The list of cultivars for vg0224504649 with genotype A in the All Indica population:

Cultivar Name Cultivar ID Subpopulation Location Accession
Tianhandao B007 Indica III Vietnam ERS470225
CO_22 B011 Indica Intermediate India ERS470229
Padi_Ladang_Ase_Polo_Komek B026 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470243
Dumai B029 Indica II India ERS470246
Xiangzaoxian_7 B064 Indica Intermediate China ERS470278
Jinxibai2_ B073 Indica Intermediate China ERS470287
Hongwan_1_ B120 Indica Intermediate China ERS470330
Zaoshuxiangheimi B123 Indica Intermediate China ERS470333
Honggenghangu3_ B135 Indica Intermediate China ERS470345
Pei_C122 B140 Indica I China ERS470350
Jiefangxian_ B198 Indica I China ERS470402
Menjiagao_1 B227 Indica Intermediate China ERS470427
Leihuozhan_ B259 Indica I China ERS470454
Sanbaili B264 Indica I China ERS470458
Wukezhan_ B265 Indica Intermediate China ERS470459
Sankecui C038 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239638
Sanbaili C055 Indica I Hunan SRR1239655
Hongwan1hao C065 Indica Intermediate Fujian SRR1239665
Menjiagao1 C094 Indica Intermediate Hainan SRR1239694
Jinxibai-1 C096 Indica Intermediate Jiangxi SRR1239696
Xiangzaoxian7hao C113 Indica Intermediate Hunan SRR1239713
Wuzuhonggu C140 Indica I Yunnan SRR1239740
Zaoshuxianghei C163 Indica II Guangxi SRR1239763
Zhengxian232 C175 Indica Intermediate Jiangsu SRR1239775
Leihuozhan C183 Indica I Anhui SRR1239783
Wukezhan C192 Indica Intermediate Fujian SRR1239792
Madhukar CX155 Indica III India ERS470520
W1263 CX160 Indica Intermediate India ERS470525
IR2061-522-6-9 CX206 Indica II Philippines ERS470536
None CX215 Indica II None
IR58821-23-1-3-1 CX233 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS470557
Amol3(Sana) CX26 Indica II Iran ERS470574
IR8192-200-3-3-1-1 CX276 Indica II Philippines ERS470587
None CX325 Indica Intermediate None
42686 CX364 Indica II None ERS470649
93072 CX4 Indica Intermediate China ERS470685
IR58025B CX44 Indica II Philippines ERS470693
None CX445 Indica Intermediate None
None CX490 Indica Intermediate None
Babaomi CX51 Indica Intermediate China ERS470701
None CX537 Indica II None
None CX539 Indica I None
Basmati CX60 Indica II India ERS470714
MR167 CX69 Indica Intermediate Malaysia ERS470722
BG304 CX76 Indica II Sri Lanka ERS470729
X22 CX83 Indica II Vietnam ERS470736
K_159 GP107 Indica Intermediate Uganda ERR036711
MRC_603-303 GP108 Indica II Philippine ERR036712
IR_2006-P12-12-2-R GP111 Indica II IRRI ERR036715
IR_54 GP116 Indica II IRRI ERR036718
IR_9129-136-2 GP121 Indica II IRRI ERR036723
IR_17494-32-3-1-1-3 GP130 Indica II IRRI ERR036732
IR_15685-2-2-2-3 GP138 Indica II IRRI ERR036739
IR_2061-464-2-4-5 GP17 Indica II IRRI ERR036621
IR_2061-628-1-6-4-3 GP18 Indica II IRRI ERR036622
IR_4427-253-5-1 GP29 Indica II IRRI ERR036633
Unnamed GP526 Indica Intermediate Thailand ERR036774
Salumoikit GP574 Indica III Philippine ERR036822
IR_7149-5-2-1-1 GP69 Indica II IRRI ERR036673
IR_7149-23-2-3-1 GP70 Indica II IRRI ERR036674
IR_9209-26-2 GP72 Indica II IRRI ERR036676
