The list of cultivars for vg1006058550 with genotype G in the Intermediate population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Bawangbian_1 B084 Intermediate China ERS470296
Muguanuo_ B086 Intermediate China ERS470298
Ninghui_21 B142 Intermediate China ERS470352
Tjantajan B173 Intermediate Indonesia ERS470382
Ginga CX112 Intermediate Japan ERS470477
None CX195 Intermediate None
Milyang23 CX29 Intermediate North Korea ERS470599
YSBR1 CX395 Intermediate China ERS470681
Tog5674 CX400 Intermediate Africa ERS470686
Tog6542 CX402 Intermediate Africa ERS470688
None CX453 Intermediate None
Baogala GP56 Intermediate Uganda ERR036660
Xuanhuangnuo HP41 Intermediate China ERR037115
Xiaozhong HP464 Intermediate China ERR009733
Heizaogu HP519 Intermediate China ERR009607
UKON-NISHIKI IRIS_313-10585 Intermediate Japan ERS469442
MALOGBANA IRIS_313-10729 Intermediate Ivory Coast ERS469536
ARC_12413 IRIS_313-10881 Intermediate India ERS469686
GASMAL_339 IRIS_313-11066 Intermediate Bangladesh ERS469868
NGAKWE_THETYIN IRIS_313-11136 Intermediate Myanmar ERS469935
KOCHUM IRIS_313-11690 Intermediate Bhutan ERS468865
MEDUSA IRIS_313-8067 Intermediate Italy ERS468467
Santhi_990 W097 Intermediate Pakistan SRR1239900
Yong_Chal_Byo W125 Intermediate South Korea SRR1239928
TAINO_38 W128 Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239931
Iksan438 W175 Intermediate Korea SRR1239978
NAN-29-2 W196 Intermediate Unknown SRR1239999
Ginga W261 Intermediate Japan SRR1240064
Sibeitichao6 W328 Intermediate Beijing SRR1240131