The list of cultivars for vg0810146037 with genotype G in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Buleida_A-75 B019 Indica Intermediate Mexico ERS470237
C_894-21 B027 Indica III Philippines ERS470244
Dumai B029 Indica II India ERS470246
Jaibattey B030 Indica III India ERS470247
American_Rice_ B035 Indica Intermediate United States ERS470252
Santiannuo B044 Indica Intermediate Japan ERS470259
CISOKAN B048 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470263
Xiangzaoxian_7 B064 Indica Intermediate China ERS470278
Qiuqianbai_ B072 Indica I China ERS470286
Taishannuo B074 Indica I China ERS470288
San**Qishiluo B088 Indica Intermediate China ERS470300
Qitoubaigu3 B089 Indica Intermediate China ERS470301
Jinzhinuo4_ B096 Indica Intermediate China ERS470308
Dawannuo B107 Indica Intermediate China ERS470317
Zaoxian_240 B126 Indica I China ERS470336
Dangyu_5_ B127 Indica I China ERS470337
Gu_154 B138 Indica Intermediate China ERS470348
Teqingxuanhui B145 Indica Intermediate China ERS470355
Jinnante_43B B151 Indica I China ERS470361
Qingsiai_16B B153 Indica Intermediate China ERS470363
None B174 Indica Intermediate None
P1790-5-1M-4-5M-1B-3M-B B180 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS470385
CHANH_148 B184 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470389
C.MEDIO_7 B193 Indica Intermediate Cuba ERS470397
Chengnongshuijing_ B201 Indica II China ERS470405
Hanmadao4_ B216 Indica I China ERS470417
Honggu B217 Indica II China ERS470418
Menjiading_2 B229 Indica Intermediate China ERS470429
Xiangaizao_10hao B232 Indica II China ERS470431
Gui_630 B242 Indica II China ERS470440
Zhuzhen_B B248 Indica I China ERS470446
Xiangai_B B252 Indica Intermediate China ERS470449
Dianrui_409B B255 Indica Intermediate China ERS470452
NONE B267 Indica Intermediate China ERS470461
Sadu-cho C001 Indica I Philippines SRR1239601
Shan-Huang_Zhan-2-1_ C006 Indica Intermediate China SRR1239606
Shan-Huang_Zhan-2-2_ C007 Indica Intermediate India SRR1239607
Swarna C008 Indica Intermediate Guinea SRR1239608
JinnanteB C022 Indica I Hunan SRR1239622
Qingsiai16B C025 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239625
Dianrui409B C027 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239627
Taishannuo C041 Indica I Guangdong SRR1239641
Teqingxuanhui C044 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1239644
Chengnongshuijing C050 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239650
Momi C053 Indica Intermediate Guangxi SRR1239653
Taizhongxianxuan2 C068 Indica II Taiwan SRR1239668
Dangyu5hao C069 Indica II Anhui SRR1239669
Qitoubaigu C078 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239678
Jinnante43B C112 Indica I Hunan SRR1239712
Xiangzaoxian7hao C113 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239713
WH115 C115 Indica II Hunan SRR1239715
Gu154 C118 Indica II Unknown SRR1239718
XiangaiB C121 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1239721
Jinzhinuo C132 Indica Intermediate Yunnan SRR1239732
Minghui63 C147 Indica II Unknown SRR1239747
9311 C148 Indica II Hunan SRR1239748
ZhuzhenB C159 Indica I Hunan SRR1239759
Gzhenshan97B C161 Indica I Sichuan SRR1239761
Nanxiongzaoyou C162 Indica Intermediate Guangdong SRR1239762
Zaoshuxianghei C163 Indica II Guangxi SRR1239763
IR661-1 C164 Indica II Unknown SRR1239764
Gui630 C166 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1239766
JWR221 C174 Indica II Unknown SRR1239774
Zhengxian232 C175 Indica Intermediate Jiangsu SRR1239775
Wukezhan C192 Indica Intermediate Fujian SRR1239792
Zaoxian240 C203 Indica I Anhui SRR1239803
Palung_2 CX100 Indica II Nepal ERS470465
Tek_Si_Chut CX102 Indica I China ERS470467
Tun__Sart CX107 Indica III Vietnam ERS470471
IR65600-27-1-2-2 CX117 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470482
TKM6 CX120 Indica Intermediate India ERS470486
Guang122 CX121 Indica II China ERS470487
IR71466-75-3-B-1 CX124 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470490
IRBB60 CX126 Indica II Philippines ERS470492
IRBB7 CX134 Indica II Philippines ERS470500
Minghui_63 CX145 Indica II China ERS470509
Seberang CX147 Indica Intermediate None ERS470511
Sri_Raja CX148 Indica III Malaysia ERS470512
Y134 CX15 Indica II China ERS470514
Chorofa CX150 Indica II Philippines ERS470515
Jalmagna CX153 Indica III India ERS470518
Khao_Dawk_Mali_105 CX154 Indica III Thailand ERS470519
MR84 CX156 Indica II Malaysia ERS470521
Shwe_War_Tun CX158 Indica III Vietnam ERS470523
IR42 CX161 Indica II Philippines ERS470526
None CX167 Indica II None
None CX168 Indica II None
None CX169 Indica II None
None CX177 Indica II None
None CX178 Indica Intermediate None
SLG1 CX182 Indica Intermediate Japan ERS470531
None CX185 Indica II None
None CX189 Indica II None
None CX190 Indica II None
None CX194 Indica II None
None CX197 Indica II None
None CX199 Indica II None
BR11 CX2 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470533
None CX200 Indica II None
None CX202 Indica Intermediate None
None CX203 Indica I None
IR2061-522-6-9 CX206 Indica II Philippines ERS470536
None CX215 Indica II None
FL478 CX219 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470545
PR106 CX22 Indica II India ERS470546
None CX222 Indica Intermediate None
IR77298-14-1-2 CX225 Indica II Philippines ERS470549
IR64-IL CX230 Indica II China ERS470554
IR55419-04 CX232 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470556
NSIC_RC9_(APO) CX235 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470559
Vandana CX236 Indica Intermediate None ERS470560
B6136-3-TB-0-1-5 CX237 Indica II Philippines ERS470561
BW311-9 CX238 Indica II Philippines ERS470562
TKM_9 CX24 Indica Intermediate India ERS470563
Carijo CX240 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS470564
2004 CX249 Indica II China ERS470570
Cisanggarung CX25 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470571
829 CX250 Indica II China ERS470572
None CX258 Indica I None
PADISENEMOK CX263 Indica Intermediate None ERS470576
MONOLAYA CX265 Indica Intermediate United States ERS470577
ARROZVERMELHO CX268 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470580
Khazar CX27 Indica III Iran ERS470582
TAICHUNGNATIVE1 CX270 Indica I China ERS470583
IR8192-200-3-3-1-1 CX276 Indica II Philippines ERS470587
IR68 CX278 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470589
D11 CX288 Indica Intermediate China ERS470598
None CX289 Indica II None
Duo_57 CX290 Indica II China ERS470600
D15 CX291 Indica II China ERS470601
None CX292 Indica II None
None CX293 Indica II None
None CX294 Indica II None
BR24 CX3 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470603
None CX300 Indica II None
None CX301 Indica II None
None CX302 Indica II None
Luyin_46 CX304 Indica Intermediate China ERS470606
ZH5 CX305 Indica II China ERS470607
Hnankar CX31 Indica II Myanmar ERS470610
R106 CX313 Indica II China ERS470611
Mengguandamagu CX319 Indica Intermediate China ERS470617
None CX336 Indica II None
None CX337 Indica II None
None CX338 Indica II None
