX378 Indica II China ERS470664
Nionoka CX379 Indica II Mali ERS470665
Adny_11 CX381 Indica II None ERS470667
NPT-114 CX386 Indica Intermediate China ERS470672
93072 CX4 Indica Intermediate China ERS470685
IR64a CX403 Indica II Philippines ERS470689
None CX438 Indica II None
None CX450 Indica I None
None CX458 Indica I None
None CX459 Indica I None
None CX461 Indica Intermediate None
None CX462 Indica II None
None CX464 Indica Intermediate None
None CX474 Indica Intermediate None
None CX477 Indica II None
PT60 CX48 Indica II China ERS470697
None CX482 Indica II None
None CX483 Indica II None
None CX484 Indica II None
108S CX5 Indica II China ERS470699
None CX509 Indica Intermediate None
Babaomi CX51 Indica Intermediate China ERS470701
None CX510 Indica II None
None CX512 Indica II None
None CX550 Indica Intermediate None
None CX554 Indica I None
MR106 CX68 Indica Intermediate Malaysia ERS470721
IR6 CX73 Indica II Philippines ERS470726
X21 CX82 Indica II Vietnam ERS470735
X23 CX84 Indica II Vietnam ERS470737
M202 CX89 Indica II United States ERS470742
UPR_191-66 CX92 Indica II India ERS470746
TGMS29 CX93 Indica Intermediate India ERS470747
Doddabyranella CX98 Indica Intermediate India ERS470751
Hr_33 GP37 Indica Intermediate Philippine ERR036641
Eei-eciet GP44 Indica Intermediate India ERR036648
Huihuinuo HP164 Indica Intermediate China ERR037192
Shanlinwan HP176 Indica Intermediate China ERR009644
Bayuenuo HP187 Indica I China ERR009463
Maweixian HP190 Indica I China ERR009865
Hongdounuo HP197 Indica Intermediate China ERR009653
Yanshuichi HP240 Indica Intermediate China ERR009673
Tongzinuo HP245 Indica I China ERR009837
Changainuo HP250 Indica I China ERR009844
Changruangu HP264 Indica Intermediate China ERR009909
Wangu HP270 Indica I China ERR009660
Fennuo HP273 Indica I China ERR009553
Honghandao-2 HP305 Indica Intermediate China ERR009595
Aijiaozhong HP353 Indica Intermediate China ERR009674
Guihuanuo HP383 Indica I China ERR009534
Datouhuang HP438 Indica I China ERR009651
Heiqunzhan HP451 Indica I China ERR009825
Makedao HP461 Indica I China ERR009472
Baizaogu HP480 Indica I China ERR009943
Zaowangzainuo HP495 Indica Intermediate China ERR009726
Hunuo HP497 Indica Intermediate China ERR009536
Baikezao HP518 Indica I China ERR009431
Baimiwujuzhan HP542 Indica I China ERR009557
Changmaozhan HP545 Indica I China ERR009922
Xiaomanggu HP546 Indica I China ERR009729
Shuilanzhanhongmi HP576 Indica I China ERR009560
Qingganzhan HP578 Indica I China ERR009701
Zaobaigu HP579 Indica I China ERR009550
Mazhan-3 HP580 Indica I China ERR009648
Xiaohongzhan HP581 Indica I China ERR009630
Hongjiaoguang HP584 Indica I China ERR009484
Dahongjiao-3 HP597 Indica Intermediate China ERR009477
Salamagu-1 HP603 Indica I China ERR009763
Haonuobi HP607 Indica Intermediate China ERR009594
LALKA(LAL_DHAN) IRIS_313-10010 Indica III Fiji ERS468142
RIZ_INDETERMINE IRIS_313-10034 Indica Intermediate Niger ERS468146
MILYANG_77 IRIS_313-10040 Indica II Korea ERS467842
EX_MARABA-GURUKU IRIS_313-10047 Indica I Nigeria ERS468150
MOVE(MOKOLE) IRIS_313-10048 Indica III Benin ERS468151
IR_56 IRIS_313-10167 Indica II Philippines ERS468164
PSBRC50 IRIS_313-10234 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468178
PSBRC86 IRIS_313-10237 Indica II Philippines ERS468180
PSBRC88 IRIS_313-10238 Indica II Philippines ERS468181
IRGA_959-1-2-2F-4-1-4A-6-CA-6X IRIS_313-10301 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS468192
