The list of cultivars for vg0515732737 with genotype T in the All Japonica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Lixingeng_ B117 Temperate Japonica China ERS470327
Cunsanli B205 Temperate Japonica China ERS470409
M202 C014 Japonica Intermediate India SRR1239614
cunsanli C074 Temperate Japonica Jiangsu SRR1239674
Ninghui21 C119 Temperate Japonica Unknown SRR1239719
Qd_441 CX138 Temperate Japonica China ERS470501
None CX187 Temperate Japonica None
None CX188 Temperate Japonica None
02428-IL CX277 Temperate Japonica China ERS470588
Maravilha CX280 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERS470591
C349 CX286 Japonica Intermediate China ERS470596
Yunlu_102 CX355 Tropical Japonica China ERS470640
Yunlu_103 CX359 Tropical Japonica China ERS470644
Haogelao CX367 Tropical Japonica China ERS470652
NERICA_1 CX371 Tropical Japonica Africa ERS470657
Hongza_ CX383 Temperate Japonica China ERS470669
None CX520 Temperate Japonica None
Vista GP117 Tropical Japonica US ERR036719
IAC_25 GP39 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERR036643
Vary_Lava_10 GP5 Tropical Japonica Madagascar ERR036610
S.Panlo GP543 Tropical Japonica US ERR036791
Blue_Belle_CI9544 GP544 Tropical Japonica US ERR036792
63-83(Acc.14725) GP55 Tropical Japonica Ivory Coast ERR036659
Delta GP565 Temperate Japonica France ERR036813
Roma GP568 Temperate Japonica Italy ERR036816
Euribe GP588 Japonica Intermediate Italy ERR036834
Bogor_8 GP59 Japonica Intermediate Philippine ERR036663
Baru GP611 Japonica Intermediate Australia ERR036855
Nato_CI8998 GP617 Japonica Intermediate US ERR036861
MILYANG63 GP634 Temperate Japonica North Korea ERR036877
Tebonnet GP640 Tropical Japonica US ERR036883
Sky_bonnet GP642 Tropical Japonica US ERR036885
IRAT_170 GP644 Tropical Japonica Ivory Coast ERR036887
B5517A-15-4-9-1 GP679 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERR036922
J229 GP680 Japonica Intermediate Cuba ERR036923
NOVELLI_GIGANTE GP685 Japonica Intermediate Italy ERR036928
HURI_386 GP691 Temperate Japonica Hungary ERR036934
Hongxian HP178 Temperate Japonica China ERR009528
Gaojiaohuang HP371 Temperate Japonica China ERR009545
Maweizhan HP403 Temperate Japonica China ERR009935
Baijingzhan HP47 Japonica Intermediate China ERR009815
Podao HP614 Japonica Intermediate China ERR009705
KALAPATLE IRIS_313-10025 Japonica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468412
FORTUNA_COLORADO IRIS_313-10444 Tropical Japonica United States ERS469359
NONE IRIS_313-10459 Temperate Japonica China ERS469368
DJALAWARA IRIS_313-10766 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS469574
ARC_7263 IRIS_313-10850 Tropical Japonica India ERS469653
ARC_11802 IRIS_313-10872 Japonica Intermediate India ERS469676
T.Q.QI._QINYUHAYUHA IRIS_313-10918 Tropical Japonica Philippines ERS469716
PARE_MAROMBA IRIS_313-10948 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS469748
Khao_pa_siev IRIS_313-11092 Japonica Intermediate Laos ERS469887
K_113 IRIS_313-11155 Temperate Japonica India ERS469956
BRANCO_PRECOCE IRIS_313-11425 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERS470216
GOLO IRIS_313-11527 Tropical Japonica Ivory Coast ERS468728
DELI_2 IRIS_313-12030 Tropical Japonica Malaysia ERS469164
HANG IRIS_313-12076 Japonica Intermediate Laos ERS469217
BODA_148-3 IRIS_313-7850 Japonica Intermediate Madagascar ERS468614
CNA-7BO11>33-13-6-1 IRIS_313-7866 Tropical Japonica Colombia ERS468610
GOGO IRIS_313-7885 Tropical Japonica Indonesia ERS468617
IRAT_335 IRIS_313-7924 Tropical Japonica Bolivia ERS468609
KAKANI_2 IRIS_313-7933 Japonica Intermediate Nepal ERS468611
VARY_LAVA_DE_BETAFO IRIS_313-7993 Tropical Japonica Madagascar ERS468608
RUBIDIO IRIS_313-8053 Japonica Intermediate Italy ERS468477
80_UPLA IRIS_313-8062 Tropical Japonica Argentina ERS468630
MESTRE IRIS_313-8121 Japonica Intermediate Italy ERS468501
FIDJI IRIS_313-8172 Japonica Intermediate Philippines ERS468641
A_201 IRIS_313-8173 Tropical Japonica United States ERS468510
GRAAL IRIS_313-8213 Japonica Intermediate France ERS468645
KAMJA IRIS_313-8302 Japonica Intermediate Bhutan ERS468373
DAGPA_MRAS IRIS_313-8486 Japonica Intermediate Bhutan ERS468310
TRES_MESES IRIS_313-8694 Tropical Japonica Brazil ERS468443
PUTTIGE IRIS_313-8921 Temperate Japonica India ERS467990
ARC_12536 IRIS_313-9053 Japonica Intermediate India ERS467902
DARAWAL IRIS_313-9101 Tropical Japonica Malaysia ERS467808
WA_BANG IRIS_313-9890 Temperate Japonica South Korea ERS468344
R_67 W065 Tropical Japonica Senegal SRR1239868
Padi_Tarab_Arab W102 Tropical Japonica Malaysia SRR1239905
Lua_Chua_Chan W110 Tropical Japonica Vietnam SRR1239913
Latisai1 W257 Tropical Japonica Unknown SRR1240060
NEW_BONNET W300 Tropical Japonica United States SRR1240103
Haolvguangnian W326 Japonica Intermediate Guizhou SRR1240129