Hua_565 CX341 Indica Intermediate China ERS470625
Wanxian_763 CX342 Indica II China ERS470626
PSBRC80 CX357 Indica II Philippines ERS470642
42686 CX364 Indica II None ERS470649
Ganwanxian_37_(926) CX366 Indica II China ERS470651
IRBB62 CX369 Indica II Philippines ERS470654
OM997 CX37 Indica II Vietnam ERS470655
Chenghui_727 CX370 Indica II China ERS470656
NERICA-L-1 CX375 Indica II Africa ERS470661
NERICA-L-27 CX377 Indica II Africa ERS470663
Kogomg_1-1 CX382 Indica II None ERS470668
NPT-100 CX385 Indica II China ERS470671
1088 CX387 Indica II None ERS470673
KR200 CX388 Indica II Thailand ERS470674
93072 CX4 Indica Intermediate China ERS470685
IR64a CX403 Indica II Philippines ERS470689
None CX408 Indica II None ERS804445
None CX409 Indica II None ERS804446
None CX410 Indica II None ERS804447
None CX411 Indica II None ERS804448
None CX413 Indica II None ERS804449
None CX414 Indica II None ERS804450
None CX416 Indica II None ERS804451
None CX417 Indica II None ERS804452
None CX418 Indica II None ERS804453
None CX419 Indica II None ERS804454
None CX420 Indica II None ERS804455
None CX421 Indica II None ERS804456
None CX422 Indica II None ERS804457
None CX423 Indica II None ERS804458
None CX424 Indica II None ERS804459
None CX425 Indica II None ERS804460
None CX426 Indica II None ERS804461
None CX430 Indica II None
Duoxi_1_ CX431 Indica II China ERS470692
None CX432 Indica II None
None CX433 Indica II None
None CX434 Indica II None
None CX435 Indica Intermediate None
None CX437 Indica II None
None CX440 Indica II None
None CX442 Indica II None
None CX444 Indica II None
None CX445 Indica Intermediate None
None CX454 Indica Intermediate None
None CX460 Indica I None
None CX463 Indica Intermediate None
None CX464 Indica Intermediate None
None CX468 Indica I None
None CX472 Indica Intermediate None
None CX474 Indica Intermediate None
None CX475 Indica II None
None CX479 Indica Intermediate None
PT60 CX48 Indica II China ERS470697
None CX480 Indica II None
None CX482 Indica II None
None CX483 Indica II None
None CX486 Indica Intermediate None
None CX488 Indica II None
None CX490 Indica Intermediate None
None CX491 Indica I None
108S CX5 Indica II China ERS470699
Babaomi CX51 Indica Intermediate China ERS470701
Diandun_502 CX52 Indica Intermediate China ERS470702
Jiangxisimiao CX53 Indica Intermediate China ERS470703
None CX537 Indica II None
None CX540 Indica Intermediate None
None CX549 Indica Intermediate None
None CX550 Indica Intermediate None
None CX559 Indica Intermediate None
None CX560 Indica II None
None CX561 Indica II None ERS804465
Bhavani CX61 Indica Intermediate India ERS470715
IRAT_352 CX64 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470717
MR77(Seberang_) CX70 Indica Intermediate Malaysia ERS470723
IR6 CX73 Indica II Philippines ERS470726
Cs94 CX79 Indica II Vietnam ERS470732
Chenghui_448 CX8 Indica II China ERS470733
OM1706 CX80 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470734
X21 CX82 Indica II Vietnam ERS470735
X22 CX83 Indica II Vietnam ERS470736
X23 CX84 Indica II Vietnam ERS470737
M202 CX89 Indica II United States ERS470742
Chhomromg CX90 Indica II Nepal ERS470744
Govind CX91 Indica II India ERS470745
Swarna CX94 Indica III India ERS470748
Doddabyranella CX98 Indica Intermediate India ERS470751
IR29 GP10 Indica II Philippine ERR036614
IR_11297-158-1-1 GP101 Indica II IRRI ERR036705
IR_13240-10-1 GP102 Indica II IRRI ERR036706
IR_13543-66 GP105 Indica II IRRI ERR036709
MRC_603-303 GP108 Indica II Philippine ERR036712
IR_2006-P12-12-2-R GP111 Indica II IRRI ERR036715
Lebonot GP115 Indica Intermediate US ERR036717
IR_54 GP116 Indica II IRRI ERR036718
B1896-29-4-3-1 GP118 Indica II Indonesia ERR036720
IR_1416-131-5 GP119 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036721
IR_39 GP12 Indica II IRRI ERR036616
77-061 GP120 Indica II Philippine ERR036722
IR_9129-136-2 GP121 Indica II IRRI ERR036723
IR661 GP13 Indica II Philippine ERR036617
IR_17494-32-3-1-1-3 GP130 Indica II IRRI ERR036732
IR_9752-71-3-2 GP132 Indica II IRRI ERR036734
Suweon_287 GP135 Indica II North Korea ERR036736
IR_15529-256-1 GP136 Indica II IRRI ERR036737
Suweon_290 GP137 Indica II North Korea ERR036738
IR_15685-2-2-2-3 GP138 Indica II IRRI ERR036739
IR25588-7-3-1 GP139 Indica II IRRI ERR036740
IR_789-98-2-3-2-2 GP14 Indica II IRRI ERR036618
IR25924-51-2-3 GP140 Indica II IRRI ERR036741
C_1252-9 GP143 Indica II Philippine ERR036744
IR_1702-74-3-2 GP16 Indica II IRRI ERR036620
IR_2061-464-2-4-5 GP17 Indica II IRRI ERR036621
IR_2061-628-1-6-4-3 GP18 Indica II IRRI ERR036622
IR_2070-796-1-4-3 GP19 Indica II IRRI ERR036623
IR_2307-84-2-1-2 GP21 Indica II IRRI ERR036625
IR_3941-25-1 GP24 Indica II IRRI ERR036628
IR_4215-409-2-3 GP25 Indica II IRRI ERR036629
IR_4409-65-3 GP27 Indica II IRRI ERR036631
IR_4422-164-3-6 GP28 Indica II IRRI ERR036632
Secano_do_Brazil GP3 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERR036608
IR_4432-84-3-1 GP30 Indica II IRRI ERR036634
IR_5311-46-3 GP31 Indica II IRRI ERR036635
C_1064-13 GP4 Indica Intermediate Philippine ERR036609
Te-tep GP41 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERR036645
Paddy_Musk_Healnaoi GP46 Indica I India ERR036650
Mudo GP539 Indica Intermediate India ERR036787
Kbarai_Ganja GP540 Indica Intermediate Pakistan ERR036788
Nonglinnuo-184 GP553 Indica Intermediate Japan ERR036801
IAC_435 GP573 Indica III Brazil ERR036821
Rizhongyouhao-3 GP587 Indica II Japan ERR036833
IRI_352 GP593 Indica II North Korea ERR036839
Suweon_289 GP637 Indica II North Korea ERR036880
X69-56-12-10-6-3 GP64 Indica II Burma ERR036668
Rathu_Heenati GP645 Indica III Sri Lanka ERR036888
IR_4227-109-1-3 GP65 Indica II IRRI ERR036669
Aoyu-314 GP676 Indica I Japan ERR036919
IR_5533-PP856-1 GP68 Indica Intermediate IRRI ERR036672
IR_7149-5-2-1-1 GP69 Indica II IRRI ERR036673
IR_7149-23-2-3-1 GP70 Indica II IRRI ERR036674
IR_9209-26-2 GP72 Indica II IRRI ERR036676
IR_4707-123-3 GP73 Indica II IRRI ERR036677
Kinandang_Patong GP75 Indica Intermediate Philippine ERR036679
Rojfotsy_1285 GP76 Indica II Madagascar ERR036680
IR_4422-98-3-6-1 GP80 Indica II IRRI ERR036684
IR_4567-69-1-3 GP81 Indica II IRRI ERR036685
IR_5657-33-2 GP82 Indica II IRRI ERR036686
IR_4563-52-1-3-6 GP84 Indica II IRRI ERR036688
RD4 GP85 Indica I Thailand ERR036689
IR_24 GP9 Indica II Philippine ERR036613
IR_9758-150-3 GP91 Indica II IRRI ERR036695
IR_10181-58-3-1 GP93 Indica II IRRI ERR036697
IR_8608-253-5-3-2 GP97 Indica II IRRI ERR036701
None GP99 Indica II IRRI ERR036703
Langxihongken HP143 Indica I China ERR037171
Ningdexian HP177 Indica Intermediate China ERR009739
Baiyinqiu HP181 Indica Intermediate China ERR009589
Xiyeqing HP185 Indica I China ERR009829
Panyeqing HP193 Indica I China ERR009649
Dayeliu HP195 Indica I China ERR009810
Heigudadao HP196 Indica I China ERR009782
Huazhan HP201 Indica Intermediate China ERR009721
Haiwu HP202 Indica I China ERR009816
Lengshuibai HP204 Indica I China ERR009682
baimizai HP209 Indica Intermediate China ERR009803
