The list of cultivars for vg1208112458 with genotype G in the All population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
CO_22 B011 Indica Intermediate India ERS470229
Padi_Ladang_Ase_Polo_Komek B026 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470243
Ngatsin B031 Indica III India ERS470248
J34 B052 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS470266
Jinxibai2_ B073 Indica Intermediate China ERS470287
Esiniu_ B079 Indica I China ERS470292
Heidu_4 B081 Indica I China ERS470293
Zinuo B094 Indica I China ERS470306
Wanlixian B130 Indica I China ERS470340
Baikehanhe B147 Indica I China ERS470357
Lengshuinuo B148 Temperate Japonica China ERS470358
RP_1570-44-1 B187 Indica Intermediate India ERS470391
Liuyenian_ B213 Indica I China ERS470414
Zhendao_232 B239 Indica I China ERS470437
Xiangdao_ B244 Indica I China ERS470442
Dianrui_409B B255 Indica Intermediate China ERS470452
Leihuozhan_ B259 Indica I China ERS470454
Dianrui409B C027 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239627
Esiniu C073 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239673
Benbanggu-1 C076 Indica I Sichuan SRR1239676
Heidu4 C081 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239681
Jinxibai-1 C096 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1239696
Zegu C136 Indica I Guizhou SRR1239736
Wanlixian C180 Indica I Hunan SRR1239780
Leihuozhan C183 Indica I Anhui SRR1239783
Xiangdao C190 Indica I Henan SRR1239790
Zinuo C198 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239798
Rubio CX103 Indica Intermediate Peru ERS470468
CHIPDA CX130 Indica III India ERS470496
W1263 CX160 Indica Intermediate India ERS470525
IR2061-522-6-9 CX206 Indica II Philippines ERS470536
IR8192-200-3-3-1-1 CX276 Indica II Philippines ERS470587
IR68897B CX281 Indica II Philippines ERS470592
None CX322 Indica Intermediate None
Tog6542 CX402 Intermediate Africa ERS470688
IR66897B CX43 Indica II Philippines ERS470691
None CX466 Indica II None
None CX489 Indica Intermediate None
Doddi CX99 Indica III India ERS470752
IR_2061-464-2-4-5 GP17 Indica II IRRI ERR036621
ASD7 GP58 Indica Intermediate India ERR036662
IR_7149-23-2-3-1 GP70 Indica II IRRI ERR036674
IR_4567-69-1-3 GP81 Indica II IRRI ERR036685
Guanglong-1 HP149 Indica I China ERR037177
Xiyeqing HP185 Indica I China ERR009829
Sanlicun-6 HP194 Indica I China ERR009475
Mazimang HP207 Indica Intermediate China ERR009675
Hongmiguyoumang HP215 Indica Intermediate China ERR009809
Dayezao HP236 Indica I China ERR009430
Gouyingdu HP299 Indica I China ERR009774
Zhuxizao HP450 Indica Intermediate China ERR009900
Makedao HP461 Indica I China ERR009472
Paoliuzhan HP479 Indica I China ERR009574
Jinzhan HP486 Indica I China ERR009600
Zaonuo-1 HP500 Indica I China ERR009439
Babaili HP509 Indica I China ERR009807
Xiaomanggu HP546 Indica I China ERR009729
Dahongjiao-2 HP553 Indica I China ERR009859
Bayuehzhong HP557 Indica I China ERR009572
Jinbaoyin-2 HP573 Indica Intermediate China ERR009495
Zaobaigu HP579 Indica I China ERR009550
Salamagu-1 HP603 Indica I China ERR009763
Zhongjiaohuangmang HP63 Intermediate China ERR009438
KITRANA_1007 IRIS_313-10026 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468144
NS252 IRIS_313-10030 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS467872
BAI_HE IRIS_313-10211 Indica I China ERS468175
BR_4973-34-6-6 IRIS_313-10340 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468303
LING_TA_150 IRIS_313-10452 Indica I China ERS469364