IR_4707-123-3 GP73 Indica II IRRI ERR036677
IR_10181-58-3-1 GP93 Indica II IRRI ERR036697
None GP99 Indica II IRRI ERR036703
Langxihongken HP143 Indica I China ERR037171
Huihuinuo HP164 Indica Intermediate China ERR037192
Ningdexian HP177 Indica Intermediate China ERR009739
Yanjing HP179 Indica Intermediate China ERR009626
Xiangxian HP183 Indica Intermediate China ERR009925
Banshanxian HP184 Indica I China ERR009637
Bayuenuo HP187 Indica I China ERR009463
Handao HP192 Indica Intermediate China ERR009941
Hongdounuo HP197 Indica Intermediate China ERR009653
Jiankenuo HP198 Indica Intermediate China ERR009672
Huazhan HP201 Indica Intermediate China ERR009721
Haiwu HP202 Indica I China ERR009816
Lengshuibai HP204 Indica I China ERR009682
Dingzhounuo HP205 Indica Intermediate China ERR009598
Mazimang HP207 Indica Intermediate China ERR009675
Wukejian HP210 Indica Intermediate China ERR009747
Huaihe HP214 Indica I China ERR009521
Liuzhuzhan HP218 Indica Intermediate China ERR009863
Qihe HP230 Indica Intermediate China ERR009549
Heigu HP233 Indica Intermediate China ERR009646
Pangqiunuo HP235 Indica Intermediate China ERR009471
Datiezao HP239 Indica Intermediate China ERR009947
Shanlan-19 HP242 Indica Intermediate China ERR009570
Handao HP243 Indica Intermediate China ERR009873
Luotianzaonuo HP244 Indica I China ERR009921
Tongzinuo HP245 Indica I China ERR009837
Nantianzhan HP246 Indica Intermediate China ERR009657
Caomaodan HP259 Indica I China ERR009681
Luanjiaohuangzhan HP268 Indica I China ERR009743
Fennuo HP273 Indica I China ERR009553
Hanhe-2 HP276 Indica Intermediate China ERR009904
Maonuo-2 HP277 Indica I China ERR009583
Yangkenuo HP281 Indica I China ERR009760
Xiangzhan-1 HP288 Indica Intermediate China ERR009611
Aizinuo HP291 Indica I China ERR009771
Guangkehongmixianzhan HP292 Indica I China ERR009481
Makehong HP296 Indica Intermediate China ERR009602
Gouyingdu HP299 Indica I China ERR009774
Hanzhangu HP304 Indica Intermediate China ERR009811
Honghandao-2 HP305 Indica Intermediate China ERR009595
Makezhan-2 HP324 Indica I China ERR009877
Daosiji HP325 Indica I China ERR009732
Maguhongmi HP327 Indica Intermediate China ERR009621
Nanxiangzao HP336 Indica I China ERR009664
Qizhan HP344 Indica III China ERR009465
Bairizao HP365 Indica I China ERR009461
Guihuanuo HP383 Indica I China ERR009534
Dengbaoqi HP394 Indica I China ERR009885
Jinkounuo HP395 Indica Intermediate China ERR009591
Qiyulenghe HP416 Indica Intermediate China ERR009819
Huanggu HP419 Indica I China ERR009833
Feigenuo HP424 Indica I China ERR009800
Nandazhan HP428 Indica I China ERR009767
Fengxiangzao HP435 Indica I China ERR009762
Liutiaozi HP440 Indica Intermediate China ERR009573
Banbiannuo-2 HP447 Indica I China ERR009784
Hongbendao HP449 Indica I China ERR009487
Zhuxizao HP450 Indica Intermediate China ERR009900
Youzhan HP457 Indica Intermediate China ERR009656
Gaicaozhan HP460 Indica I China ERR009940
Wanyedao HP463 Indica I China ERR009518
Sanshizi HP465 Indica I China ERR009483
Anhuihe HP485 Indica I China ERR009577
Zaowangzainuo HP495 Indica Intermediate China ERR009726
