The list of cultivars for vg0224504649 with genotype A in the Intermediate population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Geng_7623 B141 Intermediate China ERS470351
Ginga CX112 Intermediate Japan ERS470477
None CX261 Intermediate None
MR39 CX316 Intermediate China ERS470614
Tog5674 CX400 Intermediate Africa ERS470686
C418 CX6 Intermediate China ERS470713
Rata_31-2_(Acc.29388) GP1 Intermediate Bengal ERR036606
GOGO IRIS_313-10739 Intermediate Indonesia ERS469547
GASMAL_339 IRIS_313-11066 Intermediate Bangladesh ERS469868
ARC_6579 IRIS_313-11290 Intermediate India ERS470079
LAWANGAI IRIS_313-11417 Intermediate India ERS470208
C1_6-5-2 IRIS_313-9818 Intermediate Mexico ERS467856
Ragasu W055 Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239858
TAINO_38 W128 Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239931
M3122 W158 Intermediate China SRR1239961
Ginga W261 Intermediate Japan SRR1240064