MAGSIING IRIS_313-10510 Indica III Philippines ERS469385
ADT22 IRIS_313-10519 Indica III India ERS469393
NATURAL_HYBRID_C33-8 IRIS_313-10520 Indica III Myanmar ERS469394
CO_2 IRIS_313-10526 Indica III India ERS469444
ADT12 IRIS_313-10527 Indica Intermediate India ERS469450
DONGREM IRIS_313-10544 Indica III India ERS469404
KAHATAWEE IRIS_313-10662 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469482
ARC_7255 IRIS_313-10668 Indica III India ERS469487
ARC_10846 IRIS_313-10674 Indica III India ERS469492
SUDU_KARAYAL IRIS_313-10715 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469595
MURUNGA IRIS_313-10716 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469606
HALSUDU_HEENATI IRIS_313-10721 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS469527
EDAKKADAN_0-69-27 IRIS_313-10833 Indica Intermediate India ERS469636
VELLA_PERUVAZHA_0-68-12 IRIS_313-10836 Indica Intermediate India ERS469639
KOLONGI_BAO IRIS_313-10929 Indica III India ERS469728
NANE IRIS_313-10947 Indica III Indonesia ERS469747
IH_PEN_SHIM_MING IRIS_313-10968 Indica I Brazil ERS469770
BOROJYOT IRIS_313-10983 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469787
POONGAR IRIS_313-11041 Indica Intermediate India ERS469840
VELLAIKOTTAI IRIS_313-11042 Indica III India ERS469841
KALAGNON IRIS_313-11097 Indica III Philippines ERS469892
BIRUI_SAIL IRIS_313-11114 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469911
ANBAW IRIS_313-11126 Indica III Myanmar ERS469924
KALAI IRIS_313-11131 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469930
MANSAT-3 IRIS_313-11134 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469933
NGALONGYI IRIS_313-11137 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469936
DUBRAJ IRIS_313-11167 Indica III India ERS469969
SYNTHETIC_SATIVA IRIS_313-11199 Indica Intermediate India ERS469989
KAZALSAIL IRIS_313-11205 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469996
KALOBONA IRIS_313-11212 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470004
BLACK_28-564 IRIS_313-11219 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470010
SADAJIRA(DEEP_STRAW)16-194 IRIS_313-11225 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470017
SADAJIRA_19-317 IRIS_313-11227 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470019
STRAW_23-438 IRIS_313-11230 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470022
STRAW_23-471 IRIS_313-11231 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470023
BR116-3B-53 IRIS_313-11241 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470034
ADR52 IRIS_313-11252 Indica III India ERS470047
ARC_14737 IRIS_313-11271 Indica III India ERS470117
ARC_15505 IRIS_313-11281 Indica I India ERS470069
ARC_18064 IRIS_313-11285 Indica III India ERS470074
ARC_14299 IRIS_313-11299 Indica III India ERS470089
BLM70 IRIS_313-11325 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470118
KHIRPULI IRIS_313-11364 Indica Intermediate India ERS470158
SACHI IRIS_313-11370 Indica III India ERS470163
IR_9747_SEL IRIS_313-11385 Indica II Philippines ERS470177
ECHORSAIL IRIS_313-11400 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470192
APYO-DAW-GYI IRIS_313-11405 Indica III Myanmar ERS470197
CHITRAKALI IRIS_313-11408 Indica III India ERS470200
DONRADAO IRIS_313-11411 Indica III Brazil ERS470203
ISWAR_KORA IRIS_313-11432 Indica Intermediate India ERS468649
NAPDAI IRIS_313-11446 Indica III India ERS468662
LOCAL_BHAT IRIS_313-11452 Aus India ERS468668