Hunuo HP497 Indica Intermediate China ERR009536
Xiangzhan HP502 Indica I China ERR009756
Hongmidongzhan HP503 Indica Intermediate China ERR009834
Niutouwu HP520 Indica Intermediate China ERR009622
Yizhixiang HP523 Indica Intermediate China ERR009708
Laobaijing HP527 Indica Intermediate China ERR009872
Haoanxiu HP529 Indica Intermediate China ERR009848
Baimiwujuzhan HP542 Indica I China ERR009557
Changmaozhan HP545 Indica I China ERR009922
Lengshuizi(Yehe) HP555 Indica Intermediate China ERR009599
Nuoganzi HP575 Indica I China ERR009735
Yanzhan HP577 Indica I China ERR009460
Qingganzhan HP578 Indica I China ERR009701
Mazhan-3 HP580 Indica I China ERR009648
Hongjiaoguang HP584 Indica I China ERR009484
Hongmazhan HP591 Indica I China ERR009523
Dahongjiao-3 HP597 Indica Intermediate China ERR009477
Salamagu-1 HP603 Indica I China ERR009763
Xiaobaigu HP604 Indica Intermediate China ERR009915
Ganhangunuo HP606 Indica I China ERR009840
Haonuobixian HP608 Indica Intermediate China ERR009709
Qinglannuo HP610 Indica Intermediate China ERR009575
Nantexuan HP613 Indica Intermediate China ERR009585
Hongnuo HP69 Indica I China ERR009561
TONG_GU_HONG IRIS_313-10226 Indica Intermediate China ERS468177
LIU_XU IRIS_313-10239 Indica Intermediate China ERS468182
SICAN IRIS_313-10285 Indica Intermediate Peru ERS467830
BR_4973-34-6-6 IRIS_313-10340 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468303
IR_52718-B-B-6-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-10357 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS468304
IR_67518-B-11-1-B IRIS_313-10371 Indica II Philippines ERS468234
WAR_87-7-A10-2-B-B-B-1 IRIS_313-10422 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468307
BINOLAYANGUN IRIS_313-10448 Indica III Philippines ERS469361
NONE IRIS_313-10449 Indica I China ERS469362
LUBANG_PUTI IRIS_313-10513 Indica III None ERS469387
NONE IRIS_313-10516 Indica III United States ERS469390
NATURAL_HYBRID_C33-8 IRIS_313-10520 Indica III Myanmar ERS469394
ADT12 IRIS_313-10527 Indica Intermediate India ERS469450
LUA_DEN_MUA IRIS_313-10556 Indica III Vietnam ERS469413
HAM_MOON IRIS_313-10614 Indica Intermediate China ERS469460
SR26_B IRIS_313-10640 Indica III India ERS469464
PREAH_SIHANOUK IRIS_313-10648 Indica III Cambodia ERS469468
ARC_6052 IRIS_313-10664 Indica III India ERS469484
ARC_6218 IRIS_313-10666 Indica III India ERS469485
ARC_7236 IRIS_313-10667 Indica III India ERS469486
ARC_10581 IRIS_313-10671 Indica Intermediate India ERS469489
ARC_10905 IRIS_313-10675 Indica Intermediate India ERS469493
ARC_10916 IRIS_313-10676 Indica Intermediate India ERS469494
Khan_thai_do IRIS_313-10681 Indica III Laos ERS469499
PA_KHENG IRIS_313-10682 Indica III Laos ERS469500
Ngan_tia IRIS_313-10683 Indica III Laos ERS469502
HAJI_HARUN_38 IRIS_313-10694 Indica III Malaysia ERS469510
CHANTEK_145 IRIS_313-10700 Indica III Malaysia ERS469515
ANAK_CHINA IRIS_313-10706 Indica III Malaysia ERS469521
MOUSOIR IRIS_313-10724 Indica III Senegal ERS469530
MINH-SOC(CAMBODIA) IRIS_313-10749 Indica III Vietnam ERS469558
