The list of cultivars for vg1000735141 with genotype A in the Indica II population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Tai-Zhong-Xian_10 CX122 Indica II China ERS470488
IR06G113 CX226 Indica II Philippines ERS470550
IR8192-200-3-3-1-1 CX276 Indica II Philippines ERS470587
NERICA-L-1 CX375 Indica II Africa ERS470661
IR64a CX403 Indica II Philippines ERS470689
None CX510 Indica II None
None CX561 Indica II None ERS804465
C71 CX85 Indica II Vietnam ERS470738
UPR_191-66 CX92 Indica II India ERS470746
PSBRC88 IRIS_313-10238 Indica II Philippines ERS468181
IR_72967-12-2-3 IRIS_313-7911 Indica II Philippines ERS468597