Huaihe HP214 Indica I China ERR009521
Xianshuichi HP216 Indica Intermediate China ERR009544
Liuzhuzhan HP218 Indica Intermediate China ERR009863
Qimei-1 HP222 Indica Intermediate China ERR009741
Zaodaxian HP226 Indica I China ERR009939
Jianongxianyu-36 HP227 Indica II China ERR009615
Changweizhan HP232 Indica II China ERR009929
Wanjinxian HP234 Indica I China ERR009753
Datiezao HP239 Indica Intermediate China ERR009947
Huohandao HP252 Indica I China ERR009790
Jibiezi HP254 Indica I China ERR009632
Gedadao HP257 Indica I China ERR009723
Zaodaogu HP285 Indica I China ERR009804
Hongjiaozhan HP287 Indica Intermediate China ERR009831
Gouyingdu HP299 Indica I China ERR009774
Xiaojiugu HP307 Indica I China ERR009946
Makezhan-2 HP324 Indica I China ERR009877
Hongmimozhan HP332 Indica I China ERR009731
Yangmianzao HP333 Indica I China ERR009482
Ribengu HP340 Indica I China ERR009498
Dahuayao HP351 Indica I China ERR009847
Jijiaonuo HP356 Indica Intermediate China ERR009942
Yunnanbai HP374 Indica I China ERR009745
Shaowubai HP387 Indica I China ERR009838
Shuibaizhan HP399 Indica I China ERR009698
Jianan-9 HP411 Indica Intermediate China ERR009775
Qiyulenghe HP416 Indica Intermediate China ERR009819
Danuo HP42 Indica Intermediate China ERR009492
Bendiwan HP431 Indica Intermediate China ERR009704
Suanguzao HP442 Indica I China ERR009442
Zaogu-E HP458 Indica I China ERR009696
Sanzibai HP459 Indica I China ERR009755
Sanshizi HP465 Indica I China ERR009483
Niutouwu HP520 Indica Intermediate China ERR009622
Hongmizhong HP522 Indica I China ERR009758
Changjingchi HP524 Indica I China ERR009479
Guazizhan HP537 Indica I China ERR009569
Hongminuo HP560 Indica I China ERR009452
Erpozao HP565 Indica II China ERR009765
Makenuo HP567 Indica I China ERR009666
Hongmimagu-2 HP571 Indica I China ERR009581
Shuilanzhanhongmi HP576 Indica I China ERR009560
Haonuobixian HP608 Indica Intermediate China ERR009709
Chongfubao HP612 Indica Intermediate China ERR009619
Zhefu-802 HP993 Indica I China ERR037207
C_662083 IRIS_313-10001 Indica II China ERS468140
GARURA IRIS_313-10007 Indica III Nepal ERS468141
NS252 IRIS_313-10030 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS467872
RIZ_TYPE_SORGHO IRIS_313-10035 Indica III Madagascar ERS468147
TSIMATAHOPAOSA IRIS_313-10050 Indica III Madagascar ERS468152
EX_FOILAEIN(NAPUTO) IRIS_313-10113 Indica Intermediate Mozambique ERS468155
FACAGRO_64 IRIS_313-10114 Indica Intermediate Burundi ERS468156
SAN_SHIH_TSI IRIS_313-10129 Indica I China ERS468157
PIN_GAEW_56 IRIS_313-10134 Indica III Thailand ERS468158
RD19 IRIS_313-10147 Indica III Thailand ERS468159
RD15 IRIS_313-10151 Indica III Thailand ERS468161
HE-GU-TSAO IRIS_313-10154 Indica I China ERS468162
BR-IRGA-409 IRIS_313-10161 Indica II Brazil ERS468163
YA_NONG_ZAO_4 IRIS_313-10171 Indica I China ERS468167
GAO_JIAO_BAI IRIS_313-10178 Indica I China ERS468169
DA_NUO(ZHAN) IRIS_313-10189 Indica I China ERS468171
MIN_KE_ZHAN IRIS_313-10191 Indica Intermediate China ERS468173
EPEAL_102 IRIS_313-10220 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS468298
PSBRC50 IRIS_313-10234 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468178
PSBRC68 IRIS_313-10235 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468179
PSBRC86 IRIS_313-10237 Indica II Philippines ERS468180
PSBRC88 IRIS_313-10238 Indica II Philippines ERS468181
AMISTAD_82 IRIS_313-10247 Indica II Cuba ERS468183
ALTAMIRA_9 IRIS_313-10257 Indica Intermediate Nicaragua ERS468299
CEA_3 IRIS_313-10260 Indica Intermediate Paraguay ERS468184
ICTA_CRISPO_38 IRIS_313-10274 Indica II Guatemala ERS467883
ECIA_24-107-1 IRIS_313-10293 Indica II Cuba ERS468189
IR_21015-72-3-3-3-1 IRIS_313-10294 Indica II Philippines ERS468190
3210 IRIS_313-10298 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS468301
CT_9506-18-7-1T-2 IRIS_313-10300 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS467916
IRGA_959-1-2-2F-4-1-4A-6-CA-6X IRIS_313-10301 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS468192
INIAP_6 IRIS_313-10307 Indica Intermediate Ecuador ERS468193
RUSTIC IRIS_313-10318 Indica Intermediate Guyana ERS468231
CAMPONI IRIS_313-10325 Indica Intermediate Suriname ERS468195
B_6136-3-TB-0-1-5 IRIS_313-10333 Indica II Indonesia ERS467917
B_6136_E-3-TB-0-1-5 IRIS_313-10334 Indica II Indonesia ERS467918
B_6149_F-MR-7 IRIS_313-10337 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS467919
BR_4973-34-6-6 IRIS_313-10340 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468303
CSR-90_IR-2 IRIS_313-10349 Indica Intermediate India ERS467922
CT_9737-6-1-1-2-2P-M IRIS_313-10352 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS467923
IR_52718-B-B-6-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-10357 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468304
IR_57514-PMI_5-B-1-2 IRIS_313-10360 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468233
IR_63295-AC_209-7 IRIS_313-10361 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468198
IR_65483-111-5-9-2-11 IRIS_313-10366 Indica II Philippines ERS468199
IR_67518-B-11-1-B IRIS_313-10371 Indica II Philippines ERS468234
IR_69502-6-SRN-3-UBN-1-B IRIS_313-10374 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468200
IR_75870-5-8-5-B-1 IRIS_313-10385 Indica II Philippines ERS468201
IR_80310-12-B-1-3-B IRIS_313-10394 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468202
IR_80340-23-B-12-6-B IRIS_313-10396 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468203
IRGA_346-111-2-1F IRIS_313-10399 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS467925
IRGA_370-38-1-1F-C4-2 IRIS_313-10400 Indica II Colombia ERS467884
IRGA_411-1-6-1F-A IRIS_313-10402 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS468205
IRGA_659-1-2-2-2 IRIS_313-10403 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS467926
RR_272-17-829 IRIS_313-10412 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS467928
YN_1353-3 IRIS_313-10423 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS467832
SERAUP_50 IRIS_313-10428 Indica III Malaysia ERS469360
TP_MIL_53 IRIS_313-10433 Indica III Philippines ERS469377
LING_TA_150 IRIS_313-10452 Indica I China ERS469364
PULUT_NANGKA_016 IRIS_313-10480 Indica III Indonesia ERS469373
PILIT_(7480)_SELN_(CI_12007) IRIS_313-10484 Indica I Philippines ERS469374
CE-IN-TSAN IRIS_313-10497 Indica I China ERS469378
AMBARIKORI IRIS_313-10509 Indica III Africa ERS469384
CAMPENA IRIS_313-10514 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469388
NONE IRIS_313-10516 Indica III United States ERS469390
NATURAL_HYBRID_C33-8 IRIS_313-10520 Indica III Myanmar ERS469394
PTB18 IRIS_313-10523 Indica Intermediate India ERS469416
KHAO_BAI_SRI IRIS_313-10524 Indica III None ERS469427
GAMTI_1-34 IRIS_313-10536 Indica Intermediate Tanzania ERS469397
BELLO IRIS_313-10542 Indica III India ERS469402
221_BC4-1-45-10 IRIS_313-10550 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469409
LUA_DEN_MUA IRIS_313-10556 Indica III Vietnam ERS469413