NEP_BA_BONG_TO IRIS_313-10755 Indica III Vietnam ERS469564
BANDI IRIS_313-10762 Indica III Indonesia ERS469572
KERAN_DUKUH IRIS_313-10779 Indica III Indonesia ERS469587
RADEN_DJAWA(GUNDIL) IRIS_313-10806 Indica III Indonesia ERS469663
SIAM_BARABAI IRIS_313-10813 Indica III Indonesia ERS469615
TJERE_MANGGA IRIS_313-10820 Indica III Indonesia ERS469623
UNGGAS IRIS_313-10822 Indica III Indonesia ERS469625
UTRI_DELI IRIS_313-10823 Indica III Indonesia ERS469626
ARC_13373 IRIS_313-10897 Indica III India ERS469732
DAMNOEUB_KHSE_SAUT IRIS_313-10899 Indica III Cambodia ERS469753
DAMNOEUB_POR_HING IRIS_313-10900 Indica III Cambodia ERS469764
DAMNOEUB_THPOIL_HING IRIS_313-10901 Indica III Cambodia ERS469775
KREM_KRAHAM IRIS_313-10904 Indica III Cambodia ERS469702
NEANG_MAC IRIS_313-10910 Indica III Cambodia ERS469708
PHAT_PRORMOL IRIS_313-10913 Indica III Cambodia ERS469712
PHCAR_SLA_KI IRIS_313-10915 Indica III Cambodia ERS469713
Khao_phae_hom IRIS_313-10921 Indica III Laos ERS469719
HURANG_ARISO_LUTA IRIS_313-10966 Indica Intermediate Brazil ERS469768
MATI_CHAL IRIS_313-10977 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469780
HALDI_JAON IRIS_313-10986 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469790
ASE_BAKKA_LOMPO IRIS_313-10995 Indica III Indonesia ERS469878
CEMPO_MANGGAR IRIS_313-10997 Indica III Indonesia ERS469793
PULU_RENNI IRIS_313-11006 Indica III Indonesia ERS469802
KHAO_MAK_KHAM IRIS_313-11074 Indica III Laos ERS469876
Non_hai IRIS_313-11078 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469881
Phan_phae IRIS_313-11079 Indica III Laos ERS469882
Phae_meun_lan IRIS_313-11080 Indica III Laos ERS469883
Ea_tia IRIS_313-11083 Indica III Laos ERS469916
PONG_SANG_A IRIS_313-11087 Indica III Cambodia ERS469960
CADUNG_SO_BLOC_1 IRIS_313-11096 Indica III Vietnam ERS469891
KAL_SHULI IRIS_313-11113 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469910
SOC_NAU(BIEN_THE) IRIS_313-11118 Indica III Vietnam ERS469915
GOKAUNG IRIS_313-11128 Indica III Myanmar ERS469926
NGASEIN_THEEDAT(C_30) IRIS_313-11138 Indica III Myanmar ERS469937
PADAN IRIS_313-11140 Indica III Myanmar ERS469940
BKN7130-1017-2 IRIS_313-11192 Indica III Thailand ERS469982
DICULA IRIS_313-11196 Indica III Philippines ERS469986
GOCHIAGARI IRIS_313-11203 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469994
KAZALSAIL IRIS_313-11205 Indica III Bangladesh ERS469996
PATNAI_31-679 IRIS_313-11224 Indica III Bangladesh ERS470016
LIONG_ORN IRIS_313-11236 Indica III None ERS470029
TIEN_SOM IRIS_313-11254 Indica III Vietnam ERS470049
ARC_7056 IRIS_313-11255 Indica Intermediate India ERS470050
ARC_12411 IRIS_313-11256 Indica Intermediate India ERS470051
ARC_13785 IRIS_313-11261 Indica III India ERS470056
ARC_15319 IRIS_313-11278 Indica Intermediate India ERS470066
ARC_18001 IRIS_313-11284 Indica III India ERS470072
ARC_18371 IRIS_313-11287 Indica III India ERS470076
ARC_12800 IRIS_313-11296 Indica Intermediate India ERS470086
ARC_14299 IRIS_313-11299 Indica III India ERS470089
ARC_14709 IRIS_313-11300 Indica III India ERS470090