SELHI IRIS_313-11460 Indica III India ERS468675
LOCAL IRIS_313-11478 Indica Intermediate India ERS468688
K_1074 IRIS_313-11505 Indica Intermediate India ERS468713
ZO IRIS_313-11528 Indica III Ivory Coast ERS468729
KYUN_TAW_SEIN IRIS_313-11543 Indica III Myanmar ERS468742
BANGLA IRIS_313-11561 Indica III Nepal ERS468756
BIJULI_BATI IRIS_313-11563 Indica III Nepal ERS468758
KUSUM_KATIKI IRIS_313-11565 Indica III Nepal ERS468760
MOONOR IRIS_313-11566 Indica III Nepal ERS468761
JIANG_HUI_DAO IRIS_313-11576 Indica Intermediate China ERS468770
BHATA_PYAGI IRIS_313-11597 Indica III India ERS468784
KOTODESHI IRIS_313-11600 Indica III India ERS468787
BOKDEL IRIS_313-11606 Indica III India ERS468792
HOLDIGANTHI IRIS_313-11607 Indica III India ERS468803
UPRH31 IRIS_313-11616 Indica Intermediate India ERS468794
NCS331 IRIS_313-11638 Indica III India ERS468814
NCS599 IRIS_313-11642 Indica III India ERS468818
NCS745 IRIS_313-11644 Indica Intermediate India ERS468820
NCS766 IRIS_313-11645 Indica III India ERS468822
NCS809_A IRIS_313-11647 Indica III India ERS468824
MARHARORA IRIS_313-11663 Indica Intermediate Zimbabwe ERS468839
DERAWA IRIS_313-11671 Indica III Nepal ERS468847
PAUNDRI IRIS_313-11738 Indica III India ERS468902
HERATH_BANDA IRIS_313-11741 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468905
AN_FU_ZHAN IRIS_313-11745 Indica I China ERS468909
ROJON'NY_NTAOLO IRIS_313-11772 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468933
SABORAMANDALOAFO IRIS_313-11789 Indica III Madagascar ERS468946
VARY_LAHY IRIS_313-11791 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468948
E_ZI_100 IRIS_313-11798 Indica Intermediate China ERS469014
E_ZI_110 IRIS_313-11799 Indica I China ERS469024
19 IRIS_313-11821 Indica III India ERS468972
BHONDU_PAREWA IRIS_313-11822 Indica III India ERS468973
DHANIYA_PHOOL IRIS_313-11824 Indica III India ERS468975
KARI_GURMATIA IRIS_313-11827 Indica III India ERS468978
PUEY_TAW IRIS_313-11844 Indica III Thailand ERS468997
BU_ZHI_MING IRIS_313-11853 Indica I China ERS469006
CHI_GU IRIS_313-11854 Indica I China ERS469007
KE_SHU_BAI IRIS_313-11867 Indica I China ERS469020
AN_NAN_ZAO IRIS_313-11877 Indica I China ERS469029
LIU_TIAO_XIAN IRIS_313-11881 Indica I China ERS469032
MAN_TIAN_QING IRIS_313-11882 Indica I China ERS469033
TIAN_DAO_DAO IRIS_313-11884 Indica I China ERS469034
YANG_WAN_XIAN IRIS_313-11885 Indica I China ERS469035
IR_4683-54-2 IRIS_313-11886 Indica II Philippines ERS469046
YUN_NAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-11911 Indica I China ERS469054
DILBAKSH IRIS_313-11918 Indica III India ERS469062
LAKHA_KUAR IRIS_313-11919 Indica III India ERS469063
KUNJUKUNJU IRIS_313-11937 Indica Intermediate India ERS469082
LIU_HE_XI_HE IRIS_313-11949 Indica I China ERS469094
XIA_HONG_GU IRIS_313-11954 Indica I China ERS469099
SHYAMJIRA IRIS_313-11969 Indica III India ERS469115
YAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-12010 Indica I China ERS469148
DOGON_IRI IRIS_313-12015 Indica III Nigeria ERS469153
PHCAR_KABAS IRIS_313-12042 Indica III Cambodia ERS469174
OVIBENAMPOTAKA_+_OVIBE_+_MAKALIOKA IRIS_313-12118 Indica III Madagascar ERS469218
WUGU IRIS_313-12237 Indica I China ERS469273
MENALAVA IRIS_313-12278 Indica III Madagascar ERS469295
BOTOHAVANA_139 IRIS_313-7650 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468584
DANAU_LAUT_TAWAR IRIS_313-7668 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468553
IR_1561-228-3-3 IRIS_313-7684 Indica II Philippines ERS468559