INIAP_6 IRIS_313-10307 Indica Intermediate Ecuador ERS468193
CSR-89_IR-15 IRIS_313-10348 Indica Intermediate India ERS467921
IR_57514-PMI_5-B-1-2 IRIS_313-10360 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468233
IRGA_659-1-2-2-2 IRIS_313-10403 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS467926
UPR_1201-1-20-1 IRIS_313-10417 Indica II India ERS467929
PACHCHAIPERUMAL_2462-11 IRIS_313-10476 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469371
HSIEH-DAU IRIS_313-10504 Indica I China ERS469381
AMBARIKORI IRIS_313-10509 Indica III Africa ERS469384
ADT22 IRIS_313-10519 Indica III India ERS469393
BANDANG_PUTIH_680 IRIS_313-10525 Indica III Indonesia ERS469437
BELLO IRIS_313-10542 Indica III India ERS469402
KOTHMALLI_KARUPPAN IRIS_313-10572 Indica III Nigeria ERS469430
KAILUNDO IRIS_313-10574 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469432
KAYANGYA_D_402 IRIS_313-10575 Indica III Myanmar ERS469433
HAM_MOON IRIS_313-10614 Indica Intermediate China ERS469460
SAMBA IRIS_313-10661 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469481
KAHATAWEE IRIS_313-10662 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469482
ARC_10905 IRIS_313-10675 Indica Intermediate India ERS469493
PADI_PULUT IRIS_313-10687 Indica III Malaysia ERS469504
ANAK_CHINA IRIS_313-10706 Indica III Malaysia ERS469521
ANAK_DIDEK IRIS_313-10707 Indica III Malaysia ERS469522
MURUNGA IRIS_313-10716 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469606
MOND-BA IRIS_313-10723 Indica III Senegal ERS469529
KOUPENEDOU_KOUBOURY IRIS_313-10727 Indica III Senegal ERS469534
TRANG_LUA IRIS_313-10750 Indica III Vietnam ERS469559
ATJEH IRIS_313-10760 Indica III Indonesia ERS469570
KENTJANA_MAHANG IRIS_313-10778 Indica III Indonesia ERS469586
KETAN_URANG IRIS_313-10786 Indica III Indonesia ERS469594
KWATIK_PUTIH IRIS_313-10787 Indica III Indonesia ERS469596
SERUNEN IRIS_313-10812 Indica III Indonesia ERS469614
SIAM_BARABAI IRIS_313-10813 Indica III Indonesia ERS469615
TJERE_MANGGA IRIS_313-10820 Indica III Indonesia ERS469623
HOING_CANTEL IRIS_313-10824 Indica III Indonesia ERS469627
KEMA_5 IRIS_313-10825 Indica III None ERS469628
PERUNEL_0-69-18 IRIS_313-10835 Indica Intermediate India ERS469638
VELLA_PERUVAZHA_0-68-12 IRIS_313-10836 Indica Intermediate India ERS469639
LUBUK_LINGGAU IRIS_313-10842 Indica III Indonesia ERS469646
NONE IRIS_313-10844 Indica III Indonesia ERS469647
ARC_10825 IRIS_313-10857 Indica Intermediate India ERS469660
ARC_10894 IRIS_313-10858 Indica Intermediate India ERS469661
ARC_12124 IRIS_313-10879 Indica Intermediate India ERS469683
ARC_12180 IRIS_313-10880 Indica III India ERS469685
ARC_13204 IRIS_313-10894 Indica Intermediate India ERS469700
DAMNOEUB_POR_HING IRIS_313-10900 Indica III Cambodia ERS469764
KUOL_DAUN_THNONG IRIS_313-10905 Indica III Cambodia ERS469703
T.Q.QI._HAYUQBABA IRIS_313-10917 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469715
Khao_phae_hom IRIS_313-10921 Indica III Laos ERS469719
CHINA_1039_MUTANT(DWARF) IRIS_313-10932 Indica I China ERS469731
SIPULUT_SUBANG IRIS_313-10944 Indica III Indonesia ERS469744
PADI_GRUNDUL_1 IRIS_313-10954 Indica III Indonesia ERS469755
PADI_PUYUH IRIS_313-10955 Indica III Indonesia ERS469756
TERUNG_DAUN IRIS_313-10962 Indica III Indonesia ERS469763
HURANG_ARISO_LUTA IRIS_313-10966 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS469768