ARC_14868 IRIS_313-11301 Indica III India ERS470091
ARC_14899 IRIS_313-11302 Indica Intermediate India ERS470092
MAYAS_PUTIH IRIS_313-11320 Indica III Indonesia ERS470112
LOBANG(WHITE) IRIS_313-11338 Indica III Philippines ERS470130
MILAGROSA IRIS_313-11339 Indica III Philippines ERS470131
PURTOK(MALAGKIT) IRIS_313-11343 Indica III Philippines ERS470135
SAMON IRIS_313-11344 Indica III Philippines ERS470136
WAGWAG IRIS_313-11345 Indica III Philippines ERS470138
WAGWAG_RAOIS IRIS_313-11347 Indica III Philippines ERS470140
BACHHAIKALMA IRIS_313-11349 Indica III India ERS470142
DADKHANI IRIS_313-11358 Indica III India ERS470152
KHIRPULI IRIS_313-11364 Indica Intermediate India ERS470158
MAKARANDASAIL IRIS_313-11367 Indica III India ERS470160
RANACHANDRABHOG IRIS_313-11369 Indica III India ERS470162
SACHI IRIS_313-11370 Indica III India ERS470163
AMARILLO IRIS_313-11377 Indica III Philippines ERS470170
LINANGAN IRIS_313-11381 Indica III Philippines ERS470173
HONDERAWALA IRIS_313-11382 Indica III Sri Lanka ERS470174
CHIEM_NGAN IRIS_313-11383 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470175
CHIEM_TONG_NHAT_1 IRIS_313-11384 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS470176
SAHM_RUANG_NAK IRIS_313-11387 Indica III Thailand ERS470179
GLAM IRIS_313-11388 Indica III Thailand ERS470180
NAH_MOI IRIS_313-11390 Indica III Thailand ERS470182
NIAW_DAM IRIS_313-11391 Indica III Thailand ERS470183
NONE IRIS_313-11394 Indica Intermediate Indonesia ERS470186
AEB368_RIP_P_TYPE_ADT IRIS_313-11403 Indica III India ERS470195
A_28-6 IRIS_313-11406 Indica III Myanmar ERS470198
ISWAR_KORA IRIS_313-11432 Indica Intermediate India ERS468649
TUNAGANNAPNANG IRIS_313-11447 Indica Intermediate India ERS468663
BANGBANG IRIS_313-11472 Indica III Philippines ERS468684
KHAGRAI_DIGHA IRIS_313-11486 Indica Intermediate Bangladesh ERS468697
ARC_15480 IRIS_313-11490 Indica III India ERS468701
SKK IRIS_313-11500 Indica III Indonesia ERS468712
PAWNG_AEW_1 IRIS_313-11508 Indica III Thailand ERS468716
OYAK_PAKANG IRIS_313-11512 Indica III Philippines ERS468721
IR_4432-28-5 IRIS_313-11517 Indica II Philippines ERS468757
TAN_NONG IRIS_313-11521 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS468788
ADIALLO IRIS_313-11523 Indica III Senegal ERS468724
JAO_KHAO IRIS_313-11530 Indica III Thailand ERS468730
LINPAN_CHAW IRIS_313-11544 Indica III Myanmar ERS468743
MOE_GAUNG_PYU IRIS_313-11545 Indica III Myanmar ERS468744
TAUNG_LWIN IRIS_313-11548 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468747
NULI IRIS_313-11558 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468755
GAO_LIANG_ZAO IRIS_313-11573 Indica Intermediate China ERS468767
JIANG_HUI_DAO IRIS_313-11576 Indica Intermediate China ERS468770
LANG_QIAN_CHE IRIS_313-11577 Indica Intermediate China ERS468771
TAI_ZHOU_XIAN IRIS_313-11580 Indica Intermediate China ERS468774
BOKDEL IRIS_313-11606 Indica III India ERS468792
MANARE(PHOM) IRIS_313-11615 Indica III Guinea ERS468793
NCS830 IRIS_313-11648 Indica III India ERS468825
NCS901_A IRIS_313-11650 Indica III India ERS468826