KONG_MARETH_4_T1 IRIS_313-10557 Indica III Cambodia ERS469414
TA-PAI-MAUNG IRIS_313-10560 Indica I China ERS469418
221_B-36-1-1-1-1 IRIS_313-10565 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469423
221_C-391-1-3-3 IRIS_313-10566 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469424
KOTHMALLI_KARUPPAN IRIS_313-10572 Indica III Nigeria ERS469430
KAILUNDO IRIS_313-10574 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469432
HAM_MOON IRIS_313-10614 Indica Intermediate China ERS469460
SR26_B IRIS_313-10640 Indica III India ERS469464
NAHNG_PRAYAH_132 IRIS_313-10650 Indica III Thailand ERS469470
Chao_peuak_deng IRIS_313-10652 Indica III Laos ERS469472
ARC_6052 IRIS_313-10664 Indica III India ERS469484
ARC_7236 IRIS_313-10667 Indica III India ERS469486
ARC_7255 IRIS_313-10668 Indica III India ERS469487
ARC_10581 IRIS_313-10671 Indica Intermediate India ERS469489
ARC_10846 IRIS_313-10674 Indica III India ERS469492
ARC_10916 IRIS_313-10676 Indica Intermediate India ERS469494
PADI_PULUT IRIS_313-10687 Indica III Malaysia ERS469504
PADI_TIMBUN IRIS_313-10688 Indica III Malaysia ERS469505
RANDAH_SASAK IRIS_313-10692 Indica III Indonesia ERS469508
HAJI_HARUN_38 IRIS_313-10694 Indica III Malaysia ERS469510
SIAM_ER_16 IRIS_313-10697 Indica III Malaysia ERS469512
RADIN_GOI IRIS_313-10698 Indica III Malaysia ERS469513
BUJANG IRIS_313-10699 Indica III Malaysia ERS469514
CHANTEK_145 IRIS_313-10700 Indica III Malaysia ERS469515
RADIN_EBOS_35 IRIS_313-10701 Indica III Malaysia ERS469516
JAROM_EMAS IRIS_313-10702 Indica III Malaysia ERS469517
ANAK_CHINA IRIS_313-10706 Indica III Malaysia ERS469521
ANAK_DIDEK IRIS_313-10707 Indica III Malaysia ERS469522
HEENDIKWEE IRIS_313-10720 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS469526
MOTANGE_PAHELLO_LAULE IRIS_313-10733 Indica III Nepal ERS469540
MAMAS IRIS_313-10742 Indica III Indonesia ERS469550
TRANG_LUA IRIS_313-10750 Indica III Vietnam ERS469559
NEP_BA_BONG_TO IRIS_313-10755 Indica III Vietnam ERS469564
PEUAK_NAM_43 IRIS_313-10757 Indica III Thailand ERS469567
ATJEH IRIS_313-10760 Indica III Indonesia ERS469570
BANDI IRIS_313-10762 Indica III Indonesia ERS469572
GADABUNG(GUNDIL) IRIS_313-10768 Indica III Indonesia ERS469576
GAJA_BARU IRIS_313-10769 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469577
GOJOT IRIS_313-10772 Indica III Indonesia ERS469580
HEGAR_MANAH IRIS_313-10774 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469582
INDEL IRIS_313-10775 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469583
KAMAS IRIS_313-10777 Indica III Indonesia ERS469585
KENTJANA_MAHANG IRIS_313-10778 Indica III Indonesia ERS469586
KERAN_DUKUH IRIS_313-10779 Indica III Indonesia ERS469587
KETAN_NARIS IRIS_313-10782 Indica III Indonesia ERS469590
KWATIK_PUTIH IRIS_313-10787 Indica III Indonesia ERS469596
MANGSUR IRIS_313-10791 Indica III Indonesia ERS469600
MATIANG IRIS_313-10792 Indica III Indonesia ERS469601
NARUN IRIS_313-10797 Indica III Indonesia ERS469607
PUAK IRIS_313-10804 Indica III Indonesia ERS469643
RADEN_DJAWA(GUNDIL) IRIS_313-10806 Indica III Indonesia ERS469663
RANDA_KUNING IRIS_313-10807 Indica III Indonesia ERS469673
SEGON_BENGGALA IRIS_313-10810 Indica III Indonesia ERS469612
SEMPOR IRIS_313-10811 Indica III Indonesia ERS469613
SERUNEN IRIS_313-10812 Indica III Indonesia ERS469614
SIAM_BARABAI IRIS_313-10813 Indica III Indonesia ERS469615
SIBORAS IRIS_313-10814 Indica III Indonesia ERS469616
TJERE_ENER IRIS_313-10819 Indica III Indonesia ERS469621
TJERE_MANGGA IRIS_313-10820 Indica III Indonesia ERS469623
TJ._PERAK IRIS_313-10821 Indica III Indonesia ERS469624
UNGGAS IRIS_313-10822 Indica III Indonesia ERS469625
HOING_CANTEL IRIS_313-10824 Indica III Indonesia ERS469627
LUBUK_LINGGAU IRIS_313-10842 Indica III Indonesia ERS469646
NONE IRIS_313-10844 Indica III Indonesia ERS469647
ARC_6015 IRIS_313-10847 Indica III India ERS469649
ARC_10159 IRIS_313-10855 Indica III India ERS469658
ARC_10537 IRIS_313-10856 Indica Intermediate India ERS469659
ARC_10825 IRIS_313-10857 Indica Intermediate India ERS469660
ARC_12124 IRIS_313-10879 Indica Intermediate India ERS469683
ARC_13373 IRIS_313-10897 Indica III India ERS469732
KUOL_DAUN_THNONG IRIS_313-10905 Indica III Cambodia ERS469703
LUA_NEP_4416 IRIS_313-10906 Indica III Cambodia ERS469704
NEANG_MAC IRIS_313-10910 Indica III Cambodia ERS469708
NEANG_SAATH_K_45 IRIS_313-10912 Indica III Cambodia ERS469710
PHAT_PRORMOL IRIS_313-10913 Indica III Cambodia ERS469712
PHCAR_SLA_KI IRIS_313-10915 Indica III Cambodia ERS469713
KOLONGI_BAO IRIS_313-10929 Indica III India ERS469728
BRONDOL_PUTIH IRIS_313-10935 Indica III Indonesia ERS469735
PULUT_WAJIT IRIS_313-10937 Indica III Indonesia ERS469737
SIGUPAI IRIS_313-10938 Indica III Indonesia ERS469738
SITANDANG IRIS_313-10940 Indica III Indonesia ERS469739
SINTHA IRIS_313-10941 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469740
BANDANG_BUNGKUAKLAN IRIS_313-10942 Indica III Indonesia ERS469741
PADI_BENOT IRIS_313-10943 Indica III Indonesia ERS469743
SIPULUT_SUBANG IRIS_313-10944 Indica III Indonesia ERS469744
NANE IRIS_313-10947 Indica III Indonesia ERS469747
JENDA_ABANG IRIS_313-10951 Indica III Indonesia ERS469751
PADI_GRUNDUL_1 IRIS_313-10954 Indica III Indonesia ERS469755
PADI_PUYUH IRIS_313-10955 Indica III Indonesia ERS469756
TARING_PELUNDUK IRIS_313-10961 Indica III Indonesia ERS469762
TERUNG_DAUN IRIS_313-10962 Indica III Indonesia ERS469763
NANG_SAU_DO IRIS_313-10970 Indica III Vietnam ERS469772
BADAL IRIS_313-10971 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469773
BAKASI IRIS_313-10996 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469792
KETAN_RASO IRIS_313-10998 Indica III Indonesia ERS469794
PULUT_PUTIH IRIS_313-11010 Indica III Indonesia ERS469806
SUNAR IRIS_313-11011 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS469807
BENGKA_KERSEK IRIS_313-11043 Indica III Malaysia ERS469842
THAO_LOUANG IRIS_313-11081 Indica III Laos ERS469894
PONG_SANG_A IRIS_313-11087 Indica III Cambodia ERS469960
CADUNG_SO_BLOC_1 IRIS_313-11096 Indica III Vietnam ERS469891
KALAGNON IRIS_313-11097 Indica III Philippines ERS469892
KOLUBA IRIS_313-11098 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS469893
NONE IRIS_313-11108 Indica III Liberia ERS469904
KAL_SHULI IRIS_313-11113 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469910
SOC_NAU(BIEN_THE) IRIS_313-11118 Indica III Vietnam ERS469915
NEP_BUNG IRIS_313-11119 Indica III Vietnam ERS469917
DHALA_AMAN_973 IRIS_313-11125 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS469923
ANBAW IRIS_313-11126 Indica III Myanmar ERS469924
GOKAUNG IRIS_313-11128 Indica III Myanmar ERS469926
NGALONGYI IRIS_313-11137 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469936
NWACHI_MANINE IRIS_313-11139 Indica III Myanmar ERS469939
SHWEPULAY IRIS_313-11142 Indica III Myanmar ERS469942
YODAYA IRIS_313-11149 Indica III Myanmar ERS469950
NONE IRIS_313-11151 Indica III Myanmar ERS469952
AC74 IRIS_313-11152 Indica I India ERS469953
NONE IRIS_313-11160 Indica III Liberia ERS469962