BADAL IRIS_313-10971 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469773
KAMRANGA IRIS_313-10974 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469777
MATI_CHAL IRIS_313-10977 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469780
PULUT_PUTIH IRIS_313-11010 Indica III Indonesia ERS469806
SUNAR IRIS_313-11011 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469807
BENGKA_KERSEK IRIS_313-11043 Indica III Malaysia ERS469842
Lai_nok_kha IRIS_313-11076 Indica III Laos ERS469879
Ea_tia IRIS_313-11083 Indica III Laos ERS469916
Khao_hae IRIS_313-11085 Indica III Laos ERS469938
SRAU_THMOR IRIS_313-11089 Indica III Cambodia ERS469884
KALAGNON IRIS_313-11097 Indica III Philippines ERS469892
KOLUBA IRIS_313-11098 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469893
BIRUI_SAIL IRIS_313-11114 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469911
IR_1813-694-2 IRIS_313-11122 Indica II Philippines ERS469920
ANBAW IRIS_313-11126 Indica III Myanmar ERS469924
KALAI IRIS_313-11131 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469930
SHWENI IRIS_313-11141 Indica III Myanmar ERS469941
TYB11 IRIS_313-11147 Indica III Myanmar ERS469947
YEBAW IRIS_313-11148 Indica III Myanmar ERS469948
NONE IRIS_313-11151 Indica III Myanmar ERS469952
NONE IRIS_313-11160 Indica III Liberia ERS469962
BENA_JHUPI IRIS_313-11165 Indica Intermediate India ERS469967
DUBRAJ IRIS_313-11167 Indica III India ERS469969
TAMBA_PERAK IRIS_313-11181 Indica III Indonesia ERS470057
CEMPO_CINA IRIS_313-11182 Indica III Indonesia ERS469977
KAZALSAIL IRIS_313-11205 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469996
VADAI IRIS_313-11209 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470000
KALOBONA IRIS_313-11212 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470004
CHITRAJ_14-134 IRIS_313-11220 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470011
PATNAI_31-679 IRIS_313-11224 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470016
SADAJIRA_19-339 IRIS_313-11228 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470020
STRAW_23-428 IRIS_313-11229 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470021
STRAW_23-438 IRIS_313-11230 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470022
STRAW_23-471 IRIS_313-11231 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470023
LIGUNGTUNG IRIS_313-11234 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470027
CR157-392-4 IRIS_313-11240 Indica Intermediate India ERS470033
OR117-8 IRIS_313-11242 Indica III India ERS470036
RP1153-20-14 IRIS_313-11247 Indica Intermediate India ERS470041
IR_4535-PP_23-6-8-1 IRIS_313-11249 Indica II Philippines ERS470043
ADR52 IRIS_313-11252 Indica III India ERS470047
ARC_12411 IRIS_313-11256 Indica Intermediate India ERS470051
ARC_13888_BROWN_SPOTS_ON_STRAW IRIS_313-11262 Indica III India ERS470058
ARC_13934 IRIS_313-11264 Indica III India ERS470060
ARC_14347 IRIS_313-11266 Indica III India ERS470062
ARC_14632 IRIS_313-11269 Indica Intermediate India ERS470095
ARC_14860 IRIS_313-11273 Indica Intermediate India ERS470137
ARC_14975 IRIS_313-11275 Indica Intermediate India ERS470063
ARC_18064 IRIS_313-11285 Indica III India ERS470074
ARC_10120 IRIS_313-11292 Indica III India ERS470081
ARC_14299 IRIS_313-11299 Indica III India ERS470089
ARC_14868 IRIS_313-11301 Indica III India ERS470091
ARC_15163 IRIS_313-11304 Indica III India ERS470094
ARC_15373 IRIS_313-11305 Indica III India ERS470096
