The list of cultivars for vg0619349707 with genotype A in the Indica III population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
PICO_NEGRO IRIS_313-10158 Indica III Ecuador ERS467843
MAGSIING IRIS_313-10510 Indica III Philippines ERS469385
TJERE_MANGGA IRIS_313-10820 Indica III Indonesia ERS469623
NANE IRIS_313-10947 Indica III Indonesia ERS469747
KALAGNON IRIS_313-11097 Indica III Philippines ERS469892
ARC_18064 IRIS_313-11285 Indica III India ERS470074
ARC_15373 IRIS_313-11305 Indica III India ERS470096
C_28-16 IRIS_313-11410 Indica III Myanmar ERS470202
ANGIFOTSY_685 IRIS_313-7638 Indica III Madagascar ERS468568
Heo_Trang W114 Indica III Vietnam SRR1239917