IR_28 IRIS_313-7691 Indica II Philippines ERS468564
LAITRA IRIS_313-7720 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468574
MAMORIAKA_114 IRIS_313-7728 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468571
ROJOKELY IRIS_313-7758 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468593
VARY_LAVA_DE_MAROVATO IRIS_313-7799 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468561
WAS_203-B-B-2-4-1 IRIS_313-7819 Indica II Senegal ERS468558
WAS_21-B-B-20-4-3-3 IRIS_313-7824 Indica II Senegal ERS468583
CO_39 IRIS_313-8265 Indica Intermediate India ERS467874
AVO IRIS_313-8288 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS467866
URAIBOOL IRIS_313-8305 Indica III India ERS468238
ARC_10812 IRIS_313-8386 Indica Intermediate India ERS468240
498-2A_BR_8 IRIS_313-8450 Indica III India ERS467942
KEERIPALA_CHILL_PADDY IRIS_313-8559 Indica Intermediate India ERS467951
LARHA_MUGAD IRIS_313-8568 Indica III India ERS467875
MAKALIOKA_STANDARD IRIS_313-8595 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468250
XITTO IRIS_313-8622 Indica Intermediate India ERS467885
DUDRE IRIS_313-8631 Indica Intermediate India ERS467958
PATMADHAI_1 IRIS_313-8632 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467959
PERUNEL IRIS_313-8647 Indica Intermediate India ERS467961
YA_THAY_SAN IRIS_313-8659 Indica III Myanmar ERS467962
KOTTEYARAN IRIS_313-8660 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS467837
ROPA IRIS_313-8704 Indica III India ERS467966
NIBARI IRIS_313-8731 Indica III India ERS467968
TAI_6 IRIS_313-8739 Indica Intermediate Ivory Coast ERS468380
TYPE_50 IRIS_313-8754 Indica III India ERS467972
NIRGUNI IRIS_313-8757 Indica III India ERS467973
DUDH_KADAR IRIS_313-8796 Indica III India ERS467975
KUTTA IRIS_313-8924 Indica III India ERS467991
KURULUTUDU IRIS_313-8925 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS467992
BANIKAT IRIS_313-8988 Indica III India ERS468007
MUTTU_SAMBA IRIS_313-9039 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS467824
PATNAI_31-675 IRIS_313-9049 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468274
GABAHSI_RASAKI_C._90 IRIS_313-9197 Indica III India ERS468034
MAKRO IRIS_313-9258 Indica III India ERS468046
G_25 IRIS_313-9259 Indica III India ERS468047
JHODI_BIRUN IRIS_313-9262 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468048
PALEPYU IRIS_313-9285 Indica III Myanmar ERS468051
SONAMUKHI IRIS_313-9287 Indica III India ERS468053
CHIH_SHEN_LI IRIS_313-9324 Indica I China ERS468058
PARA_NELLU IRIS_313-9351 Indica Intermediate India ERS467840
WI-BIR-SHUN IRIS_313-9372 Indica I China ERS468063
BADUIE IRIS_313-9403 Indica III India ERS468066
KORASISI IRIS_313-9505 Indica I Philippines ERS468077
NCS840 IRIS_313-9516 Indica Intermediate India ERS467912
LABRA IRIS_313-9547 Indica III India ERS468081
BENGALY_MORIMO IRIS_313-9551 Indica III Madagascar ERS468082
WANGA_BARUGULU IRIS_313-9611 Indica III India ERS468098
NEWREX IRIS_313-9648 Intermediate United States ERS467811
BA_SHI_ZAO IRIS_313-9730 Indica I China ERS468111
MAMORIAKA IRIS_313-9732 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468112
ROJOFOTSY IRIS_313-9740 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468228
Mayang_Khang W001 Indica I Indonesia SRR1239804
IR_2061-214-2-3 W073 Indica II Philippines SRR1239876
SL_22-620 W099 Aus Sierra Leone SRR1239902
Pan_Ju W126 Indica I China SRR1239929
Hsin_Hsing_Pai_Ku W132 Indica I Taiwan SRR1239935