The list of cultivars for vg0810146037 with genotype ATG in the All Japonica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
76--1 B143 Temperate Japonica China ERS470353
Huhui_628 B144 Japonica Intermediate China ERS470354
None B178 Temperate Japonica None
M202 C014 Japonica Intermediate India SRR1239614
Huhui628 C029 Japonica Intermediate Unknown SRR1239629
Ninghui21 C119 Temperate Japonica Unknown SRR1239719
None CX260 Temperate Japonica None
C52 CX287 Temperate Japonica China ERS470597
Manauthukha CX32 Tropical Japonica Myanmar ERS470618
CAU2 CX354 Temperate Japonica China ERS470639
NERICA_1 CX371 Tropical Japonica Africa ERS470657
None CX526 Temperate Japonica None
North_Rose GP584 Temperate Japonica US ERR036831
milyamg_64 GP651 Temperate Japonica North Korea ERR036894
IAC_150/76 GP658 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERR036901
MILYANG84 GP677 Temperate Japonica North Korea ERR036920
Khao_pa_siev IRIS_313-11092 Japonica Intermediate Laos ERS469887
ULLAL IRIS_313-8097 Temperate Japonica Spain ERS468474
YRM_6-2 IRIS_313-8164 Temperate Japonica Australia ERS468544
UNNAMED IRIS_313-8872 Japonica Intermediate Thailand ERS467896
PUTTIGE IRIS_313-8921 Temperate Japonica India ERS467990
DARAWAL IRIS_313-9101 Tropical Japonica Malaysia ERS467808
YANGKUM(RED) IRIS_313-9404 Japonica Intermediate Bhutan ERS467810
Khazar W173 Tropical Japonica Iran SRR1239976