ARC_15385 IRIS_313-11306 Indica Intermediate India ERS470097
ARC_15862 IRIS_313-11309 Indica Intermediate India ERS470100
ARC_15929 IRIS_313-11310 Indica III India ERS470101
PADI_HITAM IRIS_313-11312 Indica III Indonesia ERS470103
RANTAT IRIS_313-11316 Indica III Indonesia ERS470108
SI_RANTING IRIS_313-11317 Indica III Indonesia ERS470109
BR51-115-4 IRIS_313-11326 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470119
AMPIPIT IRIS_313-11331 Indica III Philippines ERS470124
BACHHAIKALMA IRIS_313-11349 Indica III India ERS470142
KALIKALMA IRIS_313-11361 Indica III India ERS470155
KHEJURTHUPI IRIS_313-11363 Indica III India ERS470157
SUFALDHULA IRIS_313-11372 Indica III India ERS470165
LEUANG_PRA_TAHN IRIS_313-11389 Indica III Thailand ERS470181
SAWNG_RUANG IRIS_313-11393 Indica III Thailand ERS470185
APYO-DAW-GYI IRIS_313-11405 Indica III Myanmar ERS470197
A_28-6 IRIS_313-11406 Indica III Myanmar ERS470198
CUTTACK_29 IRIS_313-11409 Indica III India ERS470201
KONAMANI IRIS_313-11416 Indica III India ERS470207
CAMPECHE_A79 IRIS_313-11437 Indica II Mexico ERS468654
BARAMANJ IRIS_313-11448 Indica III India ERS468664
KODIA_PHUL IRIS_313-11449 Indica Intermediate India ERS468666
AR_133 IRIS_313-11493 Indica III India ERS468704
K_15591-4 IRIS_313-11506 Indica III India ERS468714
TAN_NONG IRIS_313-11521 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS468788
LINPAN_CHAW IRIS_313-11544 Indica III Myanmar ERS468743
PA_RABICHINA IRIS_313-11554 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468751
SATHIYA IRIS_313-11568 Indica I Nepal ERS468763
GAO_LIANG_ZAO IRIS_313-11573 Indica Intermediate China ERS468767
BHAINSA_MUNDARIYA IRIS_313-11596 Indica Intermediate India ERS468783
MAE_HAWM IRIS_313-11609 Indica III Thailand ERS468821
WUA_PAN_LAK IRIS_313-11610 Indica III Thailand ERS468831
MANARE(PHOM) IRIS_313-11615 Indica III Guinea ERS468793
JUAN_YE_LAI IRIS_313-11622 Indica I China ERS468800
NCS766 IRIS_313-11645 Indica III India ERS468822
B_3913_B_16-20_ST_28 IRIS_313-11656 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468833
LUO_AI_ZAO_3 IRIS_313-11667 Indica I China ERS468844
DERAWA IRIS_313-11671 Indica III Nepal ERS468847
NIAW_KHIAW_NGOO IRIS_313-11683 Indica III Thailand ERS468858
OB_CHUEY IRIS_313-11684 Indica III Thailand ERS468859
CHIAYI-WU-K'O IRIS_313-11692 Indica I China ERS468867
HSIN-T'AO-YUAN-CHING-YU IRIS_313-11695 Indica I China ERS468870
KHAO'_NOK-4 IRIS_313-11706 Indica III Thailand ERS468935
RAI_MAHK_MEUANG IRIS_313-11711 Indica III Thailand ERS468875
ITA_245 IRIS_313-11713 Indica III Nigeria ERS468877
JATI_MANI IRIS_313-11717 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468880
KABERI IRIS_313-11722 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS468885
DISSIGBE IRIS_313-11723 Indica III Guinea ERS468886
KONYAN IRIS_313-11724 Indica III Guinea ERS468887
HONG_YANG_ZAO_3 IRIS_313-11727 Indica I China ERS468890
LUO_SI_ZHAN IRIS_313-11728 Indica III China ERS468891
MEI_LIU_ZAO_5 IRIS_313-11729 Indica Intermediate China ERS468892
SI_CHAO_1 IRIS_313-11734 Indica I China ERS468897
UGAGA IRIS_313-11740 Indica III Ghana ERS468904
HERATH_BANDA IRIS_313-11741 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468905
AI_JIAO_AO_FAN_ZI IRIS_313-11744 Indica Intermediate China ERS468908
AN_FU_ZHAN IRIS_313-11745 Indica I China ERS468909
E_4197 IRIS_313-11747 Indica I China ERS468911
M_6034-1 IRIS_313-11752 Indica I China ERS468915
