The list of cultivars for vg1121939386 with genotype G in the Intermediate population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Jineiyadao_ B020 Intermediate Guinea ERS470238
Muguanuo_ B086 Intermediate China ERS470298
Geng_7623 B141 Intermediate China ERS470351
Tjantajan B173 Intermediate Indonesia ERS470382
R42 B192 Intermediate Philippines ERS470396
Ginga CX112 Intermediate Japan ERS470477
R644 CX13 Intermediate China ERS470495
None CX195 Intermediate None
Milyang23 CX29 Intermediate North Korea ERS470599
None CX309 Intermediate None
MR39 CX316 Intermediate China ERS470614
Compact_Plant_Type_Material CX365 Intermediate China ERS470650
YSBR1 CX395 Intermediate China ERS470681
Tog5674 CX400 Intermediate Africa ERS470686
Tog6542 CX402 Intermediate Africa ERS470688
None CX453 Intermediate None
C418 CX6 Intermediate China ERS470713
Rata_31-2_(Acc.29388) GP1 Intermediate Bengal ERR036606
Baogala GP56 Intermediate Uganda ERR036660
Sesia GP562 Intermediate Albania ERR036810
Newrex GP615 Intermediate US ERR036859
Baladewa GP627 Intermediate Indonesia ERR036870
milyamg_67 GP635 Intermediate North Korea ERR036878
Sanlicun-5 HP293 Intermediate China ERR009751
Laolaihong HP294 Intermediate China ERR009564
Xuanhuangnuo HP41 Intermediate China ERR037115
Zhongjiaohuangmang HP63 Intermediate China ERR009438
SUKAMANDI_1005 IRIS_313-10522 Intermediate Indonesia ERS469407
PADI_PULOT_MELAYANG IRIS_313-10705 Intermediate Malaysia ERS469520
MALOGBANA IRIS_313-10729 Intermediate Ivory Coast ERS469536
GOGO IRIS_313-10739 Intermediate Indonesia ERS469547
ARC_12413 IRIS_313-10881 Intermediate India ERS469686
ARC_12490 IRIS_313-10883 Intermediate India ERS469688
PALAM_PURI_BAS_137 IRIS_313-11032 Intermediate Pakistan ERS469830
NGAKWE_THETYIN IRIS_313-11136 Intermediate Myanmar ERS469935
PAIZ-AMBARBU IRIS_313-11189 Intermediate Russia ERS469979
ARC_12757 IRIS_313-11257 Intermediate India ERS470052
ARC_6579 IRIS_313-11290 Intermediate India ERS470079
KOCHUM IRIS_313-11690 Intermediate Bhutan ERS468865
AMBOHIMANDAY IRIS_313-11754 Intermediate Madagascar ERS468917
BETSILAIZINA IRIS_313-7646 Intermediate Madagascar ERS468592
MEDUSA IRIS_313-8067 Intermediate Italy ERS468467
FRAGRANCE IRIS_313-8184 Intermediate Italy ERS468528
POENOET_HITAM IRIS_313-8324 Intermediate Indonesia ERS467801
PAOTSUPAGAIAHON IRIS_313-8873 Intermediate China ERS468311
LEK IRIS_313-8911 Intermediate Thailand ERS468446
ARC_18061 IRIS_313-8935 Intermediate India ERS467995
SONAPATNAI IRIS_313-9120 Intermediate India ERS468026
WANGKOD IRIS_313-9187 Intermediate Malaysia ERS467852
SML_ACORNI IRIS_313-9464 Intermediate Suriname ERS467904
TIMA IRIS_313-9506 Intermediate Bhutan ERS468078
NEWREX IRIS_313-9648 Intermediate United States ERS467811
C1_6-5-2 IRIS_313-9818 Intermediate Mexico ERS467856
Ragasu W055 Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239858
A_152 W079 Intermediate Bangladesh SRR1239882
Santhi_990 W097 Intermediate Pakistan SRR1239900
M3122 W158 Intermediate China SRR1239961
Iksan438 W175 Intermediate Korea SRR1239978
Ginga W261 Intermediate Japan SRR1240064
LABELLE W294 Intermediate United States SRR1240097
CPSLO_17 W304 Intermediate United States SRR1240107