SXC216 IRIS_313-11176 Indica III India ERS470003
DELI_POCONG IRIS_313-11177 Indica III Indonesia ERS470013
RUJAK_DANAN IRIS_313-11178 Indica III Indonesia ERS470024
SI_OMPAN_LAMA IRIS_313-11179 Indica III Indonesia ERS470035
SIPULUIK_ARANG IRIS_313-11180 Indica III Indonesia ERS470046
TAMBA_PERAK IRIS_313-11181 Indica III Indonesia ERS470057
CEMPO_CINA IRIS_313-11182 Indica III Indonesia ERS469977
GAHB_AWY_2-1 IRIS_313-11193 Indica III Thailand ERS469983
KUMRI IRIS_313-11206 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469997
PAIRJAT IRIS_313-11207 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469998
PARIJAT IRIS_313-11208 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469999
BLACK_28-564 IRIS_313-11219 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470010
PATNAI_31-679 IRIS_313-11224 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470016
SADAJIRA_19-258 IRIS_313-11226 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470018
SPR7284-57-5 IRIS_313-11233 Indica II Thailand ERS470026
LIGUNGTUNG IRIS_313-11234 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470027
PINILING_DANIEL IRIS_313-11235 Indica III Philippines ERS470028
LIONG_ORN IRIS_313-11236 Indica III None ERS470029
TAICHUNG_SEN-YU_214 IRIS_313-11237 Indica II China ERS470030
B_737G-KN-23-1 IRIS_313-11239 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470032
RATNAGIRI_45-2 IRIS_313-11243 Indica Intermediate India ERS470037
IR_9560-2-6-3 IRIS_313-11250 Indica II Philippines ERS470044
ADR52 IRIS_313-11252 Indica III India ERS470047
TIEN_SOM IRIS_313-11254 Indica III Vietnam ERS470049
ARC_12411 IRIS_313-11256 Indica Intermediate India ERS470051
ARC_13591 IRIS_313-11260 Indica Intermediate India ERS470055
ARC_13785 IRIS_313-11261 Indica III India ERS470056
ARC_13888_BROWN_SPOTS_ON_STRAW IRIS_313-11262 Indica III India ERS470058
ARC_13919 IRIS_313-11263 Indica Intermediate India ERS470059
ARC_13934 IRIS_313-11264 Indica III India ERS470060
ARC_14632 IRIS_313-11269 Indica Intermediate India ERS470095
ARC_14860 IRIS_313-11273 Indica Intermediate India ERS470137
ARC_14975 IRIS_313-11275 Indica Intermediate India ERS470063
ARC_15486 IRIS_313-11280 Indica Intermediate India ERS470068
ARC_18001 IRIS_313-11284 Indica III India ERS470072
ARC_18325 IRIS_313-11286 Indica Intermediate India ERS470075
ARC_18371 IRIS_313-11287 Indica III India ERS470076
ARC_12800 IRIS_313-11296 Indica Intermediate India ERS470086
ARC_14709 IRIS_313-11300 Indica III India ERS470090
ARC_14899 IRIS_313-11302 Indica Intermediate India ERS470092
ARC_15385 IRIS_313-11306 Indica Intermediate India ERS470097
PADI_HITAM IRIS_313-11312 Indica III Indonesia ERS470103
PENDEK_LAYUNG IRIS_313-11315 Indica III Indonesia ERS470107
RANTAT IRIS_313-11316 Indica III Indonesia ERS470108
SI_RANTING IRIS_313-11317 Indica III Indonesia ERS470109
TUBU IRIS_313-11318 Indica III Indonesia ERS470110
KENCANA_RANDAH IRIS_313-11319 Indica III Indonesia ERS470111
MAYAS_PUTIH IRIS_313-11320 Indica III Indonesia ERS470112
BR51-115-4 IRIS_313-11326 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS470119
JAO'_HAWN_MAE_JAN IRIS_313-11327 Indica III Thailand ERS470120
DINGRAS IRIS_313-11334 Indica III Philippines ERS470125
PODAO IRIS_313-11342 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470134
SAMON IRIS_313-11344 Indica III Philippines ERS470136
LANJALI IRIS_313-11365 Indica Intermediate India ERS470159
RANACHANDRABHOG IRIS_313-11369 Indica III India ERS470162
HONDERAWALA IRIS_313-11382 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS470174
CHIEM_NGAN IRIS_313-11383 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470175
CHIEM_TONG_NHAT_1 IRIS_313-11384 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470176
IR_9747_SEL IRIS_313-11385 Indica II Philippines ERS470177
KHAO_DAWK_MALI_TIA IRIS_313-11386 Indica III Thailand ERS470178
SAHM_RUANG_NAK IRIS_313-11387 Indica III Thailand ERS470179
LEUANG_PRA_TAHN IRIS_313-11389 Indica III Thailand ERS470181
NONE IRIS_313-11394 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470186
ECHORSAIL IRIS_313-11400 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470192
AEB368_RIP_P_TYPE_ADT IRIS_313-11403 Indica III India ERS470195
CUTTACK_29 IRIS_313-11409 Indica III India ERS470201
TULASIBAS IRIS_313-11421 Indica III India ERS470212
C_1016-1 IRIS_313-11423 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470214
C_166-135 IRIS_313-11431 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468648
ISWAR_KORA IRIS_313-11432 Indica Intermediate India ERS468649
ARC_18533 IRIS_313-11443 Indica III India ERS468660
NCS102 IRIS_313-11445 Indica III India ERS468661
MACAPAGAL IRIS_313-11467 Indica III Philippines ERS468681
CULALANSI IRIS_313-11471 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468683
PR106 IRIS_313-11480 Indica II India ERS468691
KHAGRAI_DIGHA IRIS_313-11486 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS468697
TV30 IRIS_313-11507 Indica II Vietnam ERS468715
PRADOO_DAENG IRIS_313-11509 Indica III Thailand ERS468718
BKN-BR-1031-78-5-4 IRIS_313-11515 Indica Intermediate None ERS468740
IR_3839-1 IRIS_313-11516 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468750
TAN_NONG IRIS_313-11521 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS468788
ADIALLO IRIS_313-11523 Indica III Senegal ERS468724
NAHNG_KHAO_BOW IRIS_313-11534 Indica III Thailand ERS468732
PAH_DI_MI_RAHK IRIS_313-11535 Indica III Thailand ERS468733
SHWE_SABA IRIS_313-11547 Indica III Myanmar ERS468746
FELEGBASEH IRIS_313-11551 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468749
TUBMAN IRIS_313-11556 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468753
NULI IRIS_313-11558 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468755
LANG_QIAN_CHE IRIS_313-11577 Indica Intermediate China ERS468771
NONE IRIS_313-11585 Indica Intermediate China ERS468777
MR69 IRIS_313-11588 Indica III Malaysia ERS468779
KHAO_BAWNG IRIS_313-11608 Indica III Thailand ERS468811
MAE_HAWM IRIS_313-11609 Indica III Thailand ERS468821
WUA_PAN_LAK IRIS_313-11610 Indica III Thailand ERS468831
MANARE(PHOM) IRIS_313-11615 Indica III Guinea ERS468793
NCS771_A IRIS_313-11646 Indica III India ERS468823
NCS901_A IRIS_313-11650 Indica III India ERS468826
JIN_HUA_258 IRIS_313-11665 Indica I China ERS468842
LONG_GE_33 IRIS_313-11666 Indica I China ERS468843
RONG_DAO_4 IRIS_313-11668 Indica I China ERS468845
BEUA_KAE IRIS_313-11674 Indica III Thailand ERS468850
KHAO'_PAWM IRIS_313-11681 Indica III Thailand ERS468856
PLAWNG_SAENG IRIS_313-11685 Indica III Thailand ERS468860
BAHN_DAENG IRIS_313-11704 Indica III Thailand ERS468921
KHAO'_NOK-4 IRIS_313-11706 Indica III Thailand ERS468935
KHAO_SAHKORN IRIS_313-11707 Indica III Thailand ERS468944
LEUANG_KHAJAWN IRIS_313-11709 Indica III Thailand ERS468873
ITA_245 IRIS_313-11713 Indica III Nigeria ERS468877
SOSSOKA IRIS_313-11716 Indica III Guinea ERS468879
JATI_MANI IRIS_313-11717 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468880