XIANG_CHANG_ZAO IRIS_313-11753 Indica I China ERS468916
FOFFI IRIS_313-11758 Indica III Ivory Coast ERS468922
MENAHARA_505 IRIS_313-11760 Indica III Madagascar ERS468924
MAMA_TABALI IRIS_313-11783 Indica III Gambia ERS468939
SABORAMANDALOAFO IRIS_313-11789 Indica III Madagascar ERS468946
DU_GEN_CHUAN IRIS_313-11796 Indica I China ERS468993
R_582 IRIS_313-11807 Indica II Colombia ERS468956
ZERO IRIS_313-11813 Indica III Kenya ERS468963
BHONDU_PAREWA IRIS_313-11822 Indica III India ERS468973
DHANIYA_PHOOL IRIS_313-11824 Indica III India ERS468975
KHAO_KO_RAOH IRIS_313-11836 Indica III Thailand ERS468988
PAN_DAWK_MAHK IRIS_313-11843 Indica III Thailand ERS468996
DA_LI_BAI_63 IRIS_313-11857 Indica I China ERS469010
HENG_YE_ZAO IRIS_313-11862 Indica I China ERS469016
JIANG_ER_ZAO IRIS_313-11866 Indica I China ERS469019
LIU_LI_YOU IRIS_313-11868 Indica I China ERS469021
MA_WEI_ZHAN IRIS_313-11869 Indica I China ERS469022
LOC_TRANG_MUON IRIS_313-11894 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS469036
MAHA_CHAI IRIS_313-11899 Indica III Thailand ERS469041
PADI_SIRANDAH_KUNING IRIS_313-11904 Indica III Indonesia ERS469047
HONG_MI_JIU_GONG_JI IRIS_313-11909 Indica I China ERS469052
ITA_117 IRIS_313-11930 Indica II Nigeria ERS469075
BIE_LEI IRIS_313-11947 Indica Intermediate China ERS469092
SAN_BAO_GU IRIS_313-11953 Indica I China ERS469098
KHAO_SETTI IRIS_313-11962 Indica III Thailand ERS469107
GUANG_XUAN_LIU_HAO IRIS_313-11965 Indica I China ERS469111
ZHAO_DAN_AI IRIS_313-11968 Indica I China ERS469114
PA_MATIS IRIS_313-11976 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469122
POTOQOIN IRIS_313-11988 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469126
LAANG IRIS_313-12000 Indica III Cambodia ERS469139
CHE_MAH IRIS_313-12005 Indica III Malaysia ERS469143
EX_AUBERGE IRIS_313-12016 Indica I Egypt ERS469154
CHAN_LEUY IRIS_313-12036 Indica III Cambodia ERS469167
NEANG_LAU IRIS_313-12040 Indica III Cambodia ERS469172
NOU IRIS_313-12041 Indica III Cambodia ERS469173
PHCAR_KABAS IRIS_313-12042 Indica III Cambodia ERS469174
SHAN_KAUK_HNYIN IRIS_313-12050 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469183
AI_JIAO_ZI IRIS_313-12057 Indica Intermediate China ERS469189
KUL_REUSEI IRIS_313-12058 Indica III Cambodia ERS469190
NONE IRIS_313-12081 Indica III Philippines ERS469244
PERUBAK_LUEY IRIS_313-12135 Indica II Malaysia ERS469229
Srau_Khgnaerng IRIS_313-12143 Indica III Cambodia ERS469235
Damm-noeb_Thngorn' IRIS_313-12152 Indica III Cambodia ERS469242
AE_NOUA IRIS_313-12185 Indica III Laos ERS469249
NOON_SOUNG IRIS_313-12224 Indica III Laos ERS469263
WUGU IRIS_313-12237 Indica I China ERS469273
MAGU IRIS_313-12275 Indica Intermediate China ERS469293
Ngon IRIS_313-12301 Indica III Laos ERS469316
CHAO_DO IRIS_313-12329 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469333
IR_4630-22-2-5-1-3 IRIS_313-15898 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467755
IAC_165 IRIS_313-15903 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS467760
IR_2344-P1_PB-9-3-2B IRIS_313-7690 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468572
IR_28 IRIS_313-7691 Indica II Philippines ERS468564
WAS_174-B-3-5 IRIS_313-7809 Indica Intermediate Senegal ERS468643
WAS_203-B-B-2-4-1 IRIS_313-7819 Indica II Senegal ERS468558
ARC_15091 IRIS_313-8332 Indica Intermediate India ERS468208
ARC_10812 IRIS_313-8386 Indica Intermediate India ERS468240