CUN_GU_NUO IRIS_313-11664 Indica Intermediate China ERS468840
JIN_HUA_258 IRIS_313-11665 Indica I China ERS468842
BEUA_KAE IRIS_313-11674 Indica III Thailand ERS468850
E-MOOM IRIS_313-11676 Indica III Thailand ERS468851
KHAO'_PAWM IRIS_313-11681 Indica III Thailand ERS468856
OB_CHUEY IRIS_313-11684 Indica III Thailand ERS468859
PLAWNG_SAENG IRIS_313-11685 Indica III Thailand ERS468860
SIA_MOO IRIS_313-11688 Indica III Thailand ERS468863
DAW_NOK_KAEN IRIS_313-11700 Indica III Thailand ERS468881
CHAMPION IRIS_313-11714 Indica Intermediate Guyana ERS468878
DAWK_PUT IRIS_313-11719 Indica III Thailand ERS468882
DISSIGBE IRIS_313-11723 Indica III Guinea ERS468886
KONYAN IRIS_313-11724 Indica III Guinea ERS468887
LUO_SI_ZHAN IRIS_313-11728 Indica III China ERS468891
UGAGA IRIS_313-11740 Indica III Ghana ERS468904
GAO_JIAO_YING_GAN_ZHAN IRIS_313-11748 Indica Intermediate China ERS468912
L_10595 IRIS_313-11750 Indica Intermediate China ERS468913
XIANG_CHANG_ZAO IRIS_313-11753 Indica I China ERS468916
BORIZINA_640 IRIS_313-11757 Indica III Madagascar ERS468920
P_41 IRIS_313-11764 Indica III Liberia ERS468928
ASFALA IRIS_313-11812 Indica III Kenya ERS468962
MOSHI IRIS_313-11815 Indica III Kenya ERS468965
KARILETYONE IRIS_313-11816 Indica Intermediate Myanmar ERS468966
PADINTHUMA IRIS_313-11819 Indica III Myanmar ERS468969
KHAO_KO_RAOH IRIS_313-11836 Indica III Thailand ERS468988
NIAW_NAHK_KRAD IRIS_313-11840 Indica III Thailand ERS468992
NIAW_NARAI IRIS_313-11841 Indica III Thailand ERS468994
BAI_MI_ZAI_7 IRIS_313-11852 Indica I China ERS469005
BU_ZHI_MING IRIS_313-11853 Indica I China ERS469006
DA_HEI_GU IRIS_313-11856 Indica I China ERS469009
HENG_YE_ZAO IRIS_313-11862 Indica I China ERS469016
LIU_TIAO_XIAN IRIS_313-11881 Indica I China ERS469032
IR_4683-54-2 IRIS_313-11886 Indica II Philippines ERS469046
IR_19058-107-1 IRIS_313-11887 Indica II Philippines ERS469057
BA_TUC_RAN IRIS_313-11895 Indica III Vietnam ERS469037
DILBAKSH IRIS_313-11918 Indica III India ERS469062
ITA_117 IRIS_313-11930 Indica II Nigeria ERS469075
KANATO IRIS_313-11934 Indica II Philippines ERS469079
KONG_KHSACH_BANG_KATT IRIS_313-11935 Indica III Cambodia ERS469080
KAMPTI IRIS_313-11939 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469084
MALOBA(DISSI_ROUGE) IRIS_313-11940 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS469085
BIE_LEI IRIS_313-11947 Indica Intermediate China ERS469092
MI_GU IRIS_313-11950 Indica I China ERS469095
DAW_LUEY_4-3 IRIS_313-11957 Indica Intermediate Thailand ERS469102
KHAO_SETTI IRIS_313-11962 Indica III Thailand ERS469107
SHYAMJIRA IRIS_313-11969 Indica III India ERS469115
MAMORIAKA IRIS_313-11977 Indica III Madagascar ERS469123
IR_19661-364-1-2-3 IRIS_313-11979 Indica II Philippines ERS469125
DAMNOEUB_KAUN_KHMOM IRIS_313-11998 Indica III Cambodia ERS469137
EX_SANDEMA IRIS_313-12017 Indica III Ghana ERS469155
MUOY_KUM IRIS_313-12038 Indica III Cambodia ERS469169
NEANG_LAU IRIS_313-12040 Indica III Cambodia ERS469172
NOU IRIS_313-12041 Indica III Cambodia ERS469173
SAR_SIEM IRIS_313-12044 Indica III Cambodia ERS469176