DISSIGBE IRIS_313-11723 Indica III Guinea ERS468886
KONYAN IRIS_313-11724 Indica III Guinea ERS468887
HONG_YANG_ZAO_3 IRIS_313-11727 Indica I China ERS468890
QING_ER_XIAO_2 IRIS_313-11730 Indica Intermediate China ERS468893
YI_LI_ZHONG IRIS_313-11735 Indica Intermediate China ERS468898
E_4197 IRIS_313-11747 Indica I China ERS468911
L_10595 IRIS_313-11750 Indica Intermediate China ERS468913
BORIZINA_640 IRIS_313-11757 Indica III Madagascar ERS468920
NS1515 IRIS_313-11762 Indica III Madagascar ERS468926
ROJON'NY_NTAOLO IRIS_313-11772 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468933
AUS_78-125 IRIS_313-11773 Indica III Gambia ERS468934
KILOMBERO IRIS_313-11780 Indica III Tanzania ERS468937
MBEIMBEIHUN IRIS_313-11784 Indica II Sierra Leone ERS468940
MOSHI IRIS_313-11785 Indica III Tanzania ERS468941
VARY_LAHY IRIS_313-11791 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468948
E_ZI_32 IRIS_313-11797 Indica I China ERS469003
78_XUAN_WU IRIS_313-11806 Indica I China ERS468955
R_762 IRIS_313-11808 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS468957
PULURE IRIS_313-11810 Indica III Kenya ERS468959
KIKUBA IRIS_313-11814 Indica III Kenya ERS468964
MOSHI IRIS_313-11815 Indica III Kenya ERS468965
KARILETYONE IRIS_313-11816 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468966
PADINTHUMA IRIS_313-11819 Indica III Myanmar ERS468969
PAKISTANHMWE IRIS_313-11820 Indica III Myanmar ERS468970
KANDEKE_YAIGAITI IRIS_313-11830 Indica III Gambia ERS468981
BOO_MAE IRIS_313-11833 Indica III Thailand ERS468985
E-NOI_NAH IRIS_313-11835 Indica III Thailand ERS468987
KHAO_KO_RAOH IRIS_313-11836 Indica III Thailand ERS468988
KHAO_NAHNG_PRUNG IRIS_313-11837 Indica III Thailand ERS468989
LEUM_DERN IRIS_313-11838 Indica III Thailand ERS468990
NIAW_NAHK_KRAD IRIS_313-11840 Indica III Thailand ERS468992
NIAW_YUANG_KHANUN IRIS_313-11842 Indica III Thailand ERS468995
PAN_DAWK_MAHK IRIS_313-11843 Indica III Thailand ERS468996
PUEY_TAW IRIS_313-11844 Indica III Thailand ERS468997
PULUT_BURUNG IRIS_313-11848 Indica III Malaysia ERS469000
SESAT_JADI IRIS_313-11850 Indica III Malaysia ERS469002
BAI_MI_ZAI_7 IRIS_313-11852 Indica I China ERS469005
BU_ZHI_MING IRIS_313-11853 Indica I China ERS469006
DA_HEI_GU IRIS_313-11856 Indica I China ERS469009
HONG_DU_BAI IRIS_313-11863 Indica I China ERS469017
MA_WEI_ZHAN IRIS_313-11869 Indica I China ERS469022
SAN_ZHAO_QI IRIS_313-11871 Indica I China ERS469025
TIE_ZHONG IRIS_313-11872 Indica I China ERS469026
AI_DA IRIS_313-11876 Indica I China ERS469028
IR_4683-54-2 IRIS_313-11886 Indica II Philippines ERS469046
IR_19058-107-1 IRIS_313-11887 Indica II Philippines ERS469057
LOC_TRANG_MUON IRIS_313-11894 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS469036
BA_TUC_RAN IRIS_313-11895 Indica III Vietnam ERS469037
TI_NGI IRIS_313-11901 Indica III Thailand ERS469043
CEMPO_TURI IRIS_313-11902 Indica III Indonesia ERS469044
PADI_SIRANDAH_KUNING IRIS_313-11904 Indica III Indonesia ERS469047
PAYO_TINGGI IRIS_313-11905 Indica III Indonesia ERS469048
HONG_MI_JIU_GONG_JI IRIS_313-11909 Indica I China ERS469052
ESCONDE_CACHO IRIS_313-11912 Indica III Brazil ERS469055
KHAO_GAHB_BUA IRIS_313-11921 Indica III Thailand ERS469065
SAWK_GAM_MAH IRIS_313-11925 Indica III Thailand ERS469070
ITA_117 IRIS_313-11930 Indica II Nigeria ERS469075
KONG_KHSACH_BANG_KATT IRIS_313-11935 Indica III Cambodia ERS469080
NEANG_MINH_TONN IRIS_313-11936 Indica III Cambodia ERS469081
MOUI_SAMBA IRIS_313-11941 Indica II Burkina Faso ERS469086
HOU_LU_BAI IRIS_313-11948 Indica I China ERS469093
DAW_LUEY_4-3 IRIS_313-11957 Indica Intermediate Thailand ERS469102
PUANG_MAHLAI_KHAO IRIS_313-11958 Indica III Thailand ERS469103
KAGIOS_PUTI IRIS_313-11959 Indica III Philippines ERS469104
PORONG IRIS_313-11960 Indica II Indonesia ERS469105
KHAO_SETTI IRIS_313-11962 Indica III Thailand ERS469107
NKUMBAN_NDINGO IRIS_313-11974 Indica III Liberia ERS469119
IR_5657-33-2 IRIS_313-11978 Indica II Philippines ERS469124
IR_19661-364-1-2-3 IRIS_313-11979 Indica II Philippines ERS469125
TAMBAS_JANGKOK IRIS_313-11989 Indica III Brunei ERS469127
TAISEN_GLUTINOUS_YU_1157 IRIS_313-11990 Indica II China ERS469128
CHON IRIS_313-11991 Indica III Laos ERS469129
Chao_lao_soung IRIS_313-11992 Indica III Laos ERS469130
DAMNOEUB_KAUN_KHMOM IRIS_313-11998 Indica III Cambodia ERS469137
LAANG IRIS_313-12000 Indica III Cambodia ERS469139
CHE_MAH IRIS_313-12005 Indica III Malaysia ERS469143
EX_AUBERGE IRIS_313-12016 Indica I Egypt ERS469154
ACEH(SELECTION) IRIS_313-12027 Indica III Indonesia ERS469160
MUOY_KUM IRIS_313-12038 Indica III Cambodia ERS469169
NEANG_AN IRIS_313-12039 Indica III Cambodia ERS469171
PHCAR_KABAS IRIS_313-12042 Indica III Cambodia ERS469174
SAMBOK_ANGKRANG IRIS_313-12043 Indica III Cambodia ERS469175
SAR_SIEM IRIS_313-12044 Indica III Cambodia ERS469176
KUJAM_KURIT IRIS_313-12046 Indica III Indonesia ERS469178
LEMAK_RUSA IRIS_313-12047 Indica III Indonesia ERS469179
LIMA IRIS_313-12048 Indica III Indonesia ERS469180
ADUKKAN IRIS_313-12052 Indica Intermediate India ERS469185
KUL_REUSEI IRIS_313-12058 Indica III Cambodia ERS469190
NONE IRIS_313-12067 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469198
KYAUK_KYI(LEAVES_DROOPING) IRIS_313-12072 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS469204
KASHMIRI IRIS_313-12079 Indica Intermediate Pakistan ERS469233
KA_GIL IRIS_313-12080 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469241
NONE IRIS_313-12081 Indica III Philippines ERS469244
NEANG_CHEK IRIS_313-12096 Indica III Cambodia ERS469211
NEANG_MINH IRIS_313-12097 Indica III Cambodia ERS469212
SOK_SOV IRIS_313-12102 Indica III Cambodia ERS469214
Hma_gneng IRIS_313-12128 Indica III Laos ERS469222
PERUBAK_LUEY IRIS_313-12135 Indica II Malaysia ERS469229
ATT_CHHMOUS IRIS_313-12142 Indica III Cambodia ERS469234
Srau_Khgnaerng IRIS_313-12143 Indica III Cambodia ERS469235
Arng'-kar_Phar-ong IRIS_313-12147 Indica III Cambodia ERS469238
DAMNOEUB_KRACHAK_SESS IRIS_313-12151 Indica III Cambodia ERS469240
Damm-noeb_Thngorn' IRIS_313-12152 Indica III Cambodia ERS469242
Pa_Pha-ea IRIS_313-12161 Indica III Cambodia ERS469243
AE_NOUA IRIS_313-12185 Indica III Laos ERS469249
BAO_DAM IRIS_313-12186 Indica I Laos ERS469250
CHAO_DO IRIS_313-12188 Indica III Laos ERS469252
SALA IRIS_313-12207 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469257
Pa_lat_ngan IRIS_313-12225 Indica III Laos ERS469264
WUGU IRIS_313-12237 Indica I China ERS469273
PULUT_MINYAK IRIS_313-12240 Indica III Indonesia ERS469274
MAYATAUNG IRIS_313-12268 Indica III Myanmar ERS469287
TOAM_JUM IRIS_313-12270 Indica III Myanmar ERS469289
KAUK_HNYINGWA IRIS_313-12287 Indica III Myanmar ERS469304
JON_JAN IRIS_313-12290 Indica III Myanmar ERS469308
NGA_CHEKH_FAT IRIS_313-12291 Indica III Myanmar ERS469309
SABALINE IRIS_313-12296 Indica III Myanmar ERS469311
SAM_SI IRIS_313-12308 Indica III Laos ERS469322
PSBRC18 IRIS_313-12319 Indica II Philippines ERS469327
FEDEARROZ_50 IRIS_313-15896 Indica II Colombia ERS467753