ARC_13530 IRIS_313-8401 Indica III India ERS467835
UPRH233 IRIS_313-8435 Indica I India ERS467940
LAI_YIP_ZIM IRIS_313-8454 Indica I China ERS467944
ARC_18175 IRIS_313-8458 Indica III India ERS467945
NAM_SA-GUI_19 IRIS_313-8485 Indica III Thailand ERS467947
SERENDAH_SUNGAI_DUA_25 IRIS_313-8557 Indica III Malaysia ERS468247
SINERBESA IRIS_313-8567 Indica III Philippines ERS468212
LARHA_MUGAD IRIS_313-8568 Indica III India ERS467875
AC13(T_141) IRIS_313-8606 Indica III None ERS468213
IR_5494_(BPH_1) IRIS_313-8616 Indica II Philippines ERS467956
PAI_YI_PING IRIS_313-8645 Indica I China ERS467960
KOLITONDO IRIS_313-8681 Indica III Guinea ERS468253
CHAKOL IRIS_313-8854 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467981
BAM_9 IRIS_313-8957 Indica III India ERS468000
IE_MATA_CICEM IRIS_313-8978 Indica III Indonesia ERS468272
ARC_18112 IRIS_313-8982 Indica Intermediate India ERS468004
KHAO'_HAWM IRIS_313-8985 Indica III Thailand ERS468005
ARC_10754 IRIS_313-8986 Indica Intermediate India ERS468006
BANIKAT IRIS_313-8988 Indica III India ERS468007
SRAU_SENG IRIS_313-8996 Indica III Vietnam ERS468009
LEUANG_CHAIYAPHUM IRIS_313-9020 Indica III Thailand ERS468013
MUTTU_SAMBA IRIS_313-9039 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS467824
IR_42 IRIS_313-9044 Indica II Philippines ERS467876
THIERNO_BANDE IRIS_313-9160 Indica III Senegal ERS468220
KHAO_MON IRIS_313-9182 Indica III Myanmar ERS468032
XI_GAN_JING_REN IRIS_313-9184 Indica Intermediate China ERS468033
Khao_pong_aev IRIS_313-9198 Indica III Laos ERS468035
CHI-SHENG-TAO IRIS_313-9204 Indica I China ERS468037
WP65 IRIS_313-9227 Indica II Thailand ERS468042
MACAN_BINUNDOK IRIS_313-9243 Indica III Philippines ERS468221
JHODI_BIRUN IRIS_313-9262 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468048
PURA_BINNI IRIS_313-9271 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468049
RADEN_SAWO_1 IRIS_313-9273 Indica III Indonesia ERS468223
ARC_10799 IRIS_313-9313 Indica Intermediate India ERS468055
PARA_NELLU IRIS_313-9351 Indica Intermediate India ERS467840
WI-BIR-SHUN IRIS_313-9372 Indica I China ERS468063
VARY_MALADY_MENA IRIS_313-9388 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS467841
DUDHSWAR_15-141 IRIS_313-9397 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468287
NCS964_C IRIS_313-9400 Indica Intermediate India ERS467794
BADUIE IRIS_313-9403 Indica III India ERS468066
ARC_18092 IRIS_313-9427 Indica III India ERS468068
NCS237 IRIS_313-9492 Indica III India ERS467879
RP9-4 IRIS_313-9566 Indica II India ERS468085
UNNAMED IRIS_313-9574 Indica III Brunei ERS468089
ASHI_BINNI IRIS_313-9594 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468092
DA11 IRIS_313-9606 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467871
ARC_10594 IRIS_313-9609 Indica Intermediate India ERS468097
KAMPAI_PEUN_MEUANG IRIS_313-9669 Indica III Thailand ERS468103
TAITUNG_WOO-LI IRIS_313-9705 Indica I China ERS468105
CRILLO_LA_FRIA IRIS_313-9822 Indica I Venezuela ERS468118
CHANDINA IRIS_313-9917 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS468125
MEKENZIE_SMALL IRIS_313-9935 Indica III Guyana ERS468296
RACE_PERUMAL IRIS_313-9970 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS468135
CM1;_HAIPONG W137 Indica Intermediate Vietnam SRR1239940
Manawthukha W178 Indica III Philippines SRR1239981
Bhavani W212 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240015
Heimichut W248 Indica I Unknown SRR1240051