NONE IRIS_313-12067 Indica Intermediate Philippines ERS469198
NONE IRIS_313-12081 Indica III Philippines ERS469244
KARUEL IRIS_313-12093 Indica III Nepal ERS469209
SAMRONG_2 IRIS_313-12101 Indica III Cambodia ERS469213
SOK_SOV IRIS_313-12102 Indica III Cambodia ERS469214
ARITH IRIS_313-12109 Indica III Cambodia ERS469216
Arn'-sar_Thngorn' IRIS_313-12148 Indica III Cambodia ERS469239
Damm-noeb_Thngorn' IRIS_313-12152 Indica III Cambodia ERS469242
Pa_Pha-ea IRIS_313-12161 Indica III Cambodia ERS469243
CHAM_LEK IRIS_313-12187 Indica III Laos ERS469251
Chao_khaw_nyao IRIS_313-12190 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469253
Do_Nouan IRIS_313-12193 Indica III Laos ERS469254
Chao_khie_khouay IRIS_313-12220 Indica III Laos ERS469260
EA_LOUY IRIS_313-12221 Indica III Laos ERS469261
NOON_SOUNG IRIS_313-12224 Indica III Laos ERS469263
TAM IRIS_313-12229 Indica III Laos ERS469268
PULUT_MINYAK IRIS_313-12240 Indica III Indonesia ERS469274
Ea_tom IRIS_313-12261 Indica III Laos ERS469305
TOAM_JUM IRIS_313-12270 Indica III Myanmar ERS469289
NGA_CHEKH_FAT IRIS_313-12291 Indica III Myanmar ERS469309
SABALINE IRIS_313-12296 Indica III Myanmar ERS469311
Pa_kheng_khaw IRIS_313-12305 Indica III Laos ERS469319
SAM_SI IRIS_313-12308 Indica III Laos ERS469322
PSBRC18 IRIS_313-12319 Indica II Philippines ERS469327
Nasaeng IRIS_313-12354 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469354
Nasaeng IRIS_313-12355 Indica Intermediate Laos ERS469355
GAMBIAKA IRIS_313-7620 Indica III Burkina Faso ERS468642
IR_28 IRIS_313-7691 Indica II Philippines ERS468564
KOGONI_91-1 IRIS_313-7719 Indica Intermediate Mali ERS468634
SAHEL_108 IRIS_313-7766 Indica II Senegal ERS468591
SALUMPIKIT IRIS_313-7769 Indica III Philippines ERS468581
SOMCAU_70_A IRIS_313-7778 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS468586
WAS_170-B-B-1-1 IRIS_313-7807 Indica II Senegal ERS468569
WAS_199-B-1-2-1 IRIS_313-7816 Indica II Senegal ERS468567
ARC_13252 IRIS_313-8382 Indica Intermediate India ERS467936
ARC_10812 IRIS_313-8386 Indica Intermediate India ERS468240
ARC_18202 IRIS_313-8414 Indica Intermediate India ERS468209
YA_THAY_SAN IRIS_313-8659 Indica III Myanmar ERS467962
JAO_LEUANG IRIS_313-8679 Indica III Thailand ERS467964
KHAO_PRAHJIN IRIS_313-8702 Indica III Thailand ERS468255
NIBARI IRIS_313-8731 Indica III India ERS467968
HNANWA IRIS_313-8751 Indica III Myanmar ERS468262
KHAO_THI_RATE IRIS_313-8793 Indica III Myanmar ERS468266
KATUNG IRIS_313-8811 Indica III Malaysia ERS468267
PAGAIYAHAN IRIS_313-8880 Indica Intermediate China ERS467983
LEUANG_DAM IRIS_313-8895 Indica III Thailand ERS467985
BPI_76_NON-SENSITIVE(GREEN) IRIS_313-8903 Indica III Philippines ERS467870
FAYA_MOSHI IRIS_313-8909 Indica III Tanzania ERS467987
KUTTA IRIS_313-8924 Indica III India ERS467991
ARC_10754 IRIS_313-8986 Indica Intermediate India ERS468006
LONG_KHI_KRAI IRIS_313-9006 Indica III Thailand ERS468010
KAM_PAI IRIS_313-9019 Indica III Thailand ERS468012
BHOJON_KOLPO IRIS_313-9067 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468018