SANHUANGZHAN_NO_2 IRIS_313-15897 Indica Intermediate China ERS467754
IR_4630-22-2-5-1-3 IRIS_313-15898 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467755
IR_84196-12-32(SAMBHA_MAHSURI_+_SUB1) IRIS_313-15900 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS467757
IR_77298-14-1-2-10 IRIS_313-15901 Indica II Philippines ERS467758
IAC_165 IRIS_313-15903 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS467760
IR_73571-3B-11-3-K2 IRIS_313-15906 Indica II Philippines ERS467763
ADNY_11 IRIS_313-7636 Indica II Mali ERS468573
B_6144-MR-6-0-0 IRIS_313-7641 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468589
BOTOHAVANA_139 IRIS_313-7650 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468584
BOTRA_MAITSO IRIS_313-7651 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468577
BOUAKE_189 IRIS_313-7654 Indica Intermediate Ivory Coast ERS468579
CICA_8 IRIS_313-7664 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS468595
CT_6510-24-1-2 IRIS_313-7665 Indica Intermediate Colombia ERS468551
DANAU_LAUT_TAWAR IRIS_313-7668 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS468553
IR_2344-P1_PB-9-3-2B IRIS_313-7690 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468572
IR_28 IRIS_313-7691 Indica II Philippines ERS468564
IR_55411-50 IRIS_313-7696 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468578
IR_57924-24 IRIS_313-7699 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468605
NONA_BOKRA IRIS_313-7736 Indica III India ERS468565
ROJOKELY IRIS_313-7758 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468593
UPL_RI-7 IRIS_313-7797 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468590
VARY_LAVA_DE_MAROVATO IRIS_313-7799 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468561
WAS_170-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-7807 Indica II Senegal ERS468569
WAS_173-B-B-6-2-2 IRIS_313-7808 Indica II Senegal ERS468552
WAS_174-B-3-5 IRIS_313-7809 Indica Intermediate Senegal ERS468643
WAS_21-B-B-20-4-3-3 IRIS_313-7824 Indica II Senegal ERS468583
WAS_33-B-B-15-1-4-5 IRIS_313-7826 Indica II Senegal ERS468566
WAS_63-22-5-9-10-1 IRIS_313-7832 Indica II Senegal ERS468550
ORIONE IRIS_313-8068 Indica Intermediate Italy ERS468486
ARIANA IRIS_313-8069 Indica Intermediate Romania ERS468530
MERLE IRIS_313-8215 Indica Intermediate France ERS468656
KHAO_DAWK_MALI_105 IRIS_313-8253 Indica III Thailand ERS467791
CO_39 IRIS_313-8265 Indica Intermediate India ERS467874
AVO IRIS_313-8288 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS467866
CARREON IRIS_313-8292 Indica III Philippines ERS467867
SAGNADE IRIS_313-8293 Indica III Senegal ERS468237
ARC_11867 IRIS_313-8315 Indica III India ERS468207
RADIN_PAHANG IRIS_313-8316 Indica III Malaysia ERS467911
MENTIK_TJERE_BELUT IRIS_313-8368 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS467934
ARC_13530 IRIS_313-8401 Indica III India ERS467835
NACHIN_ER_12 IRIS_313-8407 Indica III Malaysia ERS468242
UPRH233 IRIS_313-8435 Indica I India ERS467940
SARA IRIS_313-8457 Indica III Indonesia ERS468243
CHAW_GAM_PRUED IRIS_313-8466 Indica III Thailand ERS468244
LEONG_ORN_4135 IRIS_313-8468 Indica III Malaysia ERS468245
NAM_SA-GUI_19 IRIS_313-8485 Indica III Thailand ERS467947
KUNENG IRIS_313-8492 Indica III Malaysia ERS468210
DHANE_BURWA IRIS_313-8530 Indica III India ERS468211
NG._KARAN_DE IRIS_313-8536 Indica III Indonesia ERS467950
SERENDAH_SUNGAI_DUA_25 IRIS_313-8557 Indica III Malaysia ERS468247
LARHA_MUGAD IRIS_313-8568 Indica III India ERS467875
ES021(STRAW) IRIS_313-8571 Indica III Tanzania ERS468248
ARC_11901 IRIS_313-8585 Indica III India ERS467952
SIAM_ER_32 IRIS_313-8591 Indica III Malaysia ERS468249
MAKALIOKA_STANDARD IRIS_313-8595 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468250
AC13(T_141) IRIS_313-8606 Indica III None ERS468213
DAJA IRIS_313-8643 Indica III Indonesia ERS468252
KOLITONDO IRIS_313-8681 Indica III Guinea ERS468253
KHAO_PRAHJIN IRIS_313-8702 Indica III Thailand ERS468255
KUTAI_PAYA IRIS_313-8723 Indica III Malaysia ERS468217
PULUT_BARAYA IRIS_313-8725 Indica III Indonesia ERS468259
SADAJIRA_19-287 IRIS_313-8737 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467970
REMOL IRIS_313-8744 Indica III Indonesia ERS467971
HNANWA IRIS_313-8751 Indica III Myanmar ERS468262
SIDIK IRIS_313-8767 Indica III Indonesia ERS468263
TAPANG IRIS_313-8781 Indica III Malaysia ERS468264
105 IRIS_313-8783 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS467974
LEUANG_AWN IRIS_313-8785 Indica III Thailand ERS468265
ARANG IRIS_313-8791 Indica III Indonesia ERS467869
KHAO_THI_RATE IRIS_313-8793 Indica III Myanmar ERS468266
KATUNG IRIS_313-8811 Indica III Malaysia ERS468267
RELLY IRIS_313-8812 Indica III Indonesia ERS467976
KETAN_KUNANG_KUNENG IRIS_313-8831 Indica III Indonesia ERS468268
ARC_14060 IRIS_313-8844 Indica III India ERS467978
BAIANG_6 IRIS_313-8846 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS467979
ASHMBER IRIS_313-8850 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467980
E_ZI_96 IRIS_313-8859 Indica I China ERS467982
KHAO_PLAH_LAI_NAK IRIS_313-8870 Indica III Thailand ERS468270
LEUANG_DAM IRIS_313-8895 Indica III Thailand ERS467985
BPI_76_NON-SENSITIVE(GREEN) IRIS_313-8903 Indica III Philippines ERS467870
AGAI_1 IRIS_313-8922 Indica III Indonesia ERS468271
MUKKALA_BAZAL IRIS_313-8930 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS467993
PATISAIL IRIS_313-8932 Indica III Bangladesh ERS467994
ARC_11524 IRIS_313-8946 Indica III India ERS467997
BUCAYAB IRIS_313-8948 Indica III Philippines ERS467998
RADEN_KARAMUNTING IRIS_313-8956 Indica III Indonesia ERS467999
BAM_9 IRIS_313-8957 Indica III India ERS468000
ARC_18112 IRIS_313-8982 Indica Intermediate India ERS468004
ARC_10754 IRIS_313-8986 Indica Intermediate India ERS468006
ARC_14064 IRIS_313-8994 Indica III India ERS468008
TJERE_SUGI IRIS_313-9005 Indica III Indonesia ERS468273
PING_SHAN_TA_TSWEN_KU IRIS_313-9017 Indica Intermediate China ERS468011
LEUANG_CHAIYAPHUM IRIS_313-9020 Indica III Thailand ERS468013
IR_42 IRIS_313-9044 Indica II Philippines ERS467876
MAE_MAI_LUD_NI IRIS_313-9062 Indica III Thailand ERS468309
KONTOL_86 IRIS_313-9070 Indica III Malaysia ERS468019
SI_MERIA IRIS_313-9098 Indica III Indonesia ERS468277
MANUS IRIS_313-9102 Indica III Malaysia ERS468278
XIA-ZHI-BAI IRIS_313-9111 Indica I China ERS467839
LEUANG_YAI_344 IRIS_313-9112 Indica III Thailand ERS468021
LEUANG_YAI_29-12-2 IRIS_313-9115 Indica III Thailand ERS468023
LEUANG_YAI_2_B_72 IRIS_313-9116 Indica III Thailand ERS468024
BAJAR_KUNING_PAHIT IRIS_313-9117 Indica III Indonesia ERS468279
LEUANG_YAI_29-12-46 IRIS_313-9119 Indica III Thailand ERS468025
GOJOL_GORIA IRIS_313-9139 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468029
THIERNO_BANDE IRIS_313-9160 Indica III Senegal ERS468220
KHAO_MON IRIS_313-9182 Indica III Myanmar ERS468032
TUMBA IRIS_313-9188 Indica III Indonesia ERS468281
KACIK_TARAM IRIS_313-9208 Indica III Indonesia ERS468038
LEUANG_LAI_MAE_PRAJAN IRIS_313-9209 Indica III Thailand ERS468039