LEUANG_YAI_344 IRIS_313-9112 Indica III Thailand ERS468021
LEUANG_YAI_29-12-2 IRIS_313-9115 Indica III Thailand ERS468023
LEUANG_YAI_2_B_72 IRIS_313-9116 Indica III Thailand ERS468024
BAJAR_KUNING_PAHIT IRIS_313-9117 Indica III Indonesia ERS468279
LEUANG_YAI_29-12-46 IRIS_313-9119 Indica III Thailand ERS468025
BADAL_1163 IRIS_313-9148 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468030
XI_GAN_JING_REN IRIS_313-9184 Indica Intermediate China ERS468033
LEUANG_LAI_MAE_PRAJAN IRIS_313-9209 Indica III Thailand ERS468039
KALO_CHAKOL IRIS_313-9218 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468041
KHAO_KAI IRIS_313-9281 Indica III Thailand ERS468050
LEUANG_TAWNG_SOOK IRIS_313-9286 Indica III Thailand ERS468052
GAM_PAI_30-12-15 IRIS_313-9302 Indica III Thailand ERS468054
VEN_THAP IRIS_313-9317 Indica Intermediate Vietnam ERS468056
LUA_CHAN_HUONG IRIS_313-9342 Indica III Vietnam ERS468224
HAM_48 IRIS_313-9357 Indica III Thailand ERS468062
PA_FADAYA IRIS_313-9402 Indica III Sierra Leone ERS468288
LEUANG_SAWED IRIS_313-9406 Indica III Thailand ERS468289
ARC_18092 IRIS_313-9427 Indica III India ERS468068
TSAO_SHENG_LI_1 IRIS_313-9469 Indica I China ERS468072
CHUA-DAU IRIS_313-9555 Indica Intermediate China ERS467792
KHAO_CHUAN_CHOM_452 IRIS_313-9567 Indica III Thailand ERS468086
NX_3533 IRIS_313-9570 Indica Intermediate China ERS468087
ASU IRIS_313-9572 Indica Intermediate Bhutan ERS468088
MAE_YEU IRIS_313-9575 Indica III Thailand ERS467886
KETAN_SERANG IRIS_313-9590 Indica III Indonesia ERS468090
WANGA_BARUGULU IRIS_313-9611 Indica III India ERS468098
HOLDI_GIRA IRIS_313-9617 Indica III Bangladesh ERS468099
MOCHICA IRIS_313-9825 Indica III Peru ERS468119
BAMOA_A75 IRIS_313-9953 Indica Intermediate Mexico ERS468132
MELEKE IRIS_313-9989 Indica III Ivory Coast ERS468138
BERLIN W009 Indica III Costa Rica SRR1239812
Ai_Chueh_Ta_Pai_Ku W029 Indica Intermediate Taiwan SRR1239832
Red W042 Indica Intermediate Pakistan SRR1239845
Dichroa_Alef_Uslkij W043 Indica Intermediate Kazakhstan SRR1239846
BKN_6987-68-14 W044 Indica II Thailand SRR1239847
IR_2061-214-2-3 W073 Indica II Philippines SRR1239876
Egyptian_Wild_Type W089 Indica III Turkey SRR1239892
Srav_Prapay W093 Indica III Cambodia SRR1239896
Sereno W111 Indica III Jamaica SRR1239914
Hsin_Hsing_Pai_Ku W132 Indica I Taiwan SRR1239935
CM1;_HAIPONG W137 Indica Intermediate Vietnam SRR1239940
4595 W138 Indica I China SRR1239941
93072 W149 Indica Intermediate China SRR1239952
Shwe_Thwe_Yin_Hyv W179 Indica II Myanmar SRR1239982
F6 W194 Indica II Japan SRR1239997
Babaomi W198 Indica Intermediate China SRR1240001
Basmati370 W211 Indica II Philippines SRR1240014
BG304 W224 Indica II Sri Lanka SRR1240027
X22 W230 Indica II Viet Nam SRR1240033
RUSTYLATE/Zhong_413 W246 Indica Intermediate Unknown SRR1240049
IR65600-27-1-2-2 W269 Indica Intermediate Philippines SRR1240072
CIGEULIS W312 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240115
CIBOGO W315 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240118
CIHERANG W317 Indica II Indonesia SRR1240120