KUATEK IRIS_313-9210 Indica III Malaysia ERS468040
WP65 IRIS_313-9227 Indica II Thailand ERS468042
JANDA_LAOR IRIS_313-9251 Indica III Indonesia ERS468043
RADEN_SAWO_1 IRIS_313-9273 Indica III Indonesia ERS468223
KHAO_KAI IRIS_313-9281 Indica III Thailand ERS468050
LEUANG_TAWNG_SOOK IRIS_313-9286 Indica III Thailand ERS468052
SONAMUKHI IRIS_313-9287 Indica III India ERS468053
TONG_MAH IRIS_313-9288 Indica III Thailand ERS468282
PUTEH_KACA IRIS_313-9310 Indica III Indonesia ERS468284
ARC_10799 IRIS_313-9313 Indica Intermediate India ERS468055
KAAKARAN IRIS_313-9314 Indica III Indonesia ERS467877
SIPULUT_HITAM_PENDEK IRIS_313-9320 Indica III Indonesia ERS468057
KERITING_TINGGI IRIS_313-9329 Indica III Indonesia ERS468285
LUA_CHAN_HUONG IRIS_313-9342 Indica III Vietnam ERS468224
ARC_13778 IRIS_313-9347 Indica III India ERS468060
BK26 IRIS_313-9348 Indica III India ERS468061
PARA_NELLU IRIS_313-9351 Indica Intermediate India ERS467840
NCS964_C IRIS_313-9400 Indica Intermediate India ERS467794
GUMPANGAR IRIS_313-9409 Indica III Malaysia ERS468225
CHNNOR IRIS_313-9484 Indica III India ERS468075
BINUHANGIN IRIS_313-9503 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468076
ARC_11857 IRIS_313-9560 Indica III India ERS468084
KHAO_CHUAN_CHOM_452 IRIS_313-9567 Indica III Thailand ERS468086
ASU IRIS_313-9572 Indica Intermediate Bhutan ERS468088
UNNAMED IRIS_313-9574 Indica III Brunei ERS468089
SADOK IRIS_313-9582 Indica III Malaysia ERS468226
NCS194 IRIS_313-9605 Indica I India ERS468096
PESAGRO_102 IRIS_313-9623 Indica II Brazil ERS468100
ARC_15873 IRIS_313-9634 Indica III India ERS468101
BONG_BOI IRIS_313-9637 Indica III Vietnam ERS468102
UNGGUL IRIS_313-9694 Indica III Malaysia ERS468293
TAIPEI_WOO-CO IRIS_313-9706 Indica I China ERS468106
ROJOFOTSY IRIS_313-9740 Indica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468228
REX*2/BBT_50 IRIS_313-9767 Indica Intermediate United States ERS468114
CRILLO_LA_FRIA IRIS_313-9822 Indica I Venezuela ERS468118
SML_AWINI IRIS_313-9841 Indica Intermediate Suriname ERS468121
SIGARDIS IRIS_313-9867 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468123
QUERO_ASSAN IRIS_313-9898 Indica III Portugal ERS468124
MEKENZIE_SMALL IRIS_313-9935 Indica III Guyana ERS468296
TIKAL_3 IRIS_313-9940 Indica II Guatemala ERS468131
SOLOMON_RED_RICE IRIS_313-9944 Indica III Solomon Islands ERS468297
CICA_9 IRIS_313-9966 Indica II Colombia ERS468133
KULA_KARUPPAN IRIS_313-9968 Indica Intermediate Sri Lanka ERS468134
SOM_DIGUIME IRIS_313-9986 Indica III Guinea ERS468137
MELEKE IRIS_313-9989 Indica III Ivory Coast ERS468138
Mayang_Khang W001 Indica I Indonesia SRR1239804
Ai_Chueh_Ta_Pai_Ku W029 Indica Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239832
Thang_10 W030 Indica Intermediate Vietnam SRR1239833
Sipirasikkam W031 Indica I Indonesia SRR1239834
TJ W032 Indica I Guyana SRR1239835
PD_46 W033 Indica I Sri Lanka SRR1239836
K8C-263-3 W035 Indica Intermediate Suriname SRR1239838
Manga_Kely_694 W037 Indica Intermediate Madagascar SRR1239840
INIAP_7 W040 Indica II Ecuador SRR1239843
BKN_6987-68-14 W044 Indica II Thailand SRR1239847
Kao_Chio_Lin_Chou W058 Indica I Taiwan SRR1239861
IR_2061-214-2-3 W073 Indica II Philippines SRR1239876
Sapundali_Local W075 Indica Intermediate India SRR1239878
CNTLR80076-44-1-1-1 W083 Indica Intermediate Thailand SRR1239886
IR_58614-B-B-8-2 W084 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239887
KECHENGNUO_NO._4 W085 Indica Intermediate China SRR1239888
Egyptian_Wild_Type W089 Indica III Turkey SRR1239892
Srav_Prapay W093 Indica III Cambodia SRR1239896
JP_5 W107 Indica Intermediate Pakistan SRR1239910
Hsin_Hsing_Pai_Ku W132 Indica I Taiwan SRR1239935
Shimla_Early W135 Indica Intermediate Iraq SRR1239938
CM1;_HAIPONG W137 Indica Intermediate Vietnam SRR1239940
4595 W138 Indica I China SRR1239941
10340 W146 Indica I Italy SRR1239949
BR11 W147 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh SRR1239950
BR24 W148 Indica Intermediate India SRR1239951
CDR22 W152 Indica II China SRR1239955
Chenghui448 W153 Indica II Sichuan SRR1239956
R644 W159 Indica II China SRR1239962
Y134 W161 Indica II China SRR1239964
IR72 W169 Indica II Unknown SRR1239972
PR106 W170 Indica II Pakistan SRR1239973
TKM9 W171 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1239974
Manawthukha W178 Indica III Philippines SRR1239981
OM997 W183 Indica II VietNam SRR1239986
PSB_RC_66 W185 Indica II Philippines SRR1239988
F6 W194 Indica II Japan SRR1239997
Ai-Zi-DAO W197 Indica II China SRR1240000
Babaomi W198 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240001
Diantun502 W199 Indica Intermediate yunnan SRR1240002
Heiheaihui W200 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240003
Jiangxisimiao W201 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1240004
Laohudao W202 Indica Intermediate Zhejiang SRR1240005
Wumanggaonuo W206 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240009
Bhavani W212 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240015
IR50 W213 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240016
IRAT352 W217 Indica Intermediate Indonesia SRR1240020
TB154E-TB-2 W218 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240021
MR77_(seberang) W221 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1240024
ir6 W222 Indica II Pakistan SRR1240025
OM1706 W227 Indica Intermediate Viet Nam SRR1240030
OM1723 W228 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240031
X21 W229 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240032
X22 W230 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240033
X23 W231 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240034
Pokhreli W236 Indica II Philippines SRR1240039
Govnd W237 Indica II Unknown SRR1240040
TGMS29 W240 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240043
Dodda W243 Indica II Unknown SRR1240046
Palung_2 W244 Indica II Philippines SRR1240047
TKM6 W245 Indica Intermediate India SRR1240048
Up15 W259 Indica II Japan SRR1240062
SADAJIRA-19-303 W263 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240066
La110 W265 Indica Intermediate United States SRR1240068
Yunjiang35 W266 Indica III Unknown SRR1240069
IR65600-27-1-2-2 W269 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1240072
P59279 W271 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240074
Er_chiu_ching W274 Indica I China SRR1240077
IR_661-1-140-3-117 W289 Indica II Philippines SRR1240092
IR_2071-625-1-252 W291 Indica II Philippines SRR1240094
LEBONNET W295 Indica II United States SRR1240098
IR_36 W298 Indica II Philippines SRR1240101
IR_64 W301 Indica II Philippines SRR1240104
NSICRC122 W309 Indica II Philippines SRR1240112
CIGEULIS W312 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240115
BRRI_DHAN_28 W314 Indica II Bangladesh SRR1240117
CIBOGO W315 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240118
CIHERANG W317 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240120
Qiuqianbai W318 Indica I Anhui SRR1240121